How to Keep Motivation in the Workplace Strong, 6 Ways

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Someone asked me on recently how large my staff is.

As a blogger, I initially found the question unusual.

After all, aren’t bloggers solopreneurs?

Then, I realized I do have staff.

I have a virtual assistant, a technical helper, and a business manager. I also have a graphic designer but we exchange service for service.

Guest author Robert Keith tells you how to keep your staff motivated.

6 Tips for Keeping Motivation in the Workplace Strong

Often times when an employee begins a new job, they start out with incredible fire to achieve. However, this fire usually burns out after a week or two when the routine begins to settle in.

Routines are good, healthy ways for humans to learn streamlining techniques that help them do their jobs. However, unaltered routines have a tendency to make people lethargic and lazy. Why? Chances are they’re bored!

You can make work eventful and fun. Implementing interactive games into in-person or virtual meetings can be as simple as playing trivia, online murder mystery games, or charades. These events can improve company culture and your team’s productivity. 

Below are some more tips on how to efficiently motivate your staff. 

Tip #1: Revamp Your Onboarding Techniques

An employee that is engaged in the job is a happy, productive employee. Whether you are an Agricultural Recruitment Agency or a Fortune 500 company, one of the key ways to engage an employee is right from the beginning of the onboarding process.

If an employee sees that their boss takes their job seriously, they will take their job seriously too. Therefore, by engaging the employee through an interactive onboarding process, you show them that you care about how well they perform.

Ways to revamp your onboarding process vary. However, the most popular are implementing gamification personality tests into the application process, pre-hiring admission into brainstorming meetings and virtual reality training sessions.

Let’s learn more about how to boost motivation in the workplace.

Tip #2: Listen

Employees like to feel heard by their employers. Whether at a brainstorming meeting or through one on one communication, employees want their ideas to be implemented into the business’ model. By providing employees an opportunity to be heard by their bosses, you show them that you care about their opinions and their experience with your company. By implementing some of their ideas, you show them in a tangible way that their contributions matter.

For example, if the Aproplan Construction Company needed to collaborate on construction marketing ideas, but they didn’t have strong communication skills, motivation in the workplace would be at a minimum. 

You can provide weekly forums, polls, or even have an open floor session where employees come to vent their frustrations. However, in doing the latter, you need to set some ground rules.

  1. Every frustration has 30 seconds to be aired.
  2. Every frustration must be met with a countermeasure—a reasonable explanation.
  3. Every frustration must then be worked on by the entire room to come up with a reasonable solution—whether it’s a new mindset or a new system.

This will help to bring employees to a safe resolution of their issues and foster an atmosphere of teamwork and problem-solving.

Tip #3: Foster Teamwork

Teamwork is absolutely paramount for the success of any business. Whether you are a team of two or twenty thousand, you need to have a sense of unity if you are going to achieve your goals.

A great way to foster teamwork is to start implementing cross-department projects. While you want your experts working in their field, by having the creative teamwork in tandem with the IT department, you can show them that each of their jobs is an intricate cog in getting the work done. This will also create an atmosphere of inspiration. As the human brain works on functions it is not used to, it will be challenged to adapt. So, if your creative team is developing a marketing campaign with the help of the IT guys, they will begin to think up new ways to market to the tech-savvy audience simply by listening to the talk of the IT department.

Tip #4: Offer Opportunities For Advancement

Everyone likes to proceed and a good employee is willing to work to make headway in his or her career. However, employees who feel like they cannot move on often times work at the level they know they are going to stay at. This makes them complacent and oftentimes lax on every project they encounter. They may still enjoy their job, but they have nothing pushing them towards a higher goal.

In this scenario, offering them more money just won’t cut it. Chances are, you’ll give them more money and be getting the same—or only slightly better—quality of work.

However, by offering more responsibility—whether they have a team to manage, a new host of projects, or a whole new set of responsibilities—you show them that you value the work they do and they will be more likely to rise to an occasion.

Let’s explore more methods for boosting motivation in the workplace.

Tip #5: Offer Team-based Incentives

Team-based incentives are similar to offering departments new positions. The differences for these team-based incentives are these: they are specifically designed to forge relationships and healthy competition among your team members.

For example, several companies are now putting their employees in a position where they are all working together to lose weight through a corporate weight loss app. This application is synced up to the company profile and allows each member to compete for who is running the most miles, taking the most steps, or what have you. Then, companies are rewarding different goals on a weekly basis with a movie ticket, gift cards, or free gym memberships.

These sort of incentives allow your team to work together, or separately, to receive a small compensation for something non-work related. This encourages team bonding which will lead to greater team relationships.

Here is one last tip about how to boost motivation in the workplace.

Tip #6: Provide In-Office Ways to Relax

While this one may seem counterintuitive, offices which offer their employees a chance to relax have seen much higher productivity rates to those that do not. Why?

Think about the concept of a recess.

As a child, recess is put in the middle of the school day allowing students to run off steam so they can go back into the classroom for another 2-3 hours of classes.

Modern-day employees are expected to work 8 hours days with only a small lunch break in between. Most employees conduct business on these lunch “breaks” as well. So by the time they get back from their lunch, they hit the 1pm fog simply because they have been working 5 hours straight with no stop.

To combat this afternoon fatigue, many offices are now providing 30-minute nap stations. These stations are designed to allow employees a chance to nap off this fog so they can go back to their workstation refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of their projects.

Other offices offer game rooms or gyms for those employees who are not tired but just need to blow off some steam.

The use of these rooms can be regulated by a card check in and check out system. However, allotting employees 45 minutes of rest during the workday—whether it is consecutive or cumulative—will drastically improve your team’s overall productivity.


Readers, please share so other entrepreneurs discover how to strengthen motivation in the workplace.

Do you have any tips for keeping motivation in the workplace strong? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    I swear Robert; simple listening reeled me in during my employee days. I wanted to know my employers heard me and heard my needs. Of course, I was the employee, not the shot caller. But if managers and owners fielding my feedback I stayed motivated because I knew they cared about me, so I cared about them, and their vision. Rocking tips!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I agree with your strategies for getting along with your employers. I also wanted to please my employers (and still do). The way to do that is by listening so we know what they want. Thanks for commenting.

  2. PurpleSlob

    Dear BBFFJ, I thought I was a solopreneur as well! Then I realized I also have staff. DH, my assistant, and XH, DD1 my technical support team, and my content creators, PP and CC!! lol
    And we relax at the “office” with our naps! YAY for implementing tip #6!
    Love, Your BBFFM

  3. Sharlene Andrade

    I love this list of ways to motivate the team in a workplace. This is a great help to have a good working relationship between the team. Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sharlene,
      Thanks for the compliments and for commenting on my article.

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  5. Yusuf Bitrus

    I decided to go on reading today, I stumbled on this article.

    I must say, as a solopreneur, I’ve had on team. I do everything on my own and that’s cumbersome for me. From sourcing to writing, from banner design to article optimization.
    This work are much on me.

    I’m thinking on getting a team of dedicated bloggers for a great stand out.

    My processing will take long time, but will surely payoff.

    What do you think Janice?

    Do you see a great idea?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Yusuf,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m composing a post on a related topic, and will happily link to you for providing these inspirational comments.
      However, I don’t know what you mean by a great stand out.
      Are you thinking of paying the team of dedicated bloggers or will this be service for service?
      Please let me know and I’ll happily let you know what I think of your idea.

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