3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Emails Away from Spam

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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Emails from Going to Spam

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Despite the potential for high ROI, email marketing does have its challenges.

Building a subscriber base, maintaining different email lists, deciding on the perfect formatting, obsessing over the little details in the copy — the roster of short and long-term details to stay on top of runs long.

However, it’s not the array of angles that make email marketing a thorn in marketers’ lives. It’s spending time, energy and money crafting an email, only to have it reach nobody.

Indeed, spam filtering is getting more intense. In fact, it’s estimated that 20 percent of commercial emails don’t reach the inbox of the intended subscriber.

By following a few simple strategies, though, usually, your marketing newsletter can reach the intended recipient.

How to Keep Your Marketing Newsletter out of Spam

Instruct Subscribers to Whitelist in Your Welcome Email

Several factors determine whether your marketing newsletter makes it into inboxes, but success usually boils down to engagement. That’s why it’s important to get past a major hurdle from the onset: ask your subscribers to whitelist you. When this happens, you’ll be in contact lists, and saved from spam filters.

Every bit of perceived professionalism makes subscribers more likely to follow through with the whitelisting. Taking advantage of clean and professional site designs, such as the stylish free website templates from platforms like Shopify lend extra credibility.

And since you’ll never be as fresh in a subscriber’s head as the moments after they sign up for your newsletter, you should ask in your welcome email.  

[Host blogger’s comments: This is a form of targeted email marketing. You’re targeting your new subscribers.]

Write compelling copy that explains why the subscriber should whitelist you, and include clear instructions on how to do so for each of the leading email clients (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook and Yahoo!)

Get Your Emails Out of the Promotional Tab

Over 68 percent of Gmail’s incoming emails are labeled as promotions. The read rate on those emails? Just 19 percent. These are considerable metrics upon which to focus, given 1.5 billion people have Gmail accounts across the world, this likely includes a substantial chunk of your subscriber base.

Like your whitelist email, include clear instructions (with screenshots) of how contacts can take you out of the promotions tab. Unlike asking to be whitelisted, send a separate email segmented to only Gmail users. You can sort by email client in your email marketing platform.

Have Your Subscribers Create a Folder for Your Emails

To ensure subscribers never miss communications from you, ask them to carve out a dedicated spot in their inbox for you. That’s right, get your own folder. Why does it matter if subscribers create a folder for your marketing newsletter? Because the average person gets bombarded with emails all day long. The average white-collar worker gets around 90 emails per day. Your emails could be whitelisted and still easily passed over. The same thing can happen even if you’re in the primary tab. But when you have a folder, subscribers can access your marketing newsletter whenever they want.  

You’ll want to send these instructions in a dedicated email as well. There’s no need to sort users by email client since every inbox offers folder functionality. Just be clear with users that they shouldn’t automatically filter your emails into a folder. Otherwise, your messages may be overlooked.

For many businesses, the difficult part about email marketing isn’t getting contact information, but instead keeping subscribers aware of the emails you send. You’ll need to do a lot of things right if you want to avoid being labeled as spam, but these three ways will go a long way toward your efforts.

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    I like it Janice. This happened to me after I did not email my list for years. But I bounced back fast. I had enough juice that my loyal subs fished emails out of junk. Plus I only email active subs. Target people who love what you have to offer and you will stay in the inbox.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I was the same way before I started with Aweber email service. Aweber draws from my RSS feed so I don’t need to remember or take my time to email my subscribers. I’ve heard of other bloggers who stop sending emails as well. Thanks for commenting.

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