It Support Desk Best Practices: 3 Qualities Your IT Support Desk Must Have in 2023

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IT Support Desk Best Practices

3 Qualities Your IT Support Desk Must Have

There was a time when an IT support desk was thought of merely as an interface between customers reporting a problem or issue and the tech team who developed or installed that technology.

In other words, it was viewed simply as a call center where service reps would perhaps answer basic questions. If unable to do so, they would write a service ticket, forwarding that to the appropriate department for further investigation. Those days are long gone and today’s IT support desk is so much more.

Today, we have VoIP call center software.

These are just three of the qualities your support desk must have.

3 IT Support Desk Best Practices

1. Advanced Training

As time goes on, organizations are relying more and more heavily on their IT support desks and as a result, more is being demanded of that one core department. IT support is being seen as a centralized location where any issue or function can be quickly analyzed and resolved or sent up the chain if need be. Gone are the days when the support desk read from a script to determine the level of support needed. Today’s support desk should have advanced training so that many of the tickets they once wrote can be handled on the spot.

This training requires strong communication and collaboration. Therefore, you will need to manage your chat team.

This is all explained in SysAid’s ITIL incident management and the company that adopts these recognized ‘best practices will be the company that provides cost-effective solutions without bringing multiple departments into the process. There may be times when an advanced issue needs to be dealt with, but those times will be fewer if your support desk is given advanced training in the technology you use within the company or provide to clients.

Let’s learn more about IT Support Desk Best Practices.

2. Service-Centric Best Practices

Since value is equated with services delivered, then the IT support desk is the place where all that effort should be focused. Why write a ticket, leaving the end-user to wait hours or days for a response to their query? A truly service-centric support desk will be able to quickly analyze a problem and give a timely response to customers seeking answers.

Any IT business today needs to adopt service-centric best practices. There have been many evolutions of this now recognized methodology for cost-effective, customer-centric best practices, but a support desk without adequate training in these principles will be spinning wheels more often than not.

3. Ability to Recommend Alternative Solutions and Functions

Finally, a support desk should be able to offer viable solutions and alternatives which saves everyone time and money. Customers don’t need to wait for a call back on a ticket and the IT company isn’t utilizing more IT techs than necessary. If everything can be handled from the support desk, everyone’s a winner.

That’s the thrust of ITIL and why this is the core of advanced training every support desk team member should be familiar with. Given enough training and with a service-centric process, ITIL can show your support department how to expedite queries so that both organizations can go on about their respective businesses in a cost-effective and timely manner. That’s the key to any functional support desk and ITIL unlocks the door.

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I look forward to your views in the comment section. What do you think is the best of the three IT support desk best practices we listed? Are there more IT Support Desk Best Practices you can recommend?

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  1. Hostgre

    A bad support desk is a tragedy for any company, nothing is worse for your brand than a customer complaining on Social Networks and the reason is usually a problem that should have been solved by the support team.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hostgre,
      You are right. When people are unhappy, they complain on social media. This hurts your brand.

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