How to Think of Blog Topic Ideas to Keep Your Audience Engaged, 52 Ways

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lifestyle blog topics

Are you looking for lifestyle blog topics?

Let’s spruce up your content.

This post is divided into two sections. By reading this guide you receive blog topic ideas for bloggers with a niche and lifestyle blog topics for lifestyle bloggers without a niche.

You get three blog topic ideas for people with tight content niches and 49 lifestyle blog topics for people without content niches.

One important note: The 49 lifestyle blog topics are helpful for all bloggers regardless of their niche and not just lifestyle bloggers.

How to think of blog topic ideas to keep your audience engaged

It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare. One week, you’re so full of great ideas that you can’t jot them down quick enough. The next, you’ve sat for hours, racking your brain for the next great idea that will send your blog viral.

In such a competitive online market space, it is important to keep your readers engaged and entertained. One way of achieving this is by posting content at regular intervals. In order to do that, however, you need a constant stream of new, original ideas that will help you to retain a loyal readership.

If you’re facing the dreaded writer’s block, or are unsure about starting your own blog for this very reason, then consider our three top tips for coming up with posts your audience will want to read.

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Engage with your readers

It may sound like cheating, but there is nothing wrong with simply asking your readers what they want to see on your blog. Granted, if you’re starting out this may not be the wisest approach, but once your site becomes established, this can be a great way to keep ahead on your writing. Not only will it give you more ideas to explore, but by engaging with the very people who will be reading the end product, you know for sure that what you’re writing will be well received.

Chances are, you’ll never knowingly meet a reader of your blog – friends and family besides, of course. As a result, it’s down to you to be more creative with your outreach. Fortunately, there are many ways you can communicate with your audience. The simplest, perhaps, is by including a comments section on your page, encouraging readers to react to, and engage with, your writing. Alternatively, providing you have an established presence on social media, use your channels to ask your followers questions about their lives that can lead to inspiration.

Take inspiration from everyday life

Often, opportunities to be creative arise when you least expect it. Whether you overhear an intriguing conversation on the street, or simply see a character who could be worth exploring, our everyday lives offer an abundance of ideas waiting to be explored.

A simple tip to get the most out of your surrounding environment is to carry a notebook wherever you go. For the more digitally-inclined blogger, the notes section in your phone will be just as useful, but the principle remains the same. Having somewhere to jot ideas down when you’re going about your everyday life can be a writer’s handiest tool and you will soon have a database filled with great ideas for your writing. Make sure to keep your headphones off, and your ears open.

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Be proactive online

Running your own blog isn’t simply a tick-box exercise. By this, we mean generating ideas and posting regular content is all well and good, but if the titles aren’t relating to what people want to read, there is no point in doing them. In this way, it is vital to remain proactive and find out what your audience, and those of your competitors, are reading.

Some ideas, like taking inspiration from daily life, can come to you without having to lift a finger. Unfortunately, this particular approach requires a greater level of output, but can be highly successful in tapping into a well of new ideas. Being proactive doesn’t just pertain to checking existing blog posts. Instead, you should also be conducting keyword research to find out how people are reaching pages relating to your niche.

For the best results from this approach, you may look to employ the services of an SEO professional, who will specialize in optimizing websites to reach a greater number of users. They will be able to undergo keyword research to find out what you should be talking about in your posts which can not only help to generate ideas but also boost your readership in the process.

Lifestyle Blog Topics

I am a big believer that bloggers need to specialize in a content niche. However, there are a significant number of lifestyle bloggers that are successful.

By writing about lifestyle blog topics, bloggers can find topics in a wide range of niches their audience might find appealing.

Lifestyle blogger Julie Sarinana is an example. She seamlessly combines fashion and travel tips. Her millions of fans prove lifestyle blog topics can prove to be appealing to audiences.

Here are lifestyle blog topics for any niche:

  • How do you stay organized?
  • Write something helpful to your readers, anything
  • Do a review about a monthly subscription box
  • Share your opinion on a topic
  • Women vs men in entrepreneurship
  • Your photo collection
  • Best summer flicks to watch this year
  • Gift ideas for friends
  • Your outfit of the day blog post
  • Party theme ideas
  • Discuss your epic failure and what you’ve learned
  • How to pursue your ambition in life?
  • Biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and how to overcome them?
  • 7 things about yourself
  • Ways to build online relationships with bloggers
  • Your favorite tourist destination
  • How to stay within budget when shopping?
  • How to get inspired on a crappy day?
  • 7 must-haves for your bag
  • A story about your pet and you
  • Favorite Instagram lifestyle bloggers to follow
  • How to stay calm under pressure?
  • What’s your dream and how do you plan to reach it?
  • Your favorite blog post that you love reading again and again
  • Write a book review
  • I love coffee
  • What tools do you use to maintain social media profiles?
  • 11 things that make you feel happy all the time
  • Your favorite hashtags for social media?
  • Share a personal story to motivate readers
  • Share productivity tips
  • How to cope with a busy schedule?
  • The use of beauty products in your everyday life
  • Books that you recommend
  • Blogging tools you recommend (Reviews)
  • How to avoid online distractions and focus on work?
  • Best tools for creating blog images?
  • 14 things that make you feel happy all the time
  • What motivated you to create a blog? Share your reasons in a blog post.
  • List of YouTube channels pertaining to “insert niche”
  • How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself?
  • The best lessons you’ve learned in your life
  • 10 things you love about a road trip
  • Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
  • Healthy foods to eat daily
  • Interview a blogger and share a success story
  • Your favorite blog post that you love reading again and again.
  • Why SEO is a must for your blog?
  • Make an A-Z list and share it with your readers

Bookmark this post and use this list as a resource for when Writer’s Blog strikes.

Lifestyle Blog Topics Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write about in a lifestyle blog?

There are many generic topics your readers might be interested in. For instance, you can review books, YouTube videos, and personal stories your readers will find relatable. If all else fails, you can always start a Top 10 series or a Top 5 series.

What topics does a lifestyle blog cover?

If you are interested in a topic, you will be able to write about it in a way your readers will find interesting. Try to have a point to your personal story so readers can come away learning from your experience.

What are lifestyle blog examples?

Julie Sarinana has a successful lifestyle blog called “Sincerely Jules.”

Wrapping Up: Lifestyle Blog Topics

In closing, these 49 lifestyle blog topics are powerful blog topic ideas for any niche. For bloggers without a niche, you will find these lifestyle blog topics valuable. Bookmark them as a resource for when the ideas just don’t flow.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover these lifestyle blog topics.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest more lifestyle blog topics to add to the list?

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