How to Make Blog Traffic Increase Without Google, 7 Smart Ways

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Do you want to get lots of traffic to your blog or website?

I learned 13 years ago that successful bloggers simply solve their readers’ problems.

Listen to readers. Spot their pain points. Solve their problems. Readers return to your blog. Success flows to you slowly and steadily based on readers who help build your blogging following.

But one pressing mistake affects most bloggers at one time or another. Bloggers add a “G” word to the simple process I shared above. Usually, bloggers add the “G” word as a filter funneling readers to your blog. Sans the “G” word your blog dies, accordinging to blogging convention.

What pressing mistake plagues most bloggers?

I am talking about Google of course. Top bloggers sometimes drive a hefty volume of targeted, passive traffic through Google. Feel free to follow the blogging herd. Google traffic rocks. I attract some followers through the Big G. But worshipping Google as the source of blogging success closes you off from the human beings who play the biggest role in your blogging success.

Solving human problems allows you to succeed. Trying to game one search engine robs you of the time and energy you need to devote to listening closely to human beings, to pinpoint and solve their issues through your blog.

One rough error hurts most bloggers at some point in their online careers. Bloggers make Google “The Goal”. Out goes serving human beings by solving their problems. Some bloggers build their entire campaign around placating a thing by pacifying an algorithm. What happens if you do a poor job driving Google traffic after heavily attaching to this thing as the source of your success? Failure follows.

By reading this guide, you discover how to get lots of traffic to your blog or website.

Are you ready to learn how to get lots of traffic to your blog for free?

How to Get Lots of Traffic to Your Blogs Without Using Google

What about your readers? How about readers who can find you through:

  • Guest blogging
  • Genuine blog commenting
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Forum marketing

….and simply want you to listen to their problems to solve their problems through your blog posts? Can you spot and solve their problems if you give the most attention and energy to satiating a thing known as Google?

Even worse: You completely quit blogging all together if you do not successfully drive Google traffic. Google traffic is not the goal. Helping human beings is the goal. Serving people is the goal. Pro bloggers serve humans whether humans find them through Google, Facebook, Twitter, guest posts, genuine blog comments, or carrier pigeon.

Google Traffic Converts But Do Not Worship the Search Engine

Feel free to SEO-optimize blog posts to drive Google traffic because Google traffic serves as a highly-targeted, passive form of converting traffic. However, people who find your blog through Facebook, Twitter, or any channel buy your stuff or hire you too. Never base your blogging career on stats or else you become a slave to those stats.

Think about the self-imposed limiting beliefs: One slaps on like mental handcuffs the moment bloggers decide to build their entire campaign on numbers staring back at them from a screen. Imagine allowing raw data to completely determine your blogging reality because you believe a human needs to find your blog through one site in order to be a targeted reader? Isn’t this idea odd when you really think it through?

Humans hire bloggers who solve their problems. Humans who trust you buy your stuff. Some of these humans find your blog through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. No sane human comes across a blogger they trust and love but refuses to buy the blogger’s eBooks because the human found the blogger through Facebook, not Google.

If I see something I like or want, I buy it no matter where I found it. Humans tend to make impulse purchases based on their wants, needs, and desires, independent of where the wants, needs, and desires originate. You and I do this quite often.

Do not worship a search engine as the source of your blogging success. SEO-optimize blog posts if you wish but remember that solving people’s problems drives blog traffic and blogging profits.

The Most Glaring Problem

lots of traffic

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Imagine giving 1000’s of blogging hours to trying to drive traffic through a single source like Google. Focusing heavily on 1 channel among 100’s closes you off to the 100’s of channels potentially sending millions of visitors to your blog.

Google can send a high volume of targeted traffic to your blog but guest posting also sends a high volume of targeted traffic to your blog.

Explore both avenues but never see Google as the sole source of your success or else you fall prey to the painfully common blogging error I see new to veteran bloggers make: They stop solving humans’ problems (the root of blogging success) to try to manipulate a thing into spitting out traffic and profits.

Attempting to manipulate Google leads to failure mostly and muted success here and there but only through 1 channel in a universe of infinite channels. Even if you get really good at driving Google traffic you leave tens of millions of potential visitors on the table by ignoring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forum marketing, guest posting and genuine blog commenting.

Being in 10,000 places at once beats being in a single place at once solely because Google cannot outperform YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, 2,000 guest posts, and 50,000 blog comments, cumulatively. Plus you lose the human touch the moment you try to succeed by manipulating a thing versus serving human beings.

The Correction: The Right Way to Get Lots of Traffic

Focus the full power of your mind on helping human beings through your blog by solving their problems.

Listen to people. Read their comments closely. Pay attention to their complaints on social media. Note their dreams. Develop a laser-like focus in terms of solving human problems related to your niche through your blog.

Catch yourself the moment you shift the focus from listening to humans toward trying to blog for a thing in the form of Google. Note the second you change your intent from serving people to trying to manipulate Google.

Pro bloggers go pro by listening to and solving human problems.

Now, that’s the right way to get lots of traffic.

In closing, this post shared seven effective methods to get lots of traffic to your blogs without using Google. You can still optimize for Google, but not to the exclusion of these other methods.

Readers, please share so bloggers who believe Google is one-stop for blog traffic reconsider and explore these other options for getting lots of traffic.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you believe Google is the be all and end all to generating blog traffic or are there other ways to generate lots of traffic?

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  1. Corey Hinde

    Interesting article. I still think about Google mostly, but acknowledge the need to be broad in my thinking too. Nice out of the box thinking Ryan.

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