How to Use the LinkedIn Homepage to Boost Your Brand, 9 Ways

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How to use the LinkedIn homepage to boost your brand and income.

Janice Wald

The LinkedIn homepage.

There is so much you can do to further your B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) goals using the LinkedIn homepage.

Many social media sites exist and the number of new social media sites keeps growing. However, not too many of them are meant for professional networking.

That is the beauty of LinkedIn. This professional network varies from other social media sites since LinkedIn is the most popular website that functions to boost your brand, your network, and your career.

I bet you’re wondering why you should familiarize yourself with the LinkedIn homepage.

LinkedIn has over 250 million active monthly users. These are not all job seekers.

LinkedIn is THE social sharing platform for organizational content.

If you’re ready to further your brand’s reach, interest prospects, and generate income, let’s dive right in.

When you click Home, you see this on your LinkedIn homepage:

LinkedIn Homepage
  1. Your profile. Complete your LinkedIn profile. Research states this is a must. I completed my profile and my following on LinkedIn increased. Profile hack: I read if you change your profile every few months, you’ll start getting noticed at LinkedIn. I changed my profile over the summer. Before the end of summer, many people contacted me about financial opportunities and branding opportunities.

Give great thought to how you word your profile. When people search words that describe you, your profile will come up.

For example, people read I was a blogger and offered to guest post and asked me to guest post. Someone saw I was a speaker and author and asked to interview me on the radio. 

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, you need a professional-looking photo. Do you see my background photo? Fotor graphic design has templates for all social media sites including LinkedIn.

[Read Fotor Photo Editor: How to Quickly Make Your Images Shine.]

Make sure you include a link to your website in your bio.

2. Content promotion. Promoting on LinkedIn is easy. Simply copy-paste the web content you want to promote in the “Start a post” box. Remember to add the link to your post. You don’t need to limit your content to promotional text. You can post videos or any kind of media. In addition, you can post milestones or your company’s offers. Use hashtags so people can find your content. LinkedIn will suggest hashtags for you to use. Note: IFTTT (If This, Then That) will publish your posts onto LinkedIn for you. IFTTT is a free app that makes connections to save you time.

[Read: IFTTT: 27 Ways to Use This Amazing Free App That Will Make You a Happy Blogger]

Notice you can also blog at LinkedIn. Simply click the “Write an article” link. This makes LinkedIn a CMS (Content Management System) where you can post articles. LinkedIn has a DA (Domain Authority Ranking) of 97 so linking to one of your articles from a LinkedIn post boosts your SEO.

It is to your advantage and your company’s advantage to write your own original LinkedIn articles. This will increase your brand, your engagement, and get you a link from LinkedIn, a high-quality domain. This, in turn, will help your search engine visibility.

3. LinkedIn feed. Like other social media sites, LinkedIn has a running feed. This is where you see the new posts from your LinkedIn followers.

4. Original articles. LinkedIn algorithms believe you are interested in the content you see. Under each headline is the number of people who have read the post. Do you see one of them has over 55,000 readers? Make an insightful comment on the post and on other people’s comments. This could generate interest in your account and generate new followers for you. Don’t pass up this networking opportunity. Make sure you respond to your comments. You’ll find them under “Notifications.”

5. Company page metrics. I recently started a Mostly Blogging company page.

6. Promoted content. This is where you’ll see ads and other promoted content. Like other social media sites, you can pay to boost your content’s visibility.

7. Messages. When people find you, if they want to solicit your collaboration or services, they message you here. When you have messages waiting, a number appears showing you how many messages you have and the unread messages appear in bold. You respond to your messages here as well.

8. LinkedIn search bar. This is where you search for content or people.

Look what came up when I typed “Instagram” into the search bar.

LinkedIn homepage, 9 tips

I found jobs, people, groups, company pages, and an event related to Instagram.

9. LinkedIn Homepage menu.

My Network: You’ll find requests to connect here. 

Jobs: Look: 

How to use the LinkedIn homepage.

LinkedIn algorithms know I’m a blogger. Job searches related to blogging populated.

At the top of the screen, you can click Edit to fine-tune your job criteria. You can also track your jobs, search by salary, and post a job yourself.

Messaging: Another way to access your messages.

Notifications: When people like or comment on your post, you’ll be notified here. You’ll also get notified of your connections’ milestones. 

Me: This is where you can edit your profile. You’ll find your testimonials here as well as groups you’ve joined and influencers you follow. 

Ask for recommendations. When you ask for these testimonials, the keywords in the recommendations and your job title show up in LinkedIn searches and people can find you there. Since LinkedIn is a professional site, this helps your branding. Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations. You can always use them elsewhere but start asking for recommendations at LinkedIn. This can lead to additional opportunities for you.

Join Groups: Take advantage of LinkedIn groups. Some have over 100,000 members. You’ll get great exposure to your articles you share in the groups, brand yourself, and get a strong link to boost your SEO.

Also, you can use LinkedIn as a resource for research. There are groups in every niche imaginable curating relevant content. You’ll learn a great deal and have a wealth of information for whatever you need.

Work: More options for job searches and job postings.

How to use LinkedIn to boost your brand, 5 tips

LinkedIn Homepage FAQ

How do I get to my LinkedIn homepage?

Easy! Go to

Where is the menu icon on LinkedIn?

The menu icon is in a black strip going across the top of the page. The icons in the strip help you navigate within LinkedIn.

Who can see my LinkedIn homepage?

When people go to the LinkedIn search bar and type your name, your profile comes up. If someone clicks your profile picture anywhere at LinkedIn, he or she will see your profile. Your profile is public; therefore, your LinkedIn homepage is public.

Takeaways about the Value of the LinkedIn Homepage

This post explained how to use the LinkedIn homepage to extend your brand’s reach, network, conduct research for your web content, find a career, and fill job openings.

Clearly, using the LinkedIn homepage has value for you whether you are involved in a B2B or B2C business.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there any additional benefits of the LinkedIn homepage?

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  1. Anabel | at 8:37 am

    People said I was crazy when I started utilizing LinkedIn more for the websites I manage of and I find that you can find communities that are more interested in things like education and home care. This article definitely brings out what I was thinking when I started branding E & S Home Care Solutions and E & S Academy with the LinkedIn HomePages. Thank you for sharing your information.

    • Janice Wald | at 10:54 am

      Hi Anabel,
      Thank you for commenting.
      Although LinkedIn groups can be difficult to find at the site, I feel I am able to extend my brand and generate traffic from LinkedIn. Also, you get a strong link from LinkedIn to your site. Happily, I’ve also been contacted about financial opportunities. All in all, I say LinkedIn is a great place to be.

  2. Hamza Hashim | at 4:40 am

    Hi Janice,
    Linkedin really helpt to grow website traffic and business visibility. It also helps us to create relationships that help us in business. By the way thanks for sharing this amazing piece of content.

  3. Finnich Vessal | at 3:00 pm

    Linkedin is indeed important now. If you want to increase traffic, you should be more active and there and post regularly. I will use these tips to optimize my Linkedin. Thanks for the article Janice

  4. Saikat Ghosh | at 6:34 pm

    Hello Janice, Thanks for the descriptive and helpful article on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is become very important and helpful platform to grow anyone’s business. Somebody can get lots of traffic for his/her website from LinkedIn. And for optimise the LinkedIn profile this article will help you. Also get to know lots features of LinkedIn homepage. Thanks a lot. Also like to know more about LinkedIn groups.

    • Janice Wald | at 9:04 pm

      I actually have an article on LinkedIn groups coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Thank you for your comments about the value of LinkedIn and for the compliments on my post.

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