IT Maintenance: Is This the Job for You? 7 Things You Need to Consider First

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IT maintenance

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The Skinny on IT Maintenance

IT maintenance.

Do you need technical support?

You would think that bloggers would be some of the most tech-savvy people on the web–not so!

Amazingly enough, bloggers can be complete techno babies when it comes to navigating the nitty-gritty of the internet. One of the disadvantages of blogging is definitely tech struggles.

That, my friends, is where IT support comes in.

Sure, you’ve heard plenty about IT support, but what do these fearless “web miners” do, exactly?

Anything that has to do with computer setup, installation, maintenance, and computer-related customer service falls under their jurisdiction.

They install hardware, software, special programs, replace and repair equipment, respond to customer service calls and questions, provide nationwide tech support, test out new gadgets, and show junior IT team members the proverbial ropes. All in all, IT maintenance is not a bad field to work in these days.

Let’s dive in.

Why? Well, it’s not like computers are becoming less relevant. If anything, IT maintenance is one of the fastest-growing fields due to burgeoning technologies, like AI.

If you’re interested in a career track that will have you solving practical problems while helping people out, consider IT maintenance as a viable career option. Of course, an average salary of $50,000 doesn’t hurt, either.

Most companies have in-house IT departments, but IT support members can also work as independent contractors. Small businesses will often contract this type of IT maintenance workers out.

What School or Training Do You Need?

Ah, yes–the millionaire dollar question. The answer is none, surprisingly! However, an associate’s degree or IT training certification doesn’t hurt to have.

This kind of schooling will equip you with the necessary knowledge needed to perform the duties of this position, and many programs even offer on-the-job training for entry-level workers.

The transition from school to a job is much smoother in the IT field than it is in others–this could be something worth considering if you are worried about post-education job prospects.

Certification, while not required as mentioned earlier, could boost your chances of not only getting an IT job but getting a salary boost as well. Many computer companies offer certification programs in Microsoft, CompTIA, and the like.

However, there’s no denying that like any other job, hands-on experience is the most valuable when it comes to impressing prospective employers.

However, your chances of receiving this invaluable experience are a bit slimmer if you don’t have any of this official training under your belt. It is possible to get an IT job without any prior schooling, but it is much harder.

Fortunately, for those of you who aren’t looking to go this route, consider taking a lower-level position in an IT company (e.g. call center specialist) first. From there, see if you can work your way up; many times, it’s just a matter of having your foot in the door.

What Are Some Potential Drawbacks of Working in IT?

One of the downsides of working in IT is that you become some sort of omniscient, omnipotent tech guru in the eyes of non-IT workers. As any IT specialist will tell you, this is sadly not the case.

You can only ask someone if they tried turning it off and then turning it back on again so many times. Anyone working in a computer-related field will agree that there are highly specialized careers that don’t even overlap with each other.

Think of it as a plumber and electrician working in the same town. Do they work in proximity to each other? Yes. Do they do even remotely the same things? Heck no.

Also, the hours of an IT specialist are much more erratic compared to other careers. If you’re a night owl who suffers from the occasional bout of insomnia, this may not pose such an inconvenience.

But for the more regular sleeper, this could potentially become a problem. Computers, unfortunately, break down at every hour of the day, and as an IT specialist, it’s your job to fix the issue as quickly as possible. This common predicament is especially important to consider if you have a family, as your schedule could interfere with your quality time with them.

Perhaps the most pressing issue of all, however, is probably, well, the sheer pressure you’ll face on the job. You are not off the clock until whatever problem you’re working on is solved.

The companies and businesses you’ll work for will depend heavily on your expertise and speed of service. If you find yourself working for, let’s say a bank or hospital, then you’ll have no choice but to figure out whatever is in front of you because now it is not only the companies you’re working for depending on you but the general public as well.

Think you got what it takes?

Who’s the Best in the Business?

Maybe IT maintenance doesn’t sound like the career path for you, but no matter where you work, you are bound to run into an IT maintenance specialist at some point. Of course, as the customer, you should accept nothing less than swift, responsive, and courteous professionalism from your IT maintenance crew.

However, it can be challenging to sort through all the contenders and even more challenging to know if you’re getting the service you want.

Thankfully, if you’re in the Hartford, Connecticut area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quicker and friendlier IT Support than Charles IT. Not only do they deliver results promptly, but they do it with a smile and refreshingly human touch.

In an age when face-to-face communication seems to be losing its value, it’s never been more crucial to establish real, old-fashioned connections with customers.

For those not in the Hartford area, though, it’s possible to find great IT specialists who can help you over the phone. Head over to and see what’s available. They provide service not only to small businesses but to individuals as well.

If you’re determined to fix your computer yourself, though, then follow one of the step-by-step guides they have available so you can fix your issue for the low, low cost of nothing. Hopefully, though, you won’t have to use IT services that often!

Wrapping Up: IT Maintenance Considerations

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This post offered 7 tips about IT maintenance:

First, the contributing author explained why IT maintenance is a great choice for a career:

  • IT maintenance is a fast-growing field.
  • The average starting salary is decent.
  • In fact, a career in IT support is a great way of earning residual income. People will always need IT help.
  • You can be an independent contractor.
  • Certification is available.

Then, the post shared the disadvantages of working in IT such as the erratic hours.

Finally, the post revealed how to find IT maintenance if you need IT support.

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  1. Rachel

    I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate all of your posts!! You are easy to understand, full of great helpful information, and always something interesting. Please keep up the great work – and THANK YOU!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rachel,
      Thank you so much for these amazing compliments that brought a big smile to my face.
      Are you on Instagram? I thought of sharing your wonderful testimonial there. I can tag you.

  2. Bella X

    Yes I do have problems sometime with my computer luckily for me my computer still under warranty. I just have to contact the company I purchased my computer and the tech person will be able to assist me on how to get the issues solved step by step.. If it is complicated they will send their tech person to my location to have it solved.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bella,
      When we have these problems we do the same. My husband contacts the company who walks him through the necessary steps. If that doesn’t work, they come out.
      The same goes for the wifi and our phones.
      Thanks for commenting.

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