Motivational Blogs for Students: 7 Best Student Blogs to Check Out

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motivational blogs for students

Would motivational blogs for students better help them succeed in school and in life?

The blogosphere is getting more and more crowded every day, and today, it has become a prevalent profession of bloggers, if it can be called that at all.

In the sea of these fashion, financial, or some third categories where various posts are published daily, there are also several blogs that every student should read.

Most students worry and suffer the same things, and all face similar problems.

This guide reviews and recommends the following motivational blogs for students:

  • The New York Times Learning Network
  • The Study Hacks blog
  • College Dieting: Fitness Blog
  • Poor Traveler
  • Fast Company
  • Code Better

As not everyone is equally resourceful or does not have the opportunity to seek advice, there are the seven best motivational blogs for students that you should follow and get helpful information.

How to Make Crucial Decisions

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that help them make important decisions?

In a life devoted to education, young people sometimes see themselves making crucial decisions independently from their parents. For example, the real problems arise for undecided students and which high school or faculty to enroll in.

Instead of seeking the opinion of a parent or friend, since it is solely about their life, college students need to decide on their own.

The latest posts in the New York Times’ educational blog called “The Learning Network” will help a lot. Their latest posts address multiple subjects, including colleges with best writing programs that you can enroll in.

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Studying for Exams

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that help them develop study habits?

The Study Hacks blog was launched by Cal Newport, an assistant professor at Georgetown University who decided to help students by advising them to develop student habits properly.

He answered all the inquiries that students asked in an organized and detailed manner, and it is his latest posts that can help you succeed in college.

Also, it offers practical guides to get valuable information in the latest posts about students and student minds.

Excess Weight in the First Year of Student Life

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that can help them stay fit?

It is known that many young people gain much weight when leaving their homes and separating from their mother’s kitchen.

“Enrolling in a higher education facility is burdened with lectures, homework, and various other obligations due to which they do not have time to cook,” says Elijah Smaltz, an expert writer at PapersOwl. Smaltz also stated, “This comes even harder when living and studying abroad. Hence, the choice often falls on food from the bakery or ordering delivery. That is why every first-year student gains a few kilos more.”

So, it would be helpful to follow the latest posts in a student blog called “College Dieting: Fitness Blog” so that the same thing does not happen to you.

Different Information Every Day

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that can make them more well-rounded?

Although “Medium” is not a classic blog in that sense, it is a platform that serves as a “blog host,” i.e., a set of relevant texts and articles by more and less relevant experts across the globe. can be the right solution for your student’s life with that in mind. Medium is the central place to exchange opinions and knowledge from various fields and discussions on current issues.

This site may not be where students will always get answers to all your questions, but it certainly covers several relevant studies and other topics.

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How to Travel as Cheaply as Possible 

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that will help them travel for less money?

The “Poor Traveler” is a collection of different student blogger writers who publish their impressions from various destinations around the world. This site is exceptionally famous for money-saving tips when traveling or how to see as many destinations as possible for as little as possible.

So they will suggest to you which bar has the cheapest morning coffee, or where to have a great lunch. Here, students blog about travel topics such as transportation, accommodation, and little-known summer destinations where staying is not expensive.

It is undoubtedly a valuable collection of helpful information on how to save money on a journey, evidenced by its popularity among university or school students.

Preparing for a Job Interview

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that can help them prepare for job interviews?

When finding a job, you will often find yourself in a situation where you have to interview with your employer or another employee from the company before you get to work. This is a big problem for many, and due to unpreparedness, stress, and mental health, they stumble on that part, even though they have all the qualifications for the job offered.

Therefore, we recommend consulting the “Fast Company” latest posts. You will get various technological and economical tips written by experienced and successful job seekers. Also, many experts say that these free stories are handy in preparing for an interview with potential employers.

Latest Posts for New Software Programers

Did you know there are motivational blogs for students that help them learn to code?

“Code Better” features a guide focusing on practices, methods, programming tools, and techniques.

This blog has several authors, and all of them are developers or software developers and engineers who have daily programming jobs but still manage to share helpful content daily.

These contents are a mixture of personal experiences and presentations of everyday jobs and projects, combined with examples and instructions that give you insight into various technologies and jobs and various topics in software development.

Motivational Blogs for Students: FAQ

What are blogs for students?

Motivational blogs for students inspire students to succeed in all areas of college. These areas can be as broad as fitness and important decisions or as narrow as enhancing coding skills.

Conclusion: Best Motivational Blogs for Students

Do you want to publish the best motivational blogs for students?

Anyone who wants to post can still do it, but it takes a lot more to be unique. First of all, you need to be well acquainted with working SEO optimization, accept all the trends that allow the promotion of texts, and know that success will not happen overnight.

It takes years for any of mentioned sites to attract a university audience, and current trends are constantly changing, but knowledge will always be sought after.

Google and the public can easily recognize whether an expert or someone completely ignorant creates the latest posts you get on the web. The list we brought to university students is not exhaustive and should include a couple of good sites.

So, see what they have for students and maybe start your blogging instead of just being a passive observer.

Readers, please share these reviews of motivational blogs for students so college students discover these resources.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you recommend more motivational blogs for students?

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      You are kind John. Thank you for the compliments and for sharing.

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