Making Money Online the Easy Way: 10 Tips for You

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Making money online the easy way, 10 tips

Are you interested in making money online?

Did you know there are rules involved?

You should be aware of the rules before you attempt to monetize.

Making money online is a breeze if you know the strategies.

Guest author Hayden Steward is here to share 5 rules and 5 methods for making money online.

How to Make Money Blogging

by Hayden Steward

The prospect of making money online through blogging is as enticing as ever, especially for those who are passionate about what they write about and the audience they write for. A blog can be so much more than just a place to share ideas. It is an excellent opportunity to allow readers to understand how knowledgeable you are through your experiences and showcase the expertise you have gained in your specific areas of interest. The overall process is not entirely difficult but it may take time to start up and produce results.

Getting a Feel for Money Making Blogging

First off, if it is hard to find your blog, readers may not be able to reach your content. This absence of an audience can really restrict your potential streams of income that your blog may produce. Visibility is important and one good way to start is by having an idea of what kind of domain name you want for your blog.

Have a useful domain name that will be easy to remember, small enough to fit on a business card and something original if possible. You don’t want to confuse your audience with an unusual website address that doesn’t describe what your blog is about. Many top-level domain options are available which will provide .COM, .NET, .ORG or other extensions for a reasonable price that can be connected to your blog if you have not already done so.

Content: The Wellspring Which Draws an Audience

Having useful and unique content is what will grab your audience and make them repeat readers, subscribers and your potential source of income. Writing your own content articles and sticking to building a reputation for being knowledgeable on specific topics can really elevate your blog to an authority type status. This will allow you to get a decent reader base that understands what your blog is about and that may attract other bloggers, companies, and individuals who are willing to write sponsored posts or pay to advertise on your site.

Some General Rules to Follow for a Successful Blog:

5 Rules to Making Money Online

1. Always be knowledgeable and authoritative about what you write – Your audience expects you to be an expert on what you are talking about. Own the role and produce content that you would want to read if you were your readers. Think about what they would want to know and learn from you and provide the people what they want. Connect them with what you know is true or have evidence to back up.

2. Never spread misinformation or promote shady practices – When you lie to your reader base, it discredits your name, brand and anything you do promote. This is a negative business practice which will hurt your earnings in the long run.

3. Build an ever-growing email subscriber list – Building an email subscriber list makes it possible for you to send out notifications about your newest articles, products or services. People who subscribe to your blog are those who want to hear from you in the future, so maintaining quality content on your blog is crucial to have them “wanting more”.

4. Social Media Presence – Build a social media presence that allows you to interact with your readers and gain access to additional readers by sharing. The social media crowd enjoys sharing new and useful information to their friends, family, and colleagues. It is the digital version of “word of mouth”.

5. Don’t expect to make money quickly – This is possibly the most truthful statement about blogging for money. It can be a hit and miss business and many monetized blogs can take a substantial amount of time before they start making money.

What Options are There to Make Money Blogging?

5 Methods to Making Money Online

So now it is time to look at the different ways you can apply your blog to make money for you. You have to treat your blog like a business and put in some time and effort to make money. The following are some of the options available to monetize an established blog:

Advertising – Your blog can host ads from various sources to produce an income stream based on your audience viewing and or clicking on ads. Google, and blog ads are some possible options. There is also the possibility of offering advertising spots to local businesses which share the niche of your blog, possibly for a set time amount.

Affiliate Marketing – Selling another company’s product on your blog by linking to specific, niche related affiliate sites can make a decent amount via commission based selling. Some commission rates can be very high and some a tiny percentage based on the product. Some examples of affiliate marketing systems are LinkshareCommission JunctionAmazon Associates and ShareASale.

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Exclusive Memberships – You can sell exclusive memberships to your readers to access additional member’s only content on your blog.

Selling Services – Selling a service you can provide that you believe you do well. This can be content creation, coaching, consulting and anything else you are comfortable doing and charging money for.

Selling Products – If you want to create and sell programs, e-books or other products through your blog, then this is an excellent opportunity to do so. You will need to look into using an e-commerce storefront to sell your digital or physical products on your blog.

Expand to as many streams of income as possible, one at a time if possible. It takes time to set up each type of blog income and if you spread yourself too thin in the beginning you may make mistakes and lose out on efficiently monetizing your blog. Work on what is feasible for you to promote while still being able to produce content on a regular basis for your blog. Of course, the options mentioned here are just some of the more common ways to generate cash flow and experimentation with other avenues is encouraged.

An Outlook for Blogging Entrepreneurship

Blogging, if done correctly, can be an efficient and effective way to make money. Many people treat their blogging as a passionate full-time job and that is where the mentality shifts from completing a chore to getting ahead doing something you enjoy. It is much harder to burn out and lose interest when you can reach an audience and change their lives with what you have to share. So being successful means more than just making sales, it means readers are willing to fetch what you want to throw at them in terms of content.

Author Bio: Hayden Steward is a freelance writer who works for Financial Business Solutions.

Readers, please share so other bloggers looking to learns ways to make money online discover how easy making money online can be.


  1. Ryan Biddulph | at 6:30 am

    5 is my fave tip Hayden. It takes time. Plenty of time. To make money online. Doing the right stuff with the right energy means money will flow in, over months or years. We all have too many money blocks – most of us, at least – to allow in money quickly. Lots of worth issues, holding back, letting fear call the shots and all that BS. By diving into these fears we feel and dissolve the energies, so we can blog more from a prospering energy of love and fun.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How To Believe In Your Business And YourselfMy Profile

  2. Jeanette S. Hall | at 8:12 am

    We all have blocks on our money making process. For some it is time for others (like me) it is spending limits. We need to keep trudging on toward our individual goals! We will make it eventually.

  3. Gaurav Kumar | at 10:54 am

    Hi Hayden,

    We all adopt a profession to make money. Blogging is an effective way that helps a common man to turn into entrepreneur.

    When it comes to make money online, a true blogger always focus on offering value to the readers. When you deliver the trust and quality the more readers fall in love with your content.

    Your tips are effective.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Gaurav Kumar recently posted…A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Free Blog and Make Money from itMy Profile

  4. Donna Merrill | at 11:52 am

    Hi Hayden and Janice,

    I would have to say the most important message here is don’t expect to make money quickly. So many bloggers are mislead to believe this. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche your blog is, as long as you have some marketing experience. If not…keep up on it.

    I say this because when I started I had zip…only what the guru I was affiliating told me. What a huge mistake but mistakes are huge lessons! I didn’t even capture emails lol.

    Now, as a more savvy blogger and marketer, my blog is “home base” and social media is where I love to chat with others. Marketing is another passion of mine and I’m learning new stuff every day!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Am I Too Old To Start A Business?My Profile

  5. Freddy G. Cabrera | at 12:39 am

    Hey Hayden!

    Great points you are touching on here. I agree, making money online doesn’t have to be too complicated. You do need to know how the game works and invest in the right knowledge. It is the knowledge and the consistent actions that stand between you and the money online.

    Here is a very important part; you have to build your authority online, You have to brand yourself and your blog as the one to go to when it comes to solving a certain problem in the niche. Your expertise is what will help you get ahead. You have to become a specialist! 😉

    Thank you for sharing your tips here!

    Best regards! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…Here’s How To Become A Successful Blogger (My Secret Revealed)My Profile

  6. Lisa P Sicard | at 1:51 am

    Hi Janice and Hayden,
    I agree with Ryan and Donna, it takes time! It took me years to start making money from blogging and then I had to invest money to keep it going and looking professional. It’s a commitment that many people are not willing to make to succeed.
    Because of my blog I’ve been able to do so side gigs that are an off shoot from the blog. Managing Twitter accounts and blogging for others.
    Blogging is a great teacher and I’ve learned so much over the years from it. The best is being able to help others along your journey 🙂
    Have a great day Janice and Hayden – Happy Monday!

  7. Ali | at 2:35 am

    Hey Hayden and Janice, valuable post. I think No. 5 needs to be emphasised over and over again. it takes time and commitment. At first, it feels like you are working for nothing then one day, you see something trickle in, then a little more, and more. There are so many dead blogs online that have been abandoned and yet they had so much potential.

    Truth is, most of these money-making methods work but they need time. You can start a YouTube channel about a game you love or maybe software tutorials about Photoshop or any program, and if you keep at it, you will be the go-to place for people looking for answers in that field.

    The money definitely comes if you do the right thing. The only question is, will you wait it out?
    Ali recently posted…Ezvid Review: The Best Free Screen Capture Software for WindowsMy Profile

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