Marketing Video Production: 5 Best Practices for Creating Video Testimonials (2023)

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marketing video production

Are you ready to explore best practices for marketing video production?

By the time you are done reading this post, you will know the best practices for getting customers to produce testimonials for your business. You will also learn how to edit a YouTube video after publication.

video marketing production

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Video testimonials are a powerful marketing and sales tool all businesses should include on their websites. However, they aren’t always the easiest medium to work with, especially when you compare them to text-based reviews but when we work with Vouch alternatives this work can be done quite easily.

Still, 89% of marketers agree that video testimonials are the most effective content marketing tactic, so they’ll pay for themselves in due time.

Let’s dive in, and explore marketing video production strategies.

The Importance of Marketing Video Production

Why do you need marketing video production strategies?

YouTube Shorts 

Pinterest Videos

15 billion average views daily globally Source

People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest Source

Due to the lockdown of 2020, video consumption, which was already high, went through the roof. 80% of consumers admitted to watching a video in 2020. The number is expected to rise to 82% by 2022.

Since videos are getting billions of views, you’d be missing out not to make them.

Here are the reasons you should invest your time in marketing video production:

  • Video production tools are free. For instance, the Splice app is a popular video editor which a large, free music library. Instasize also makes a powerful video editor with many bells and whistles.
  • Due to the massive size of the audience, you don’t need to generate interest. Interest in watching videos exists.
  • You won’t run out of inspirational video ideas.
  • Consumers trust marketers they see and hear in videos. You need to build trust in order to successfully market to people to get them to part with their money.

I even started making YouTube videos to promote my brand. You are welcome to check out my channel.

The topic of this guide is effective practices for marketing video production. However, we don’t share how you can make marketing videos that sell.

This guide teaches how you can get your customers to make marketing videos that result in sales for you.

The 5 Best Practices for Making Video Testimonials

If you have more questions regarding video testimonials, VocalVideo’s article will help you feel more confident about filming, editing, and uploading customer footage on your website.

1. Use High-Quality Filming Equipment

While most of us have a decent enough camera on our smartphones to record videos, we highly recommend that you use at least a mid-range DSLR. You can save money by renting your equipment, but you should film multiple testimonials on the same day if you choose to do this.

Along with a camera, purchase (or rent) a stable tripod and microphone. Lavalier microphones work best in an interview setting, and they record voices clearly and cut down on ambient noises. To be taken seriously by your customers, your production quality needs to be high.

2. Don’t Use a Script (But Be Prepared)

Most of your customers will not be great actors, so turning on your camera and letting it run is a recipe for disaster. At the same time, your customers can’t convincingly read from a script, which will make your viewers believe they actually are performers pretending to be bad.

Finding a balance between preparedness and improv is a skill that takes practice, but it’s crucial that you get it right because your brand is on the line. We suggest coming up with a list of questions before filming. Hand out these questions to your interviewees days before filming.

3. Focus on Your “Why”

Your potential customers don’t care about your products, their features, or what services you offer; they’re interested in how your business will improve their lives. Testimonials should focus on recognizing and solving customer pain points while highlighting the benefits of choosing you.

Be sure to ask questions that elicit an emotional response. What was the most frustrating part about running their business before your customer found yours? What does your product or service do differently? Avoid yes or no questions, as they don’t provide useful responses.

4. Build a Personal Connection

Say your company has proved that it can increase another business’s profit margin by 25%, and you want to film a testimonial that talks about this feature. While the numbers by themselves are great, humans aren’t often swayed by logic and math, although we like to think we are. So, even though you can achieve great results with

marketing automation strategies, good emotional bond with your audience is still essential.

In reality, we’re more likely to be convinced by emotions. A struggling business that has a CEO that’s frustrated and overwhelmed by the thought of bankruptcy will tug at your customer’s heartstrings. The joy on their face after seeing their profits rise by 25% will tug at it even more.

5. Keep it Short and Sweet

It’s easy to get carried away when filming our testimonial videos, but you can’t expect your customers to watch through an hour or even a 20-minute long video about your company. Most of your customers will be convinced from watching 2-3 minutes’ worth of testimonials.

Editor’s Note:

Consider producing a YouTube Shorts video testimonial. This works if the testimonial is filmed vertically and is 60 seconds or shorter.

On the editing floor, always be aware of your customer’s attention span. You can use A/B testing or look up your analytics to see when your viewers are more likely to click off. Keep in mind that your testimonial footage can still be used on your product/service pages and home pages.

marketing video production

You can trim unwanted video parts right inside the YouTube platform. Go to your YouTube video editor and click Trim in order to delete selected parts of your YouTube video if you find viewers clicking off at certain parts.

Marketing Video Production Example

Showing you an example of a marketing video is better than telling you about marketing video production best practices.

Check out a marketing testimonial video:

By watching this marketing video testimonial which was used to market a course, you can see the strategies presented in this post in action:

  • The length is under 3 minutes.
  • Mark, the course customer, is not using a prepared script.
  • Mark addresses the viewers’ pain points: searching the internet without finding solutions to their struggles.
  • Mark expresses his joy over finding a course that can help him.

Marketing Video Production Frequently Asked Questions

Is video production part of marketing?

Absolutely! Marketing video production is a powerful practice. Video marketing is effective since consumers trust marketers they can see and hear in videos. Today, video marketing is a must, not an option.

How do you make a marketing video?

Marketing video production is easy and the video editors are often free. You can have your customers make marketing videos for you. They should share stories of how your brand helped them solve a problem.

What is promotional video production?

Make videos that promote your brand. For instance, you can have customers create video testimonials. Also, you can share video demonstrations featuring your products.

Wrapping Up: Marketing Video Production Best Practices

In conclusion, a massive audience is watching YouTube and Pinterest videos as the data in the table reflected. Be a part of the video watching trend by asking your customers to make video testimonials for you.

Readers, please share this information about marketing video production best practices.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have additional marketing video production best practices you can add to the discussion?

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    Using high quality phone equipment makes a big difference with any video marketing campaign. We invested in a high quality camera a number of months ago during our trip to Panama. The difference in likes and comments when filming with a pretty sweet camera is quite traumatic in terms of engagement.

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