7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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Do you love writing?

Why not combine your love of writing with the benefits you receive as a blogger?

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In the world today, every business has a website.

This is imperative for anyone who wants to stay competitive.

If you want to be successful, you need to have a blog as well.

Blogs are present on nearly every business website, and they help offer information, provide authenticity, authority, and branding.

This is necessary for your business to move forward.

Continue reading to learn why your business needs a blog.

7 Reasons to Blog if You Love Writing

You Can Build Your Brand

Most online companies today are focused on building a brand. This is a great way to teach the public about your company, your values, and your goals.

You can also build a relationship with both your present and your future customers in this fashion. The blog offers you an opportunity to improve your content so that other people understand what you are doing. 

People Will View You as an Authority

When you blog about topics and trends in your industry, people will begin to see you as an expert in your field. You can use your blogs to share insight about your industry, and you may find people who like and share your page on social media.

When you keep a blog, your customers know that they can come to your website for expert advice. Then, you will love writing even more, once you experience the adrenaline rush of helping people.

You Can Use Your Blog Content for Digital Marketing

One important way to generate leads is to provide content that is worth reading.

Once you capture a lead, you need to continue to keep them engaged. Whether you received the lead from your social media page or from a Google search, you need to keep them interested once they follow you.

When you keep a blog, you can use plugins and other tools to capture more leads by having a popup appear as your visitor is reading your blog. This is a great way to use your blog to generate leads.

It Will Improve Your SEO

SEO is also called Search Engine Optimization, and you will be able to improve it with your blog posts.

Whether your posts are written, image-based, or videos, it will help to create exposure to a variety of people.

When you include authority-based content on your website, people will come to your blog to learn. Once they start learning about your industry from your blog, they will likely contact you when they need a product or service. 

Blogs Compliment Your Public Relations (PR)

If you keep a business blog, it gives you a direct line so that you can develop your own unique voice. You can post a press release or announcement, and you will have a direct line of communication with your audience. You can engage with the readers in the comment section and direct them to your social media to learn more. 

Blogs Allow You to Learn More About Your Industry

People who keep a blog constantly need content in order to publish content about your industry. You can do this as well, and it is important that you make creative and innovative posts so that others can learn about your industry. The process of creating content will help you develop new ideas and explain things better to your customers. 

You Can Build a Community

The nature of a blog post is to engage the reader and make him or her interested in what you have to say. If people begin reading your posts and sharing them, you will find that conversations can occur.

If you love writing, you can use your love of writing to network on the web.

You can check your analytical data to see how many people you are engaging. This is a great way to get people talking about the products and services you have to offer.

Final Words for Those Who Love Writing

There are a number of great examples of companies that have blogs that are informative and help their viewers understand what they do. For example, a company such as Unibet is among those that produce incredible casino guides to teach you all about gambling.

Providing customers with resources that help them to understand the nature of the business, they are more likely to stay engaged with your content. Keeping a blog can help your visitors to know that you are an authority in your field. 


This post was for people who love writing. Why not write on a blog? This post shared 7 ways you can turn your love of writing into ways to help yourself and others on your blog.

Readers, please share so people who love writing learn ways they can benefit themselves by becoming bloggers.

Do you have any suggestions you can share for people who love writing? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

This post was contributed and made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Reji Stephenson

    Hi Janice,

    Glad to be here after a long time. The post is something like a brush-up of ideas and kind of motivation for me to go forward with blogging activities. All the seven points you mentioned in the post are equally important in one way or the other.

    Hoping to come back and read more future updates.

    Have a great time blogging and networking with fellow bloggers.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks, Reji,
      You have a great time too! Welcome back and thanks for commenting! I’m glad you feel the 7 points have merit.

  2. Alexa Shaw

    Hi Janice,

    Alexa Shaw back with the results of my poll/test in response to “Sheila” and her earlier writing about MeWe. Sheila wrote:

    “Your review is by far not my experience after using mewe for over 2 years. It is slow, it takes ages to load, often the app is offline, content not loading, chats disappearing, i get ‘harassed’ by mewe if I don’t want to upgrade while I type a message, groups often not refreshing, sometimes groups are not shown, lot of spam. If you report, mewe doesn’t do anything, it is not even following its own policy. A lot of members use many accounts to cyberbully and harass, post illegal materials, post copyright materials, and reporting doesn’t help. Mewe is protecting the hate spreaders and cyberbullies by its policy, and not protecting the victims. Never experienced such a bad platform.
    Facebook and twitter might not be perfect, but at least they have dignity.”

    So, I let Mostly Blogging’s readers know I’d be testing these claims and posting the results.


    I posted what she wrote, on MeWe’s main page, on our pages: 15th Parallel Photography and our group: Self Taught Photographers. With 163 total replies, the results are: 1 person said they had an issue with a stalker. She blocked him, reported him and has never heard from him again.
    The remaining 162 responses provided: NO stalkers, no forced ads, MeWe is not slow except on the phone app in the ‘Notifications’ section which takes time to load, no one is being openly harassed, no one has ever had chats or any other conversations “vanish” without being deleted by them, all groups that MeWe members have joined show at all times (unless of course you’re being bad or you whine a lot, in which case you get blocked by the Admin or Moderator), no one gets “SPAMMED,” unless they press the wrong link and get into a “BOT” fight, no one has reported MeWe’s owners or moderators blatantly or deliberately failing to follow their own policies and DO enforce the rules as stated.
    No one has ever witnessed/noticed MeWe members creating MeWe pages or profiles with the sole, or shared, intent to cyberbully or harass someone else. MeWe members report they have never witnessed “dignity,” “respect,” or “victim protections” on FB or Twitter, nor compliance with laws or policies, frequently changing these same rules without notice to the subscriber and no one that responded has ever witnessed a MeWe member posting “illegal materials,” other than posts that contain “copyrighted” materials that do not provide credit to the owner(s) of the material and do not fall within the legal parameters allowed by US Copyright laws of being newsworthy, educational or beneficial to society as a whole.
    These are the results I collected since the day Sheila posted her claims. I hope these results help clarify what she has said, and based on these results it clearly shows a different outcome.

    Alexa Shaw

  3. Bella X

    Yes I love blogging I use it for digital marketing and SEO to get ranking. It is a great way to reach out to readers and direct them to my site. But one need to have the flare for writing and being creative to draw readers attention.

    Blogging is a great way to let people know you are out there and be noticed.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree, Bella. This is why I love blogging too. In addition to a flare for writing, a blogger needs a flare for search engine optimization in order to keep that traffic coming often for years from Google. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

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