Mobile Game Tester: How to Test Games Before and After Release (2023)

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Do you want to be a mobile game tester?

Wouldn’t that be fun?

This guide tells you everything you need to know to be a mobile game tester before and even after the launch of the game.

By reading this guide to open and closed beta tests, you discover the different types of video game testing. You also learn how you can be a mobile game tester.

There are game designers and game developers.

In the alpha phase, the game is designed. In the beta phase, the game is tested.

A beta phase testing refers to a testing method used to check whether a system, device, or program is functioning correctly by letting the clients use it under real conditions.

For example, with games that are still in development, the developer lets players try the game out with no pay and no time limit restrictions with an aim to improve its quality.

If you want to be a mobile game tester:

  • You need to apply.
  • There is a waiting list.
  • No pay is involved.
  • There are no requirements.
  • You could be needed as a mobile game tester for any length of time. For instance, you could be needed for days or months.
mobile game tester

On this page, we will introduce you to what Closed Beta Tests are and how they are most commonly used.

Let’s get started finding out what is entailed when a game developer uses a mobile game tester.

Types of Closed Beta Tests

There are several types of closed beta tests, but they can be categorized into two major types:

1) Traditional closed beta test

Duration: Several days up to several months

Requirements: Participation is determined by applying for one of the spots with your name on a waiting list. As you can see, you need to apply to be a mobile game tester. The lure of being a mobile game tester is so popular, there is a waiting list.

Advantage of a closed beta test: The mobile game tester can test the game so the developer can fix any bugs.

2) Open beta test

Duration: No time limit or until the next official release 

Requirements: When the official version is released, no requirements will be needed to play. However, all player data will be reset. 

Useful for allowing as many players as possible to participate in order to collect feedback and bug reports from a large number of people.

The Benefits of Closed Beta Tests

1) Use the feedback given by the mobile game tester to fix any bugs and make adjustments to improve gameplay.

2) Some games limit the number of items you can carry over from a closed beta test, but those that do not have time limits reset all player data after it ends, which is very beneficial for development.

In addition, open beta tests allow developers to collect as much feedback as possible before the official release. In particular, because many different people play games during open beta tests, the chance of finding bugs increases dramatically and we recommend taking full advantage of this opportunity. Similar advantages apply to mobile app testing, where diverse user interactions can reveal crucial insights before the app’s launch. 

Finally, we would like to point out that among gamers there may be some who think, “I don’t want my account data reset”, but this is actually not that bad of an idea.

By participating in both open beta tests and official releases, you can intentionally create two accounts to take advantage of limited items for one account and the ability to retain your items by linking your game data with your service account.

How Can Users Participate in Closed Beta Tests?

mobile game tester

1) Check the developer’s website

2) Join the CBT (Closed Beta Test) List. Some games let players join their beta testing list by signing up on their official website. Submitting your e-mail address will enter you into the closed beta test, but sometimes applying for a game that is not open to everyone may result in receiving an email informing you of your status. Whether you get accepted or not, it can be useful information to know whether there are any upcoming closed beta tests, so remember to check back if you aren’t invited this time around.

3) Social Media Sites. The most common way to find out about upcoming closed beta tests is through social media sites. Since many developers announce upcoming tests through their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, follow them to get the latest updates.  If you like a page on Facebook or subscribe to a Twitter account, it can be an easy way to get notified of future closed beta tests.

4) Closed beta test information websites. There are also many dedicated websites that report on any upcoming closed beta tests. Since these sites gather information from multiple sources, they tend to feature more up-to-date and reliable information than official developer pages and social media sites. 

How Are Closed Beta Tests Used?

Closed beta tests are used for many purposes, but they can generally be divided into the following two categories:

1) Verifying that the game is operating correctly by checking if any bugs are present. 

For example, if a bug occurs when you try to open a treasure chest in an MMO (Massively Multi-Player Online Game) with hundreds of players opening chests at once, there is no way for developers to know about the issue normally. By having only several people play during closed beta tests, it becomes possible to detect issues so they can be fixed before the official release.

Open betas are used for this purpose as well, but because more players participate in those tests than all of the closed ones combined, it is more difficult to find bugs and resolve them. 

2) Gathering player feedback through surveys and player feedback channels.

Gathering information about the game’s features to be included in the official release, is essential for acquiring user ratings. For example, if a developer wants to know how many characters users want to be displayed at once on-screen when playing an MMO, they can implement that feature into the closed beta test and ask respondents their opinions through surveys or other means, then use this data to improve gameplay upon official release.

When are Closed Beta Tests Held?

As mentioned above, testing out games before the official release can help developers find bugs and make adjustments before public launch. That being said, there are also cases where testers don’t get access until after it’s already released. So what causes these delays?

If a developer does not have enough time to fix the bugs they find before the official release but wants to release a high-quality product as quickly as possible, they will delay beta tests.

The developer will either spend more time fixing bugs and releasing a better product upon official release or aim for early next year and launch at that time with no issues.

Closed Beta Tests Held After Official Release 

On rare occasions, developers may want to release their game in another region at exactly the same time even if it is buggy or incomplete. In this case, beta testing usually begins up until the official release since there isn’t much time left after development ends. Of course, this means players won’t be able to take part if they want to play in a region where the game hasn’t officially launched yet and instead will have to wait until the next closed beta test.

Mobile Game Tester: FAQ

How do I become a mobile game tester?

Follow the game developer on Twitter and other social media sites to see the notice. Also, look on the game developer’s website for notifications and chances to sign up. Get on the email list to be notified that way too.

Conclusion: Mobile Game Tester

Even though there are cases where the developer isn’t able to fix bugs within the allotted time frame, it is much more common for closed beta tests to be held to resolve any existing issues. Closed beta tests involve using a smaller mobile game tester group; therefore, diagnosing problems before the game release is easier.

Regardless of their purpose, these tests can ultimately help increase game quality and satisfaction among players upon official release. 

We hope that this article has provided some insight into how closed beta tests are used by developers!

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