May the Blogging Begin!

By: | November 8, 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , | 7 comments
Movie Tickets   My idea for blogging started years ago after viewing the box-office hit Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.  My attempts at trying to live vicariously through my youngest daughter Rachel proved futile as she rejected my attempts to get her to blog again and again.  I now realize some psychological manifestation, probably projection, was occurring.  Happily, I’ve admitted to myself, and am now admitting to you, that I am the true blogger in the family.
        I hope you enjoy my musings.  If so, let’s commiserate.  After all, great minds do think alike.  If you don’t, I welcome a healthy exchange of ideas.
        Like Simba, the lion cub, who was working on his roar, I’ll be working on my blog.  May the blogging begin!

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  1. Mr Ben Groom at 6:55 am

    Julie and Julia is a lovely film! It’s a crying shame that Nora Ephron passes away, she was a true great, and I can watch even her worst films again and again.

    I found your blog through Opinionated Man, and on a personal note, I already read one interesting blog on medieval writing (Chaucer in particular- I’m from Canterbury, therefore I was forced to read Middle English a LOT at school!), so I am almost certain you will be able to find an audience. Essentially- Please do!

    • Janice Wald at 7:43 pm

      Thank you so much for writing me. I am having a hard time getting subscribers which is why I posted on Opinionated Man. I use “history” in my tags, yet I am having a hard time finding an audience. Can you give me any idea as to why some subscribe and some don’t? Since I’m new to blogging, I could use the guidance. Thanks. Janice

      • Mr Ben Groom at 10:10 pm

        Sorry, I hit post while typing! The main things I find that help are:

        1- keep posting good content- the chances of somebody finding one particular post are incredibly slim- as more gets out there, the chances of somebody finding any of it increase.

        2. Be patient. Google takes a few days to index anything you write, so that will start to be useful as you go on. It’s worth setting your site up on their webmaster tools ( to find out how people find you, and improve your tags that way. It also gives you a hilarious look into the things people Google!

        3. Use the social media section in your options to share your work. More people look at Facebook and Twitter every day than they do wordpress- a share or retweet on there can get you a lot more interest than anything on here.

        4. Most importantly- be social and friendly on here. Check out other blogs and posts on here. Like and comment what you like to read. People return the favour, and more importantly, it makes wordpress a nicer place to be.

        I hope this helps! Ben

    • Janice Wald at 10:23 pm

      Thanks for writing and the kind words. My oldest daughter (not the one I blogged about) and I are movie trivia buffs. I love Disney movies. I’m actually playing around with blogging about the “Toy Story 4” idea. Thanks to your comment, I went back into that blog and tagged “Disney”, “Simba”, and “Lion King.” Thanks for the inspiration, and for following my blog.

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