How to Easily Make Money With the Leo Cash Rev-Share Service

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Are you looking to monetize your blog?

Leo Cash is a new startup designed to help you make money through Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

Are you familiar with PPC?

If so, you know this form of monetization is the easiest way to make money because you do nothing while the service makes money for you.

The Leo Cash company utilizes a form of passive income.

This post offers a review of Leo Cash and a tutorial showing how to use the service.

Are you ready to make money in an innovative way?

Let’s go.

About Leo Cash

The Russian-based company opened its doors in 2018. In that brief span of time, the company already employs over 200 people.

Today, Leo Cash helps website creators monetize their sites from traffic all over the world.

According to the firm, “Leo Cash is an innovative platform specialized in monetizing worldwide site traffic. The goal of our affiliate program is to establish a connection between advertisers and webmasters for mutually beneficial cooperation.”

200,000 advertisers participate in the rev-share program. The revenue Leo Cash generates from those advertisers is used to pay the publisher. The payouts are made for the clicks on push notifications after the user subscribes to the notifications.

The service works on all major browsers, desktop operating systems, and mobile devices. [Note: If someone using an unsupported browser clicks your link, you won’t receive your payout.]

How Leo Cash Works

Using Leo Cash is quite simple.

After you signup with the service, you install the code or widget on your site.

This allows your website visitor to subscribe to receive push notifications in the event they haven’t already done so.

Going forward, when that visitor arrives on your website, they are greeted by an ad.

They will see the ads up to four times a day. The times the ads are shown is determined by the time zone your visitor lives in. The ads are shown between 7:00 am and midnight.

Leo Cash is a monetization platform which specializes in monetizing website traffic and works on a revenue-sharing model. The company shares its advertising revenue with you by giving you 90% of what you earn.

You get paid each week on Friday. Payouts start at $20. After you’ve been paid, you can request an additional payout the following week.

Note: Since this service doesn’t work in all countries, if someone from an unsupported country clicks the ad link, you won’t be paid.

Why You Should Use This New Service

Using the service is a secure, easy way to make money.

If you are already using another form of PPC monetization, Leo Cash won’t conflict. You can continue to use other services. For example, if you are using the service or Google AdSense to make passive income, you can continue uninterrupted.

The service offers different monetization tools.

You don’t need to worry your niche won’t qualify. Any niche is acceptable.

Any theme is acceptable as well. You can convert traffic from sites of any theme, which do not violate the rules of the service.

If you run into trouble, the support staff will help you. You can also email the company at When you sign up, you choose your preferred method of communication such as Skype, email, or the Telegram app.

The service works with bloggers regardless of their amount of traffic.

The service works on mobile devices and major desktop operating systems.

The ads presented to your visitors are appropriate for viewing. In fact, after subscribing, a user will get high-quality advertisements on different topics.

The service supplies statistics to help you maximize your money-making potential.

The service is not affected by your use of search engines or antivirus software.

You can get detailed statistics. Postback is a third-party option to help you track your data.

The service offers promotional materials.

It gets better: Your payout is generous. You get paid 90% of the service’s revenue.

How Much Money Can You Expect to Make?

The greater your traffic, the greater your monetization potential.

Your income depends on the volume, the number of subscribers, and the location.

If you have questions about your income once you’ve started with the service, you can apply to the technical support service for help.

According to an employee of the company, the amount you’ll receive from video ads exceeds the profit from other companies’ teaser ads by more than 15 times.

How the Service Works

Your visitor subscribes to push notifications. Webmasters are given four options.

These options are called “Lockers.” They determine the type of ads they want to see.

Going forward, when they visit your site, they are greeted with three choices: They can subscribe to the ads, sign up to continue to receive the ads, or block the ads.

When they click on the ad, you get paid.

Look at all the ways you can get paid with Leo Cash.

The screenshot shows just some of the ways you can get paid.

How to Use Leo Cash

How to Add a Resource

In order to connect a resource, you need to choose the point “My resources” in the left column of your account.

Then, type the address of your resource in this field “URL address of your site” and click “Continue”

In the next window, you need to download the file and put it in the root folder of your resource.

After completing the verification process of your resource you should install the file “Service Worker” in the root folder, the same place where you put the check file. Then, set all the necessary parameters and click “Generate Script”

Copy the generated code and put it before the closing tag </body>.

Leo Cash service gives you passive income.

Tools Limiting Access to the Content

There are three types of instruments in the system which limit the access to the content of your resource. In order to choose a certain type, you need to click on “Tools” in your personal account. The following types of tools will be available to you: Standard, Page Locker, Content Locker.

  1. Standard- a type which presents a form of subscription to push notifications immediately on the site without any limitations. You can set the time after which the subscription form will appear.

After setting the time, you can get the code clicking on “Generate Script.”

In order to use additional settings just put a tick on “Show backdrop/overlay”. After that, additional instruments will be available. You can see them in the image below.

In case of setting additional instruments except for the subscription form, which appears on the site, the background of your site with motivational text to subscribe will darken. You can set the opacity percentage and change the motivational text on the background by your preference based on the content of your site.

Besides, you can set the time until the next subscription request when closing the darkened background unless the user subscribes or rejects the subscription. After the settings, you can get the code clicking on “Generate Script” and put it on your site. This type is mostly gentle and unobtrusive for the users of your site.

2. Page Locker- a type of page locking with a motivational text and a button of subscription, which limits the access to the content of your resource unless the user subscribes to push notifications or rejects the subscription.

On the image above, you can see all the necessary instruments for page locking.

With the help of these settings, you can:

  1. Set a certain time after which the page of your resource will be locked.
  2. Choose the opacity percentage of the page.
  3. Add a text with a title, motivating the users to subscribe.
  4. Change the text on the subscription button by your preference.
  5. Allow the user to close the darkened background with the motivational text and the button of the subscription window. If you put a tick on the button “Allow the user close the opacity,” a cross will appear in the right corner of the blocking window which will let you close that window. If you do not put the tick, the user will not be able to close the blocking window unless the user subscribes or rejects the subscription. After all the necessary settings, you will get a code with the help of the button “Generate Script” and put it on the page of your resource.

3. Content Locker- a type of blocking of a certain part of the content or several fragments of the content on the page of your site unless the user subscribes or rejects the subscription to push notification. In this case, with the help of background opacity with a text and a subscription button, one/several fragments of the content will become inaccessible.

The settings on the image above will allow to:

  1. Add a text with a title, limiting the access to the chosen part of the content.
  2. Add an inscription for the subscription window.
  3. Darken the background of the blocked part by your preference.
  4. If you want to limit the access to one fragment of the content of your resource, choose it and in the appropriate field type the ID of the block which you need to block. The first content found by it will be blocked.
  5. If you want to limit the access to several parts of the content of your resource, choose the class and in the appropriate field type the class of the block. All content fragments of the class you specified will be blocked. Having completed all the settings, generate a script and install it on the pages of your resource.
  6. Video Locker is a tool that at some time restricts access to video content and does not allow the video to continue until the user subscribes or blocks the request for push notifications.

In the picture above you can see all the settings necessary for blocking video content.
With the help of settings, you can:
1) Set the time of the blocking window on the specified video interval
2) Select the level of the video content background darkening.
3) You can set a user motivating text calling for a subscription.
4) According to your preference, you can change the inscription on the button of calling for subscription window. 
5) Select the interval of block repetition.
After all the necessary settings, you can get the code by clicking on the button “Generate a script” and put it on the pages of your resource.

How to Set Up Postback so You Can Track Your Data

In order to set Postback, you should choose the point “Postback settings” on the left part of the column, in your personal account. Then type the link in the field of “Parameters of Postback link”, after which it is necessary to specify the parameters by which your tracker will receive data.

After saving, the finished link (indicated by the arrow on the image) will be available in the “CURRENT POSTBACK” field.

Wrapping Up: Leo Cash

With this service, you can take advantage of an innovative way to use push notifications.

If a new, easy way to monetize your site interests you, then go to and sign up for Leo Cash today.

Readers, please share so webmasters who wish to monetize through Pay Per Click Advertising discover the Leo Cash company.

Do you think you might try to make money with Leo Cash? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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Screenshots provided courtesy of Leo Cash.

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