How to Make Money in 2016 and Beyond as a Beginner

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By Anil Agarwal

Over a decade ago, making money from blogging was simple.

Create blog posts every single day and Google will send a ton of traffic. Then, use AdSense or banner ads to make money from that traffic.

At that time, there was not so much competition. So Google NEVER worried about duplicated or thin content. But this is 2016 and things have changed completely.

No one is writing blog posts daily now. Instead, they started focusing on creating quality content to increase their traffic and income. And people are not using AdSense these days. They know there are many more powerful ways to generate money from their blogs.

So if you are wondering how to make money blogging in 2016 and beyond and if you are a beginner, this post is for you.

Are you curious to find out the money-making ways? Let’s get started.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2016 as a Beginner

Build an email list even before you’re ready.

Most beginners start a blog, create content, and then think about building their email lists.

That’s the slowest path to making money.

Build your email even before you are ready. If possible, build a list before you start your blog.

That way, you can easily find your target audience when your blog goes live. You can then use that list to grow your brand awareness, income, and traffic.

Did you know that for every 1 dollar you spend on email marketing, you will get an ROI of $40?

Make Money #Blogging with an #Email list.

That being said, here are few solid tips for building and growing a profitable email list.

  • Offer a bribe. No one shows interest in joining your email list if you are not offering them any freebie. Any free incentive such as eBooks, videos, podcasts, or plugins can do the trick.
  • Use a landing page. Seriously, a landing page is what you need to quickly turn the majority of your blog visitors into email subscribers. You can use tools like Unbounce, GetResponse, OptimizePress etc. to building high converting landing pages within minutes. Make sure to only use one call to action and that is to build your email list by placing an email opt-in form along with your freebie.
  • Use influencer marketing. Connect with the influencers in your niche. Talk to them. Find ways to offer them help and once you build relationships with them, simply ask them to promote your blog or website. This alone can help you bring a ton of email subscribers to your sites really quickly.
  • One of the simplest ways to grow your email list even before you start is to run giveaways. They work like a charm and try to give away something that’s relevant to your industry. That way, you can attract lots of targeted subscribers to your email list.
  • You can use social media sites or paid Facebook ads to increase your email subscribers in no time. All you have to do is to focus on giving the right value to your target audience.

Once you have the email list in place, you can create a series of highly valuable emails to deliver to your subscribers. Once you have built enough momentum with your subscribers, you can start pitching your own services, products or courses to start making money from your email list.

Start making money from the first day.

Most people take the wrong approach while monetizing their sites. They usually follow the following steps.

  • Create content
  • Drive more traffic and
  • Find ways to monetize their traffic

That’s a long approach. What if I told you there’s a shortcut?

What if I told you that you can start making money from your blog from the first day?

So what can you do to achieve that?

Get your first customer. Yes, it’s that simple.

You may ask, “How can I get my first client?”

The answer is simple again. Start selling your services.

  • Are you good at coding? Offer people web design services.
  • Are you good at writing? Offer freelance writing.
  • Are you good at SEO? Offer people SEO services.

See that? You are not waiting for traffic and you’re not waiting for a magic moment. You are simply offering your services from day 1.

Make sure to use your email list (that you’ve built before you started) to make money from your services. Seriously, offering your blog services is one of the quickest ways to make money from blogging.

Here are few quick tips if you are offering your own services to make money from your blogs.

  • Build a strong portfolio. No one likes to hire you if you don’t have any prior experience to show off. That’s why you must need to build a portfolio sharing testimonials from your clients. Once you do that, you will start getting more clients without worrying much.
  • Create a dedicated landing page to offer your services. It doesn’t matter if you are offering SEO, content writing or any other service, you need to have a clear call to action so your targeted clients will show interest in getting your services.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative.

Affiliate marketing is the most powerful way to start making money from online. You can either create a blog or niche website; create keyword rich content and start promoting the relevant products to make money from affiliate marketing.

But the majority of the bloggers don’t make too many affiliate sales due to one reason: they don’t create a monetization strategy.

#Bloggers can make money through affiliate marketing.

If you are also one among them or if you are looking for proven ways to make money from affiliate marketing, here are few incredible tips for you.

  • First things first. Do proper research about your market. Before promoting affiliate products, make sure to find keywords. They should be not more than 2000 monthly searches. That way you can always easily rank in Google to boost your traffic and sales.
  • Spy on your competitors. Find out what products they are promoting and figure out the keywords they might be using. You can use tools like SEMrush or Long Tail Pro to find the profitable keywords of your competitor’s along with their backlink sources.
  • You can make a lot of sales if you write detailed and unbiased reviews about the products you promote. Just make sure your product reviews are not biased and try to help your readers as much as possible instead of focusing on your sales. Once your audience starts trusting you, they will buy start buying from you. Trust is the new currency online and it helps you become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • Analyze top affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn, Zac Johnson etc. You can learn a lot of things from their income reports and also find out how they are promoting their products. Watch their videos and read their interviews to grasp more knowledge about affiliate marketing.
  • Don’t promote too many affiliate products at a time. Unless your website is solely related to products, promoting too many products can do more harm than good. And your blog visitors might think you’re making them buy your stuff instead of adding value.
  • Be patient. Getting your first affiliate sale usually takes a lot of time especially if you have zero selling skills. So give it some time, learn affiliate marketing, and know how to sell without sounding like a salesman, and you will start getting the best rewards.

Sell your own products.

Ramit Sethi, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Pat Flynn – all these guys are legends who are making a living by selling their own products. Of course, they have a ton of other ways to monetize their sites.

But the majority of their income comes from their own products. You can also start thinking about it by creating your own videos, eBooks, online courses and so on.

The point here is to first build a group of targeted people who are interested in your content. Then it becomes easy for you to sell whatever you create.

That being said, here are few incredible tips for you to make more money by selling your own information products online.

  • Make sure to come up with a ton of ideas for your own products. Before even start working on them, trim down your ideas and only focus on those which really makes you happy.
  • You can use product reviews before creating your own products. Go to Amazon, Udemy or other sites and find out what other customers are saying about the products you might want to create. You will get a fair idea about what to include and what not to include in your own products. It saves a lot of time in making successful products.
  • Create buzz around the products even before you start selling them. That way, your audience will be curious to know more about your products. Also, try to give them incentives which are relevant to your product. It persuades people to buy stuff from you without thinking twice.
  • Use scarcity. If something is going out of stock pretty soon, people rush to grab it. Use it to your own advantage if you want to make more sales from your own products.
  • While selling products, start from offering low-priced products. Start with $10 to $20 products, make them even better and once you are started getting more money, you can double your products rate and so on.

A caveat to remember

I’ve been making money online for over 6 years now, and I know it’s not at all hard to make a living from blogging. You just need to create a monetization plan if you want to build a profitable blog from scratch.

Have a clear goal, define your target audience, use the right hosting service, build an email list, frequently engage with your audience, and build your own personal brand to make a decent income from your online sources.

Don’t worry about your traffic when you are just starting out. You may struggle to increase both your traffic and sales in the beginning but once you start understanding the power of blogging and if you give it some time, you will definitely get massive results.

Don’t consider blogging as a get rich quick scheme. You can’t make hundreds of dollars within months after starting a blog. So be patient, create a great content strategy, build buzz around your products and you can reap the best rewards.

Final thoughts about making money blogging in 2016

You can’t depend upon on AdSense and banner ads anymore if you want to make more money from your sites in 2016. You have to find creative ways which not only help you make more money but add real value to your audience.

Fortunately, making money online is not a rocket science. You need to find ways to turn your visitors into customers as soon as possible. Offering services, selling your own products and promoting affiliate products can be really helpful.

So what do you think? What are the other ways you’re using to make money from your sites in 2016 and years to come? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Author Bio:

Anil Agarwal who is an SEO and blogging expert is the owner of the Bloggers Passion blog where he is writing on the topics related to blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, web hosting and social media. You can connect with him on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Host Blogger’s Commentary:

Readers, there is great interest in how to make money blogging. Please share, so other bloggers know how they can turn their hobby into a money-making business.

Which tip do you feel was the most valuable? What other money-making tips for bloggers can you recommend? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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      Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting the blog for more such stuff.

      • Anil Agarwal

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        Thanks for the comment. May I know which ideas you particularly liked from the post?

        Do you have any questions?

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lynne,
      Thank you for your comments. These are simple tips for anyone looking to make money blogging.

    • Anil Agarwal

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  1. Donna Harvey

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I have been trying so hard to get followers with out much success. I also need help with Affiliate marketing, I don’t understand how to get them on my Blog. I love reading your posts, I learn something every time I visit your site. Thanks a bunch, Donna
    Twitter is a mystery to me too.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for writing. I am on my phone, but when I get home and I am at a computer, I will send you a link to a Twitter guide I wrote. It should end the mystery. 🙂
      Thank you for the compliments on my blog. I plan on writing more about marketing in the coming months. Hopefully the mystery about marketing will end then as well. 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Donna,

      It’s not easy to make your first few sales from affiliate marketing. Just make sure you are building raving fans around your content, promote the right products and build an email list.

      That way you can quickly get some sales.

  2. Garry Tatnell

    Great ideas you have. It is helpful to me as I newly launch my affiliate marketing website. Seems I can smell success. Thank you for sharing your insights. Hope to read more from you.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Garry,
      Thank you for writing. Nice to meet you. I brought you a link. The article I posted the day after this went live also addressed affiliate marketing. You might want to see it if that is an interest of yours
      I plan on writing more about marketing in the near future. Consider following so you get notified.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Garry,

        Congrats for the launch of your new site.

        Make sure to build a sales funnel if you want to get more sales out of it.

        Focus on building your email list. Use email sequences to build trust with your email subscribers and pitch products only if they add value to them.

        Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Deb Jones

    Great information here for everyone and particularly for me as I contemplate creating my own blog. It’s a relief to find reliable information.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Deb,
      Always a pleasure to see you again. With all the leg work you are doing up front, I bet your blog is going to be a smashing success! Thanks for writing.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Deb,

        Reading is easy but implementing what you read is really hard.

        Glad that you’re actually implementing it by starting a blog.

        BTW which platform are you using? WordPress or Blogger or something else?

        Do you have any particular questions before starting it? Share your questions here so we can help!

  4. Mark

    Thanks for sharing such a solid blueprint Anil!

    You definitely did an excellent job, not only connecting
    the dots, but setting some realistic income expectations as well!

    Thanks, because far too often, newbie online marketers are led
    to believe, all they need to do, in order to earn money, is simply
    slap a WordPress blog together and magically money starts
    rolling in!

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Mark,

      Setting realistic goals is what really counts Mark.

      There are way too many bloggers to fail to make money because of one reason: they set high expectations. They aim to make money within a month or two.

      That’s not how it work.

      If you want to make money blogging, build some reputation and aim for long term results.

  5. Barrie Bismark

    Thank you for all the wonderful tips. I would love to be able to make money with my blog. I
    have done some freelance work and been paid, but it woudl be nice to have a passive income as well. Where I struggle is my website. I use blogger and I can’t even figure out how to get simple buttons. I just don’t understand code!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barrie,
      Thank you for writing me. I wish I could help, but I am only familiar with and Would you consider changing to WordPress?
      Congratulations on getting paid for freelance writing. I am also striving to make passive income. My blogging and social media ebook may be published as early as this weekend!

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Barrie,

        Yes, blogging is definitely a great way to make passive income buddy.

        But it’s not as easy it sounds.

        Here’s what I’d suggest: start offering services to make money blogging. Build a portfolio and get testimonials.

        Offer your services for free if you want to get some quick traction.

  6. Michele

    Thanks, this is helpful. The info about ROI on dollar spent is good to hear!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Michelle,
      How are you? I’ve been a tad under the weather as you may have read on my latest email communication.
      I just noticed this comment you left on an October post. Please forgive my delay. I really do appreciate your comments. I am glad you found the post about making money online valuable.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Michelle,

      Yea, that’s true.

      Email has the BIGGEST ROI.

      For every 1 dollar that you spend, you can make up to $40. SO are you building your email list? Do you have any questions related to it?

      Let me know if you’ve any questions.

  7. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Thank you Janice and Anil for a nice balanced overview and ideas and solid information for making money. Like someone else here mentioned simplistic oversell leaves bloggers discouraged.


    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yea, simplicity is what makes your blog awesome. The design, sales funnel, SEO strategy – make sure to keep them as simple as possible if you want to succeed BIG in the long run.

      Also focus on building relationships with other bloggers by commenting, writing guest posts etc.

  8. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hey Janice and Anil,

    Pure value right here!
    My take on this is AFFILIATE marketing is sure the fastest way to make some extra cash inside of 2016 and beyond. And If you are creative, Selling your own products. That may take a bit more time to create and promote a product that your audience literally laps up. S back to affiliate marketing aka selling someone’ else’s product/service for a commission. It works. So thanx for sharing these tips to make money with the masses 😉

    Julie Syl

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Julie,

      Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is a killer way to make money online.

      But here’s the thing, it’s not easy as it sounds.

      You have to build a sales funnel, you need to focus on converting people into buyers without sounding like a sales guy, you need to write content that adds value to others.

      That’s a BIG process and most people give up before they make their first sale!

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Helen.
      I agree; the guest author did a good job with the article. Thanks for writing to tell me you enjoyed.

  9. Reuven

    Janice and Anil, reading this helpful post, I realize there’s one ‘big’ mistake that I’ve made during my first year blogging: I’m embarrassed to say that I only just recently even gave thought to building an email list. I wanted to make sure my readers had a lot of good content to explore first before I ‘dared’ to ask for their following. I should have done so the first month my blog was up and running and am now playing catch-up. That’s OK, though, because I’m learning from experience and will go forward, improving each month and year.

    I really appreciate all of the wonderful tips you’ve shared in this post. They’re clear and concise, helpful and inspirational, too. Thanks to both of you for sharing them with us.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi, Building an email list is the key.

      Most people don’t realise this until they start struggling to make sales.

      If you want to make more sales, focus on building a list.

      Make sure to offer freebies (people love freebies) to grow your list. You can also run giveaways to quickly boost your email list growth.

      Let me know your thoughts.

  10. Rjoyce1011

    I was lost on how to make effective affiliate marketing. I joined an affiliate marketing before but no luck. What you have said enlightened me of what are the right things that I should have done before in order to make it effective. Thanks very much.

    • Anil Agarwal


      Firstly, affiliate marketing takes a lot of efforts.

      You can’t make sales overnight. Make sure to grind every single day by focusing on how you can effectively apply your competitors strategies.

      Also make sure to build a list and that’s who you can easily turn visitors into buyers.

      Let me know if you’ve any questions.

  11. Yasar Ali

    Hello Janice,
    Thank you for your epic guide. As a blogger, I much appreciate your work & Also, I learned many new things from your post. Lastly, Keep up the work.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Yasser,
      Forgive me. I just saw this comment you left on an October article. Thanks for writing me. I am glad you liked the post about how to make money online.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Yasser,

        Glad to know you’re enjoying the stuff posted here and I’d suggest you to implement all the things that you learn along the way.

        Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting the blog for more such stuff.

  12. charan

    First time visitor of your blog Janice Wald! and spent nearly more than 20 min. and read various articles on marketing and blogging about this post. I am a regular follower of Anil Agarwal blog. He is one of the serious professional bloggers. This post i have learned about eMail marketing, actually am thinking to purchase the bulk email service provider, but they are very expensive after reading this post realized how important email marketing is… Thanks, will definitely implement on my blog and will visit again !

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Charan,
      I know Anil Agarwal. I agee. He is a serious blogger. Did you find my blog on his site?
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you for reading my article and commenting. I would love to have your readership. I will look forward to your return visits.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Charan,

      Welcome to Janice’s blog.

      Glad you’re a long time reader of my blog.

      Coming to the question: choosing the right email autoresponder is a pain when you’re a beginner.

      I recommend you to start with MailChimp (it’s free).

      But if you’re serious about making money from list, go for either GetResponse or ConvertKit. They both are awesome.

  13. sourabh verma

    Thats an awesome and helpful post by you for the people like me. you really made my day. The tips you have shared will surely help the bloggers in making money. do you know that we are friends on twitter and we had chat sessions there sometime?

    Do you know what i like the most about your blog? Its the easy language and well explained content. i really love visiting your blog.
    Thanks again

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sourabh,
      Of course, I remember you. You guest posted for me. Yes, it’s nice running into each other on Twitter. Thanks for commenting on my post and the nice comments about my writing style.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hi Sourabh,

      That’s a great compliment even that’s what I like about Janice blog, her simplicity in writing and design.

      And Janice glad that you still remember the people who wrote guest posts for you. That’s a great attribute.

      Keep rocking!

  14. Josefa

    Hi Anil,

    Before I joined blogging, I told Ms. Janice that I read religiously all stuffs about blogging and you are one of the “fountain of knowledge” sources that I bookmarked. It is so cool to know that you are friends and together with your combined knowledge, all bloggers will be “fed” tremendously.

    Thanks, Ms. Janice, for all the experts you allow to blog in your site. Never a wasted article each time.


  15. Anil Agarwal

    Hi Josefa,

    That’s so great to hear about your journey.

    Mostly blogging is definitely worth reading 🙂 It’s a great platform for beginners who want to make money blogging.

    Thanks for following the blog and let us know if you’ve any questions.

  16. طراحی سایت

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome article with us here

  17. اجاره خودرو

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge
    its so useful and helpful
    very kind of you

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