Magazine Photoshoot Ideas: 3 Helpful Tips to Create Magazine-Worthy Interior Photography

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magazine photoshoot ideas

Are you looking for magazine photoshoot ideas?

As a design and architectural firms go online, the need for high-quality interior photography and 3D visualizations of enclosed spaces is increasing.

Poster advertising, whose task is to capture the attention of the audience, design companies, real estate agencies, restaurants, cafes, and hotels all need an attractive image, including one created with the help of photography.

Otherwise, they risk blending in with the crowd. If you want to learn the basics of interior photography you can visit the Skylum blog, where you will find a lot of useful information for the novice photographer, for example, the article about aperture camera settings will be useful.

By reading this post, you get an action plan full of magazine photoshoot ideas.

magazine photoshoot ideas

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Let’s discover powerful photoshoot ideas.

Helpful Magazine Photoshoot Ideas

All parts of the composition in the photo should reveal the idea you want to convey to the viewer.

Leaving the main subject in the center of the photo in most cases is not necessary.

Follow the “rule of thirds”: divide the frame into three equal parts vertically and horizontally – you get nine squares (smartphones have a ready-made grid). At the intersection of the lines are “attention nodes” where the main object for which the photo is taken should be placed.

For example, it is better that the horizon line does not divide the landscape photo strictly in half. Align on the top line if you want to emphasize the land or sea, and on the bottom line if the main object of the photo is the sky.

magazine photoshoot ideas

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How do you control the viewer’s gaze?

In order to “guide” the viewer’s gaze through the photograph in the direction you want it to go, use “guides”: wires, headlights, the road, and the river.

A diagonal going from the lower left to the upper right corner brings dynamics – it’s like climbing a mountain, and overcoming an obstacle.

The diagonal from the upper left to the lower right brings calm – we easily go down from the top.

What’s in the background?

Inattentive photographers often end up with funny portraits of people with trees growing out of their heads or beauties in front of garbage cans.

Look at what’s going on in the background.

Wait for a clean background – let everything that is not part of the composition (passersby, janitor, dog) disappear behind the main subject. Or move the object to a different background.

Sometimes the photographer deliberately draws attention to an object by “slight imperfection,” as came out with the lantern on the dog’s forehead in this interior photo.

To make a photograph more in-depth, look for multidimensional subjects. The main subject should be closer to you in the foreground.

A little farther away is the middle ground, and in the distance is the background. Each subsequent plan is distant, the objects become smaller and more blurred.

Smartphones achieve this, of course, more difficult than a good camera, but you can at least strive for the ideal. If you want to adjust the focus or make the picture brighter or darker, touch the screen where the main subject is displayed.

After a few seconds, the yellow text “exposure/focus lock” and a “sunshine” icon will appear – the focus is locked and your photo will now be clearer.

Move the sun up or down to make the photo brighter or darker. Lock the focus on a dark object to make the photo lighter and vice versa.

How to shoot

  • Take more horizontal shots. If necessary, you can simply cut off anything unnecessary or unfortunate.
  • Use the flash less often. Try to shoot in the daylight. Noise” is inevitable in night-time shots with grain and blurry details. The flash will only make it worse.
  • Don’t take 100,000 obscure shots. Why do you want to take pictures of it? What do you want to communicate? Think about what you want to take, and then… yes! Hurry up and click, or the seagull will fly out of the frame and you’ll have to wait for a new one.
  • Wipe the camera, yes, the camera on your phone: a greasy lens has never helped anyone make a good image.
  • In order not to get lost in a large number of photos from the vacation, mark the most suitable for future printing with a heart – they will go into the folder “Favorites”.

Lighting is important!

Controlling lighting in interior photography is in itself something that requires special knowledge and skills. You should achieve even lighting so that the image remains free of bright spots or shadowy gaps.

Use local light sources: lamps, ceiling lights, fireplaces, and windows. Turn groups of sources on and off, thereby achieving the lighting that is best for the room. Your “base” is a soft diffused light. Therefore, rely on natural light from the window at the “golden time”: early in the morning or late in the evening.

magazine photoshoot ideas

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Magazine Photoshoot Ideas: FAQ

What are photography ideas?

Pay attention to the viewer’s gaze, the background, and lighting.

Conclusion: Magazine Photoshoot Ideas

By reading this plan, you received an action plan with three magazine photoshoot ideas.

With its growing popularity, interior photography is experiencing a need for creativity.

Experiment with different angles, apertures, and lighting to create your own approaches to interior photography, and learn from the experiences of professional photographers!

You can find a lot of this information on Skylum’s blog, such as the article about aperture camera settings which will be very useful for beginner photographers.

Readers, please share so photographers and anyone needing magazine photoshoot ideas discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know more photography photoshoot ideas?

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