How to Make Money Blogging like a Celebrity, 10 Tips

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Do you want to make money blogging?

You are in the right place.

Celebrity blogger Ryan Biddulph is here to tell you how to make money blogging.

Let’s dive in.

Bloggers can make money blogging with Ryan Biddulph's Blog Monetization tips #MakeMoneyBlogging #BlogMonetization

How to Make Money Blogging, 10 Ways

By Ryan Biddulph



The stars were aligned.


Talk about convergence.


I reached out to Janice to write a guest post for you rocking folks at Mostly Blogging. She kindly accepted the offer. Then she suggested I write a post about making money through blogging. As I was calculating my taxes.


It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that writing about ways through which I made money blogging last year would be a perfect match.


Note: This post discusses ways and means through which you can prosper through blogging. Making that chedda ultimately requires facing, feeling and releasing your money fears, which gives you a sense of detachment on all things money, which helps you allow in more money.

But that is another story…..


Let’s dive into these 10 strategies for earning scrilla through your blog.


1: Creating Online Courses (Selz and Teachable)


The pain point: you need a big ticket item to sell through your blog.


The relief point: creating and selling an online product.


I sell courses through Selz and Teachable. I also sell a course me and my wife Kelli co-created through SendOwl. Here’s my full course page.


Ask what your audience needs help with. Create a course based on that topic.


I saw bloggers lacking the fundamentals. So I created the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging.


I also saw folks struggling to gain exposure. So I created How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs (without pitching a soul). If you have anxiety or tons of limiting beliefs around appearing on top blogs – and I know many of you do – this course would be a super helpful buy to boost your confidence, to land on top blogs and to earn income through your blog (see the subtle sell? Pain point, relief point? This is how to market a course).


Both Selz and Teachable are hyper-intuitive platforms. Create videos, audio and text modules to teach your students how to tackle common problems from their niche.


2: Writing eBooks for Amazon


I kinda went bonkers on this front.


Now I’m learning how to promote these suckers.


I wrote and self-published 124 eBooks on Amazon through


Writing eBooks helps you earn passive income while you help your readers with their problems.


Aim for short reads – 6,000 words – to fit into Amazon’s short read category.


Address a pressing issue. Build an outline. Write.


Amazon helps to expose you to a massive worldwide market.


If you need help writing and formatting an eBook for Kindle read my post here:


3: Writing eBooks for Selz


This channel dovetails on channel #2 but deviates in a few ways.


I just sold another eBook through Selz yesterday and the cash register rang today, as I received payment. Sweet.


Selz sends out payments on a weekly basis while Amazon royalty checks flow your way monthly. This is a bonus in my eyes.


You can also charge a higher amount for Selz eBooks versus Amazon reads, which top out at $9.99. I charge $14.95 for each of my eBooks on Selz.


Simply write and self-publish an eBook on Selz for 1 more income stream that pays frequently and generously.


4: Selling Audiobooks on iTunes, Audible and Amazon


After *super* passively promoting my audio books I was pleased to see I’d sold 465 of these units through, which is kewl beans.


How it works: write an eBook. Convert the eBook to a PDF. Upload to ACX. Producers – aka voice actors – audition based on a 5-minute sample read. Pick the matching producer. They co-create/produce/speak the audio book. Distribute on iTunes, Audible and Amazon. Split profits.


I am in the process of converting a few more eBooks into audio; only a few of my 124 eBooks have been converted so far, making that 465 number pretty darn sweet.


5: Selling Sponsored Posts


Sell sponsored posts. Rates range from $100 to $500 or higher.


Yes; people *do* drop $500 for a sponsored post if you are clear on receiving the money, if you run a helpful blog and if you have a loyal blogging community.


I have no sponsored post page on BFP [Blogging From Paradise] but still sift through opportunities regularly. If you build it intelligently from an energetic perspective, they will come.


You need to drive quality traffic to your blog to land sponsored post opportunities.


Enjoy this helpful, comprehensive post by my friend Jerry Low to learn how to prosper through blogging via careful research and case studies:


How to Make Money Blogging: Niche Ideas, Case Studies, and Traffic Strategies


6: Paid Guest Posting


I have been paid to guest post on blogs.


I get all the benefits of guest posting plus cash money.


I did not pitch this; folks simply came my way.


Another way to make money blogging.


7: Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is different from paid guest posting in some regards because freelance writing usually involves ghostwriting either posts or eBooks or whatever, as you are a John Doe or Jane Doe or…..who knows?


Write 1,000 words daily. For practice. Get clear. Gain confidence in your writing. Land jobs.


You can build a freelance writing services page to help you land more gigs.


8: Blog Coaching (Hour-Long Live Consult or Detailed Report)


Help people with their biggest blogging struggles.


Get paid.


For reference, this is my blog coaching page:


Blog Coaching


Be really clear on who you are and how you can help people.


I have coached a handful of successful bloggers, video marketers and one hyper-successful internet marketer who makes upwards of $30,000 a month to help them boost their blog traffic and income.


Remember; the same guy coaching $30K a month marketer was some dope a while back who only knew how to check his email and, online-wise.


We all start somewhere. Be a client. Hire someone to get you on the right track. Folks like Janice and I have been through the blogging wars. Use us, cut your learning curve by years or a decade, and build your own successful blog consulting business.


9: Paid Tweets


It has been a minute since I made that “here’s $76 for 1 second’s worth of work” through paid tweets, but I did make a couple hundred smackers from paid tweeting over the past year.


This is the anatomy of one Twitter feed that attracts paid tweet money:


Ryan Biddulph on Twitter


Study my feed. Engage, engage and engage some more.




Note: As mentioned, it has been a while since I landed a paid tweet. The French company I worked with in the past has since rebranded and linked to a new site, one which I cannot find.


Google “paid tweets”. See where that takes you.


10: Affiliate Marketing


Lo and behold: I spied some affiliate marketing revenue when placating Uncle Sam a few days ago.


I am also getting off my cyber duff and getting serious about promoting a lucrative opportunity to Amazon sellers.


How it works: if you are an Amazon affiliate simply query “Blogging From Paradise” in your Associate Backoffice and select a library from over 150 of my products (eBooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks) to sell.


You can even set up an entire aStore of your products to promote to affiliate, like this:


Blogging From Paradise aStore


As is the name of the affiliate game, help folks and make friends with power broker bloggers in your niche.


The clicks and sales happen as you help people through your blog, through social media and as you befriend the blogging big dawgs of the world.


What Say You?


Are you profiting through these methods?


What strategies can you add to this list?


Author Bio: Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chows Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.


Host Blogger’s Comments:

We appreciate Ryan coming to explain his tips for how to make money blogging.

For those of you who prefer watching a video and listening to the information, Ryan has recorded his tips in video format:

Readers, please share so other bloggers learn how to make money blogging.

Are you already making money blogging? Do you have any blog monetization strategies you can share? Which strategies have been the most profitable for you? I look forward to your answers in the comments section.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity with me Janice 🙂


    • Julie S Pit Stop Crew

      You can say that again John. 🙂

      Boom, Wow, can I say Woow again!

      Another amazing cuisine from the Blogging afficionado…Full of tips I didnt evn know about…Paid Tweets wowser. I must say I got lazy with building my Twitter accounts. Focusing instead of Facebook Loive and Pinterest Traffic. Now I am having second thoughts….Hangon a minute, didnt I learn it from you; Focus on one platform, master it, dominate dominate dominate…! I guess I #Obeyed

      124 e-Books…Shamazeballs! Honestly Iam in awe of your power to focus and churn out not only educational, but also inspiring an entertaining content.

      Lets talk making Money from Blogging. It took me 2 years to actually realize my worth and Simply say no to Non-paid offers. Yes Brands can be funny…they want you to promote their product with is not free for FREE or for the product itself…! I set my fee and Thats it. Non negotiable.

      Did I miss Adsense? AdSense is an advertising network within Google that allows website owners to place advertisements on their websites. In my case, we chose to opass on this after trying it out for a month! Unless you have a pretty decent traffic (60k+ per month) it won’t bring you much money. You also need to remember to place the adds in a subtle way, not to make your blog look spammy.

      Pretty comprehensive Post Ryan. Thanks Janice for sharing your network esp. Ryan’s Juice with us 🙂

      Julie Syl

      • Janice Wald

        Great to have you back, Julie. I hope you had a nice vacation. I’ve missed your enthusiasm and your energy.
        I agree. Ryan did an amazing job with his article.
        When I have time, I am planning to check out some of the sites he mentioned like Selz.

  2. Monica Matthews, how2winscholarships

    I’ve been blogging since 2009 and truly appreciate it when respected experts like you share the secrets to their success. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  3. GiGi Eats

    As I have told you in the past, my blog is my full-time job and that’s because when it comes to sponsored posts, I know my worth, and thus TELL whatever brand reaches out to me this. If they don’t “have the budget” well, then that’s all fine and dandy, but since my blog is my livelihood, I can not do anything for free, unless (AND THIS A HUGE UNLESS and even at this point I RARELY do it anymore), it’s a product I would go to the store and buy myself on a regular basis (IE: meat for instance). I have a very responsive audience and brands see that when they visit my blog, thus, they see the benefit! 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Gigi that really is the way to go.

      I was a bit jellyfish for a while LOL….no sponsored post backbone. Then I got clearer but still bartered. Then I set a healthy rate and I will accept posts for that rate, and nothing else. All posturing, all the time. This bleeds over into other aspects of our online income streams too.

      Good for you 😉


      • GiGi Eats

        Thanks, Ryan! It certainly takes time and confidence! When people reach out to me for advice, despite how “small” their blog or social media following may be… I always tell them they are WORTH IT!

  4. Melinda

    Hello BBFFJ, Wow!! You are in with the giants!! I admire you so much, for bringing us all these people who help us learn more!! Thanks! Your BBFFM
    Ryan- 124 ebooks?? That is incredible to me! I look up to your expertise, and energy.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Melinda thank you for reading. And no big deal; we are on eye level 😉


  5. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Ryan,
    These are fantastic tips. And I have a question that people are really willing to pay more than $500 for a sponsored post. I am amazed to know.
    Although, thanks for the great share.
    And keep up the good work.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Robin you got it bro. People will pay if you have posture. Know that worth and the money flows in.


  6. Susan Velez

    Hey Ryan,

    These are awesome tips for making money with a blog. I am still amazed every time I read that you’ve published 124 eBooks on Amazon. I actually, purchased your building an online empire through blog commenting.

    It’s a great eBook and I am using it to help me grow my blog. However, I don’t find myself to be a comment snob like you mention in the eBook 🙂

    I personally haven’t tried sponsored posts to make money. I am sure that you have to have a lot of traffic to your site before you can start using this method.

    Some of the other methods like getting paid tweets, I’ve never heard of those. It’s amazing how many different ways one can earn money from their blog.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us, have a great day 🙂


    • Ryan Biddulph

      LOL Sue yeah, I am a bit more of a comment snob in some ways these days LOL. Time issue more than anything. But I do suggest that as you get clearer on your direction that yep, you can certainly comment on a bunch of blogs.

      Thanks for buying the eBook and for the comment!


  7. Janice Wald

    Ryan did a fantastic job guest posting for us.
    I have some questions about #5 and #6. Ryan said he did not pitch the offers made to him. In #5 he said if you build a loyal following and offer helpful tips, the offers will come.
    I wondered how the people making the offers become aware of my following. I have a number of followers from WordPress in my sidebar. I have another list of subscribers on my MailChimp email list. How would people know my traffic stats or my total subscriber count to make me the kind of offers that Ryan receives? Thanks,

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Janice,

      The folks would make offers based on your blog and brand as is, with no stats weighed in, or metrics.

      I recall a handful of $500 sponsored posts I received from folks – coming in cold, them finding me, without me pitching or even mentioning I accepted sponsored posts – and it was really easy. They just loved my blog and brand as was, and saw the fabulous opportunity to place a guest post there.

      This happens with lots of posture 😉 Lots of confidence and clarity in what you do, without feeling a need to justify your value with stats or anything.

      Thanks again Janice!


      • Janice Wald

        Hi Ryan,
        Thanks for your response. I don’t know that I understand your answer. Lots of posture? I don’t understand. Clarity? I think I have that! Is there anything in my control that might make these opportunities come my way? Thanks!

        • dgkaye

          I anxiously await the day I get propositioned to post for $500 based on my blog which does get lots of interaction. For now, all I’m attracting are solicitations to let people post their products on my page with nothing in it for me. I think not. 🙂

          • Ryan Biddulph

            Hahaha yes I get plenty of that too 😉 The opps will come. Just keep your posture and enjoy the ride and the money will flow in.


        • Ryan Biddulph

          Actually Janice letting it be out of your control – and surrendering to the idea that these opportunities will flow your way with no extra effort (meditation helps for surrendering 😉 – is exactly what helps the bigger ticket sponsored posts and paid guest posts opportunities come to you, without pitching folks or even having a sponsored posts page on your blog, advertising the opportunity.

          You have the posture and the community. Now it is about letting it in, without trying to get it. This sounds Zen LOL but it works!


          • Janice Wald

            Hey, if I’ve got the posture and the community (I know about the latter, and I’m so grateful for all their support), I’m thrilled. Thanks for letting me know. I will look forward to seeing those opportunities come my way, and I will try to relax in the meantime. Thanks for writing with this reassurance.

  8. Manoj

    Great tips. I am impressed with the points you have shared in this post. Ebook is an interesting option if you have good language and knowledge on the topic. Selling sponsored posts is another useful method for bloggers to make money.

    Thank you very much for the writing.

  9. Ifedapo

    will check out the ebook on selz, hearing it for the first time. thanks for the tips

    a question out of curiosity, why is adsense not listed?

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Way cool 🙂

      Actually, not too big on Adsense here because unless you drive heavy heavy heavy blog traffic, it yields pennies, or maybe, hundreds of dollars at best.


  10. Leanne

    As always, some fabulous ideas and tips – I don’t see myself making money from blogging – but who knows what will happen down the track. I’ve pinned this for future reference.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  11. Matt

    This is a great post with some great tips! I’m not really ‘new’ to blogging anymore, but I’m always looking for ways to grow my blog or put a little extra $$$ in my pocket!


    Truly loved the post. I have already tried a few tips mentioned above. Making money online is not a rocket science if your approach is right!

  13. Iilaj

    Really this post is amazing, such a very interesting thinks here I found. Good going Ryan, Make sure it will really very helpful.

  14. Sue Bride

    I’ve followed your progress and success for a long time Ryan, so it’s good to read more about your personal journey. What’s amazing is how you’ve done so well in the overcrowded topic of blogging. How much do you think your exotic travel lifestyle has helped? That is what attracted me to your blog to begin with.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      It certainly helps Sue. I think more than that, my intent to share the entire story about travels – the crazy or scary or difficult stuff that happens – helped me gain traction. We all love pictures of the beach but adding those zany stories gives my brand some more juice, methinks 😉


  15. Matthew

    Hi Ryan and Janice,

    The tip about using Selz is an interesting one worthy of further exploration. Thanks !

    Purely out of interest, why would a customer pay $15 via a Selz cart (eg on your website, or on the Selz site itself) when they could pay $10 on Amazon ?

    Is this perhaps purely a case of putting your product and a buy button in front of an audience – like Nick Loper suggests in his Buy Buttons book on ?

    Why do you use Selz as opposed to, for example, Woocommerce ?

    Thanks again for the great ideas in your article above 🙂

    (Melbourne, Australia)

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Matthew,

      They pay for the $15 Selz eBook because they see the benefit of the eBook, not the price 😉 Also, since they are loyal followers, the money objection does not come into their mind. No shopping around. They buy, because they bought into me many years ago. Thanks for reading!


  16. Stefan Ciancio

    Great Tips! Such a great information.

    I agree with you that “you need a big ticket item to sell through your blog.” I have always been facing problems with Making Money and was trying to hire someone to help me.

    The way you have stated everything above is quite awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Stefan?
      I have a post with 90 monetization ideas coming out tomorrow.

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