How THIS 7,500+ Word Article Makes Thousands Of Dollars & How To Get Yours, without writing a single word

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money-making content


If you are not making money from some or even all the content you spend time writing and publishing online, you are definitely doing something wrong.

In fact, people are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars from their content, even without spending the time to write them.

For example, has put together an in-house team of professional content researchers, content writers, graphic designers and others who create the type of content that make money for those who put their names on them.

If you want to be one of such people, you don’t even have to write or promote the content. You simply put your name on one, sit back and watch the money come in.

You don’t have to take our word for it. We have several examples of such content. One is this 7,500+ word monstrous content:

“How To Make Money With PLR”

Yes, it’s a now a monstrous 7,500+ word Affiliate Money Maker… done by the Kingged team.


Why It’s Doing So Well And Making So Much Money

  • It’s extremely well written… done by the Kingged team.
  • It’s written to promote products which the owner of the content earns affiliate commissions from.
  • People read the content… get great value and some click on the affiliate links and buy.
  • One of the main products recommended is a PLR membership that bills every single month, allowing the owner of the content to earn affiliate commissions month after month, for years.
  • It’s constantly been updated and improved… by the Kingged team.
  • It started off as a 1,000+ word article and got constantly updated and improved to the current 7,500+ words… all done by the Kingged team.
  • It’s constantly been promoted all over, by the Kingged team.
  • It’s constantly been promoted on some of 100+ Kingged Partner Blogs, by the Kingged team.
  • It’s constantly been promoted on some of 1,000+ Kingged Partner Sites, by the Kingged team.


It Ranks Tops In Google Despite Zero SEO Done

It also makes a lot of money because it ranks 1st, 2nd, 3rd pages in Google for dozens of related keywords such as:

  • PLR Products
  • PLR Membership
  • Resell Rights Products
  • Resell Rights Membership
  • Make Money Resell Rights
  • Make Money With Resell Rights
  • Make Money Online PLR
  • Make Money Online With PLR
  • Make Money PLR Products
  • Make Money With PLR Products
  • ETC

And all that with absolutely zero SEO done for it (as of the time of this post). It’s ranking so well mainly because of the extremely high quality of the content.

In fact, it’s doing so well in the search engines that it’s featured by Google snippet in the search, grabbing the 1st and 2nd spots:

money-making content

How It Makes Thousands Of Dollars

The content was written to provide a lot of value but also recommend products within. This particular content recommends some of’s products, especially our own PLR Membership site.

People read the content, get a lot of value, and some join the PLR membership or other products recommended in the content.

And the owner of the content makes money there and then… and every other month when the buyer automatically renews their subscription.

Yes, that’s because the PLR membership site recommended is a monthly subscription product, allowing the owner of the content to get commissions month after month.

And with its solid ranking in the search engines, many people searching for PLR membership sites and other PLR information find the content, read it, get a lot of benefits, and some click the affiliate links to join the recommended site.

As long as the content continues to get traffic (from the promotions done to it, from the rankings in the search engines, etc), the owner of the content continues to make money… for many more months or even years to come.


How To Get One Of Such Content, Making Money For You, without writing a single word

If you want one of these types of content making money for you in 2018, without writing a single word, click here to grab yours now that it’s at half price:

When fully launched in 2018, the price will most likely double and/or the extras reduced.


What Aspects Are Already Done For You?

Everything about these money-making contents has already been done:


  • Each Is Already At Least 2,000 To 5,000+ Words Of Highest Quality
  • Each Is 100% Unique And Exclusive To Just One Person
  • Niche Research Already Excellently Done For Each
  • Keyword Research Already Excellently Done For Each
  • Content Research Already Excellently Done For Each
  • Content Already Excellently Written For Each
  • Graphics/Images On The Content, Already Done For Each
  • Graphic/Image For All Social Media Promos, Already Done For Each
  • Graphic/Image To Be Used For All Relevant Promotions, Already Done For Each
  • The Right Affiliate Product(s) Relevant To The Topic, Already Researched For Each
  • The Right Affiliate Product(s) Approval For Content Already Gotten
  • The Right Affiliate Product(s) Links, Already Included Throughout The Money-Making Content


Affiliate Links That Make You Money, All Included For You

Your affiliate links will be used throughout the content, allowing you to earn affiliate commissions for months and even years to come.

That’s why they are called affiliate money-making content. They make money for those who get them, with everything already done for them.


Promotion On, 100+ Blogs and 1,000+ Sites, Also All Done For You

And when it comes to the actual promotion that will lead to traffic and affiliate sales, will also do all the promotion for those who grab these money-making content:

  • Each will also be promoted all over our site, every single day for the whole 2018.
  • Each will also be promoted on 100+ of Kingged partner blogs, every single day for the whole 2018, using the Kingged Content and Ads Recommendation program
  • Each will also be promoted on some of the 1,000+ Kingged partner sites, like CNN and HuffingtonPost, every single day for the whole 2018, thanks to our partnership with Taboola and Outbrain.


Examples of Promotion On 100+ Kingged Partner Blogs

See some of the examples of how we promote this content on 100+ partner blogs and sites using “Kingged Content and Ads Recommendation” program:

money-making content



Click here and you will see more examples of some of the content in action. We will also show you how much traffic each is getting and how much each is actually making for the owners.


Examples of Some To Choose From

Here are some of these money-making contents that you can choose from:


Example #1:



Example #2:


Kingged's money making content


Example #3:


Kingged's money making content


Example #4:


Example #5:

There are exactly 150+ More to Choose From When You Click Here


Surprise Last Minute Inclusion… a yet-to-be-published 12,000 to 20,000+ words Expert Roundup post, as a free bonus!

We also have 20+ super comprehensive expert roundup posts that our team has put together these past months. Each is at least 12,000 to 20,000+ words (yes, twenty thousand words!).

If you have ever done any expert roundup post, you know each can take weeks to even months to put together, right? Not to mention how complicated and difficult the entire process is.

The first person from this blog to buy 1 of the money-making content within the next 24 hours will receive and own 1 of these expert roundup posts! And no, you won’t have to pay what others will pay in 2018 for the money-making content if you purchase one now.

Very important, for transparency, make sure you leave a comment right here after you have bought, to let us know. We will use the time on your comment to award this to you, as the first to buy from reading this post.

To give you an idea of what these expert roundup posts look like, here are just 2 examples from the list of 20+ we have ready for 2018:


Expert Roundup Post Example #1:

Expert Roundup Post Example #2:

The expert roundup post will include a lot of YOUR affiliate links, allowing you to earn affiliate commissions for months and even years to come.

And yes, this expert roundup post will also be massively promoted for YOU, all over, on some of 100+ Kingged partner blogs and some of 1,000+ Kingged partner sites. And of course, many of the experts featured in the post will also promote the post, for YOU.

Go ahead, click here and grab one of these “affiliate money-making content right away. And if you are the first to purchase after reading this, you will get 1 of the above 12,000 to 20,000+ words expert roundup posts completely free, as a bonus.

Readers, please share so other content creators know how easy and stress-free content creation with Kingged can be.


This Is What You Need to Know to Quickly Make $100 to $1,000+ Monthly with Affiliate Marketing With or Without Making Sales


  1. Jennifer Liam

    Am amazed at the results of this one article. It goes to show quality content still works. People love to share great quality content. And Google loves to rank great quality content.

    As one of those who won professional graphic design in your recent giveaways. I look forward to having your team’s professional graphic designs done for me!

    Million thanks one more time to Kingged team for making me one of the winners 🙂

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    The thing about Kingged and the folks over there is that they really care about putting out quality content. Big time quality content. Everything that the crew and Kingsley does is top shelf.

    I also find it neat how the article ranks so well on Google despite little to no emphasis on SEO. People do not get it. Google wants sensational, problem solving content. They are not too concerned with meta and keywords and all that good stuff if you put out sensational, jaw-dropping content. Because at the end of the day, Google wants to look good. Or more importantly, Google does not want to look bad.

    Back in the day Google looked really bad. I recall when I was new to the online business world in 2007. Poor sites from weak article directories wound up on page 1 for hyper competitive keywords. Blackhat days, where folks could manipulate systems and win. Thank goodness The Big G cracked down over the years and now, ya gotta be good and put out fabulous content to get on Page 1 for competitive keywords, or for any keywords. No more free lunches.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      You sound familiar with Kingged. I didn’t even know you knew Kingsley. He definitely is a stand-up guy. I’m proud to be affiliated with him and Kingged.
      I agree with what you wrote. Kingsley and Kingged, they are both class acts all the way. Thanks for writing.

    • Janice Wald

      I’m happy for you Debby. Congratulations. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person (awww… ). A good omen for a good new year.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Debby,
          Did they send you an email? I suggest replying to the email and asking.

          • dgkaye

            Hi Janice. Just an email saying I was one of the winners, then nothing.

  3. Hassan Sani

    Thank you kingsley for my win in your giveaway, I have confirmed already and sent you email.

    I will love to see this type of money making content working for me 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      I would love to see that for you as well, Hassan. Congratulations on your win.

  4. Ravi dhule

    Nice article
    Thanks for sharing this
    You have good knwlage about how to eran

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for writing. Kingsley wrote it but I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I agree. He is definitely knowledgeable.

  5. Lisa Sicard

    HI Janice, wow, I read through their entire piece. I was a little surprised to see the step price for it but they do give a money back guarantee. They have been doing a great job with their community and pieces. I am thinking about this one for sure! Thanks for explaining how it all works.
    Is the plugin in easy to use and does not cause any slowdown in the site itself? It seems to come up fast here to me 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      You mentioned the steep price. I tried to do the math. At $497, which is the current price, it’s only $10.00 per week approximately. I was thinking maybe I should do this. I just lost both my student teachers.
      Blogging, making the yearbook, full-time teaching, a family… $10.00 a week not to have pressure and stress for an entire year and still have a thriving blog when the year is complete? I fear I’d miss the writing. Otherwise, I’d consider it. Thanks for commenting. If you decide to sign up for this, let me know.

      • Lisa Sicard

        I love how you break it out. I will be deciding this week 🙂 Thank you for the answer Janice.

  6. Melinda Mitchell

    Hi BBFFJ! Merry Christmas!
    This is amazing!!
    And I see you hiding in the 50+ experts graphic!

    • Janice Wald

      Did you have a nice Christmas? Thanks for noticing me in the picture! I’m not even sure my husband noticed! I am going to click your link now to find out who Norma Norwex is.

      • Melinda Mitchell

        BBFFJ, I’m glad I intrigued you enough to come read my post!
        Our christmas was wonderful, thanks!
        Of course I noticed you!!

  7. Kumar Singh

    I see email from kingged that I win customising version in giveaway but no see anything on the post.

    I happy so much to win but where is it? How to see I win please help?

    I love this kingged and all they do!

  8. Kumar Singh

    Janice show me my win of customising version in giveaway.

    Thanks kingged very much. I love kingged!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kumar,
      Thanks for writing again. You were on my list of winners and you said you received an Email from Kingsley. For further questions, can you reply to the email? I really don’t know anything more.

  9. Arvind Kumar

    really interesting to see that one article is generating so much revenue….even already established blogs are not able to generate so much income..finally it is correct that “Content is the Real King”…quality content is always a winner..great post Janice..thanks for sharing..!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Arvind,
      Content really is king; I agree. However, their post was SEO optimized by experts. May I qualify? SEO optimized content is definitely king! Thanks for writing.

  10. Casadef

    Beautiful graphic designs here. Can we pay for just the graphic designs, I have some articles need designs like these. Pls tell, thanks.

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