Keyword Ranking Google Analytics: How to Use Google Analytics for Success in 2023 [5 Free Ways]

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keyword ranking Google analytics

Do you need help with the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool?

Google Analytics can be complex, but this post is designed to make understanding and using this important SEO tool easier for you.

Are you mystified by the world of keywords?

Is your dream blog one where you take shots in the dark or a blog where you can make informed decisions?

This post takes you out of the dark and gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about content planning and promotion.

Google Analytics is a monster of an SEO tool. Rather than offering a comprehensive Google Analytics guide, this post will focus on the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool and briefly touch on additional benefits of using Google Analytics.

After reading this post, you will discover analytics and gain insights about the keywords in your blog posts that bring you success.

Using the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool and other features of Google Analytics, you will be able to repeat that marketing success in 2022.

What is the difference between analytics and insights?

The Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool collects the analytics and reports them to you. You gain insights as a result of reading the analytics.

This post will just scratch the surface of all that Google Analytics has to offer since it focuses on the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool. However, five of the important features of the tool are reviewed here.

These may be enough to find you understand Google Analytics and can use it as an important tool to help you make future blogging decisions.

After reading this guide, you will know

  • How to end Writer’s Block
  • What keywords to create blog posts about
  • Why you should use Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Analytics to find keywords
  • How to use Google Analytics to generate leads
  • Which social media sites to use to promote
  • Which times to post your blog content

Are you ready for a rise in your organic traffic?

Let’s explore how to use the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool.

Which Keywords Should I Write About?

Before you can use the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool, you need keywords to compose your blog posts around.

If you don’t know which keywords to write about, here are resources for you:

Google Trends

“Keywords are a window into what users want, the user intent. Google Trends is a good tool to identify changes in how keywords are being used.

Google trends will help you see how phrases are trending up, trending down, trending in a cyclical pattern and identify regional patterns.

Understanding cyclical and regional patterns will better help you know when to roll out certain kinds of content and also to understand to focus your link building in certain regions for certain phrases, since those phrases will be more popular in those regions. This is an important insight!” (Source: Search Engine Journal)


Have a template of generic blog post topics handy applicable to any niche.

The Value of the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tool

The Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool provides you with analytics.

Using these analytics, you can gain insights into where your targeted audience is, who they are, and how they access your site. That way, we don’t have to promote so much if we target our promotions to our ideal audience.

There are many paid SEO tools you can use to get SEO analytics and insights such as:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest

However, the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool is free.

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There are also free SEO tools that give you analytics and insights such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • MozBar

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How to Use the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tool

Before you can start using the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tool to find your analytics, you need to make sure Google Analytics is set up.

Since that tutorial is beyond the scope of this guide, you will find instructions for setting up your Google Analytics here:

Publish content similar to your Top Viewed Pages

Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tip #1

The Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool reports your top-ranked keywords.

Many new bloggers mistakenly believe Google ranks your blog but more importantly, Google also ranks your blog posts in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Your goal is to get your blog posts’ keywords to rank well. The better the ranking, the better the visibility, and the greater your website traffic.

Use a free SERP tool like SERPRobot to check your keyword rankings after applying these strategies.

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Where can I find my top viewed pages?

Here is the Google Analytics menu path where you can see the top pages viewed on your website: Behavior > Site Content > All pages.

Boost your traffic by analyzing your Top Pages at Google Analytics. Then, repeat your successes.


keyword ranking Google Analytics

For the time period checked, these were my Top 10 Most Viewed Pages at Google Analytics. (#3 is my Home Page.) Analyzing content that generates blog traffic is easy by examining this screenshot.

All ten are about social media sites. As you can see, How to Get Out of Facebook Jail is bringing me 20% of my blog traffic.

Once you read the analytics, use the insights you gain to craft similar content.

Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tip #2

Write Content Your Visitors Find Interesting

Do you want to stalk your website visitors?

You can!

It gets better: You can see which keywords they are reading blog posts about.


keyword ranking Google Analytics

The best part: Google Analytics tells you how to find targeted traffic.

You can see the slugs of three of my URLs. The slugs have my keywords in them, so I know which keywords are bringing me blog traffic.

I can update my content with these keywords or write similar posts about related content and link to these articles.

Follow Neil Patel’s Strategy

Keyword Ranking Google Analytics Tip #3

According to Hans from Inbound Rocket:

Neil Patel gets each month 238,195 visitors from long-tail phrases. 

This is how:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics -> “Acquisition” -> “Keywords” -> “Organic” (also check your Google Search Console for keywords).
  2. Take one by one each short keyword phrase (<4 words) and type it into Google to see what other long tail phrases (>=4 words) it might suggest.
  3. Edit your page, utilizing these long tail phrases. Make sure your keyword density is below 3%.

How to Use Google Analytics to Find Targeted Traffic

Keyword ranking is not the only advantage of Google Analytics. Let’s explore additional features of Google Analytics other than the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool.

Social Traffic

Referral Google Analytics: Google Analytics shows you sites that refer visitors to your site.

How to see which social media sites refer traffic to your blog:

Go to

Click Acquisition/Social/Overview. Scroll down.

The date range defaults to just one week. You can change this by clicking Custom, choosing from the drop-down, and clicking Apply. I usually pick one month.

Look at my social referral Google Analytics reports for the month of November 2021:

keyword ranking Google Analytics

Let’s review these important analytics to gain insights into future blogging decisions.

First, Quora accounts for more than 37% of my social blog traffic.

What shocked me was seeing TikTok on the list. Four people clicked my link in the month of November. I don’t promote my blog posts at TikTok, and I post content around a dog brand which is not my blogging niche.

I am also surprised to see Pinterest, a site that normally helps food bloggers and DIY bloggers, beat Twitter, a site where I actively promote my blog content.

Seven people clicked my link on Instagram which surprised me since Instagram is not known for traffic generation.

Happily, you have this Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool. I will definitely keep answering questions at Quora and staying active at these other places.


Google Analytics Tip #4

You can make decisions about future blog post planning by knowing the demographics of your visitors.

Go to

Click Audience/Demographics/Overview


As you can see, in the month of November 2021, the gender of the visitors to my blog was almost exactly divided. There were 49.3% males and 50.7% females.

Now that I see these analytics, the insights are important for content planning especially since sometimes I post articles about fashion designing and fashion blogging.

Audience Interests

Google Analytics Tip #4

You can also use the Google Analytics Audience Interest report to boost your content marketing success.

Avoid taking blind guesses as to the content your visitors will like.

Here’s how to focus your content creation:

Go to

Click Audience/Interests/Overview

Once again I changed the date range so the screenshot would reflect a month instead of a week. This screenshot shows the interests of my visitors during November 2021.

Do you see how you can use Google Analytics to plan your content marketing efforts? My main in-market segment consists of people interested in business and marketing. I will make sure to continue to post content about these topics in 2022.

Times to Post

Google Analytics Tip #5

Do you send SMS Push Notifications? I do.

By discovering the times of day most of my visitors are on my blog, I can preschedule my posts and my push notifications for the times I am getting the most traction.

Google Analytics color codes the times you get the most interest. Dark blue areas indicate highly-trafficked times on your website, blue indicates less traffic and light blue indicates the least amount of traffic.

Can you see Sunday and Monday at 12 noon I get a great amount of traffic? Mondays, in general, I get more traffic since I host a blogging event.

Go to

Scroll down to Users By Time of Day.

Keyword Ranking Google Analytics: FAQ

How do I find my Keyword Ranking in Google Analytics?

Connect your Google Analytics. Then, At Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > All pages.

Wrapping Up: Keyword Ranking Google Analytics

In closing, I use Google Analytics to discover my most heavily-trafficked days so I know when to post. I like knowing my best social media sites as far as traffic referrers. Also, I like seeing the real-time report.

When I first started blogging, the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool seemed as complicated to me as anyone.

After seven years of using Google Analytics, I have a greater grasp of its power to make important blogging decisions based on the insights you get from the analytics it provides. This post sought to bring those insights to you.

As a result of reading this guide to Keyword Ranking Google Analytics, use the insights you get from reading the Google Analytics reports to make informed blogging decisions in 2022.

Readers, please share so content creators not familiar with the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool and these other features of Google Analytics discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you use the Keyword Ranking Google Analytics tool for your content and promotional planning? What are your thoughts?

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