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Did you check your 2016  site stats now that we are settling into 2017?


Of my top eight posts, a whopping five were about how to make money online.


What if I throw a curve ball to the readers interested in how they can make money online?


Instead of trying a hundred complex blog monetization strategies, let other people simplify the process of monetizing your blog for you.


Who are those other people? You ask., the 2nd largest contextual advertising network in the world, will help you monetize your content and maximize the earning potential of your blog. is second only to Google AdSense in the contextual advertising space. powers the Yahoo! Bing network exclusively, which is one of the largest marketplaces of keyword-targeted advertisers in the world. ads are contextual which means they will always be true to the context of your content. For bloggers like myself, whose biggest concern is ads that make no sense – these Ads fix that. will provide you with a personal Account Manager so you have one-on-one guidance on how to monetize your blog.


And signing up for is absolutely free. You get your own personal Representative who guides you all through the way to making the most money, and you pay zero. Sounds great, right?


This article will tell you why is better than Google AdSense, and it is better. I should know– I’ve tried both.


 What is is a contextual ad network whose ads make sense.

These means that only ads that match the content of your page will be placed on your site. How is that possible? Because of their technology, which absorbs the concept of your content and then displays ads that are associated with what you’re writing about on that specific page of your website. The likelihood of your visitors clicking on these ads, therefore, becomes higher. alone powers the Yahoo! Bing network of advertisers.

This pool of keyword-targeted advertisers is one of the largest in the world. When you become a publisher with, you get exclusive access to this marketplace of advertisers. So, regardless of what you blog about, there will always be suitable advertisers wanting to fill up your ad inventory. is the second largest of its kind in the world by revenue and one of the top 5 advertising technology companies in the world by market capital.

When you sign up with them, you can be certain that you’re in experienced hands since their sole focus and expertise is developing innovative monetization strategies and solutions for website publishers of all kinds and sizes. ad units are native to your content.

We’ve all been at the receiving end of ads that annoy and turn us away from websites, ruining our user experience. ads offer a seamless experience to your visitors. How? Their ads are in-sync with your blog – not just content-wise but also in how they look and feel. If you want, you can match your ads’ designs in a way that they blend in with your content.  They won’t interfere with consumption of your content and at the same time will be more likely to get clicks.

Can you tell I picked orange to match my blog’s colors? has personal Account Managers for every one of us.

This is one of the biggest reasons why many people prefer it to other companies which do not provide any personal guidance in your journey to monetize your content. At, I have a Manager who consistently helps me with ideas that could work best for my content and traffic. This can be a huge help when you are new to this business of serving ads on your blog.

How Does Media.Net Work?

If you’ve been around the blogosphere long enough, you’ve seen plenty of ads on blogs. How do they get there?

Advertisers always want to tap an audience and expose them to their brand. Your blog could have that audience. Platforms such as facilitate this connection, so you end up getting paid for ads that your readers interact with. is the pioneer of a technology that places ads of the Yahoo! Bing network of advertisers on blogs.

This technology is so sophisticated that it auto-learns and self-optimizes! It tests various kinds of ads on your website and then serves the ones that are likely to perform the best with your visitors and readers.

The way works is simple.

When you sign up for, you get a username and a password.

You use these details to log in to your dashboard.

You can then create ads suited to your blog/website.

You are able to pick the size, color scheme, and style of the ads. (Like I said before, I picked orange to match my blog’s colors.)

You also pick the location of the ads. My Account Manager has already advised me to place it higher up in my sidebar, so people see it.

Why You Should Use Media.Net

  • When you sign up with, you get access to the second largest network of keyword-targeted advertisers in the world. Don’t you want a chunk of these advertising dollars? I sure do!
  • Your money-making potential increases with Since they give you access to the second largest pool of advertisers in the world, you get the most competitive bids from multiple advertisers for your content, resulting in better revenue for you.
  • The Yahoo-Bing network of advertisers has premier advertisements. You will only have the most quality ads on your blog.
  • Their ads are contextual.’s auto-learning technology makes sure that the ads you will display will be relevant to your content.
  • Their ads are native. You can customize the way your ads look and feel to make your ads flow smoothly with your content.
  • Their ad units are mobile and responsive. They automatically change their size on mobile devices. No matter what kind of device their ads are on, they still won’t interfere with your visitors’ experience.
  • You get your own one-on-one Account Manager to help you monetize to the max! Your account manager is always available to you by phone or email and their response rate is quick.
  • Their platform is user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and understand even for newbies.
  • They tell you how your ads are performing in detail. Click on the “Reports” tab at any time to see what you’ve earned.
  • The company guarantees 100% fill rate. The space you’ve allocated for their ads will never be empty.
  • Even if you already have Google AdSense, you can still use The two are not in conflict.

Concerns Over Using Media.Net

Based on my experience with, I have tried to answer questions that are asked most often by bloggers looking to monetize their content.

  1. Can new bloggers benefit and monetize as well? “Yes! New bloggers will benefit more from the Account Manager’s guidance and suggestions than veteran bloggers.”
  2. If you have a small blog, do you still get your own Account Manager? “Yes! No blog is too big or too small.”
  3. Does your revenue depend on your traffic? “Yes. If people don’t come to your site, they won’t click on the ads so you won’t make much. Your revenue grows as your blog grows.”
  4. Does the amount of money you make depend on your topic? “If your topic is so obscure and niche that you don’t often get visitors, you will get paid less money because of less traffic. A blog that publishes topics and content that get visited more often will likely earn more.
  5. Can you place ads in more than one place on your blog? “Yes! You can have their ads in several places. Harsh Agrawal recommends 2 to 3 spots on your blog.
  6. Can I control what kind of ads show up on my blog? “Yes, to a large extent. You can choose the industry verticals you want your ads to be connected to, blacklist the topics and advertisers you want to keep away from, and also decide keywords for every ad unit to fine tune the targeting of your ads.”
  7. Will the ads ruin my readers’ experience of my website? “No, they won’t. ads are native in their look and feel. You can customize your ad units in terms of their size, color, style and have them seamlessly fit in with the rest of your content.”
  8. How often do you get paid? “When the money you accrue reaches $100.00, you get paid at the end of the following month.”
  9. Can I use with other content monetization tools? “Yes, absolutely. You can use with any other monetization strategy you may be applying. With you can open up an additional stream of revenue and increment your earnings.”
  10. What if you have concerns or questions going forward? “Why, that’s what your Account Manager is for—to make sure you are happy and making the most money you can.”


Step 1: Log in to the Publishers Dashboard from (Your log in credentials will have been sent to you in a separate email.)
Step 2: Click on “Create new Ad Unit”.
Step 3: Select your preferred ad size and ad skin that you would like to implement on your website and customize colors.
Step 4: Click on “Save & Get Code”.
Step 5: Place the ad code in the HTML of your website

You’re good to go!


  • Jon Dykstra of Fat Stacks Blog says he has made $350-$400/Day with ads. He likes the higher RPM (rate per impression of the ad), the outstanding mobile performance and the 24-hour turn around customer service.
  • gives 5 out of 5 stars! They liked the company’s low traffic minimum requirement, easy to use dashboard, one-on-one support, and high payouts.
  • According to, is the one-stop-shop to monetize your ad inventory that is widely trusted by publishers for delivering great results.
  • Ben of makes $5000 every month with ads and considers the best earning alternative to AdSense.

Are You Ready to Make a Account?


In closing, can I show you what my Account Manager wrote me?

“We’re keen to start making money for you on your website.”
Are you keen to start making money from your website too?
Use to build a form of passive income. If you keep listening to and acting on your Account Manager’s suggestions and advice, you will see the money roll in.

A word of advice here – Be patient. Give Media.Net’s technology some time to understand your content and then optimize their ads for you. Building a steady stream of dollars takes time but then most worthwhile things do, right?


Readers, please share, so other content creators know about ads and your content’s money-making potential.

Are you familiar with If so, what are your experiences?

The best kind of income is money that you can earn with minimal effort.

Do you have any other ideas for passive income?

I look forward to hearing about your ideas and experiences in the comments section.

This was a sponsored post, but the opinions enclosed are mine.

  1. Donna DeGuglielmo | at 6:32 am

    Janice, tY bunches u and yours always have juicey info and support. I love it. I am going to be trying this soon. looks yummy. blessings to all concerned and visit your lovely supportive site. cheerio Donna Maria

    • Janice Wald | at 7:02 pm

      Hi Prosenjit,
      Nice to meet you. I hope you will answer a question for me. May I ask where you found the article? I like to know what promotion techniques work for me. Thank you for the comments, the compliments on the post, and for answering my question. As you know, I have on my site, and I’m pleased with it. Let me know what you think of it.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #117My Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 10:01 am

      Hi Rinkesh,
      Wow! That’s quite a testimonial for I haven’t checked my dashboard, but I’ve never been sent any money by them. I assumed I’d receive money when I hit $100.00. I’ve been with them since last summer and haven’t received anything. Perhaps I need to contact my designated manager.

  2. Michelle Williams | at 6:37 pm

    Hi, Janice,

    When signing up for, is the blogger required to create their own ads or no? Thank you.

  3. Janice Wald | at 11:46 am

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for commenting on my article.
    My answer is no. We are not required to create our own ads.
    We do nothing but sign up. I remember choosing a color scheme and a placement for their ads. That’s all.

  4. ken | at 5:21 am


    I am seriously looking forward to using as my Adsense alternative as Adsense have cancelled all my traffic clicks and earnings last month and my traffic,is basically from search engine.

    I blog with and I am a Nigerian.

    I hope my Nigerian traffic will work for ads network?

    I am really tired of Adsense.

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  6. Pinkfour | at 5:12 am

    You do not have to be compelled to pay an honest deal cash with great care you’ll work towards make money online. All that you just have to be compelled to do is think about a couple of concepts for obtaining cash on-line while not having to pay a dime in doing therefore…

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