4 Ways an IT Expert Will Save Your Business Money

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How an IT expert helps your business.

4 Ways IT Consulting Will Save Your Business Money

Olga Ezzheva

In a world where technology reigns supreme, almost any business becomes digital. Whether you are offering services or producing goods, your ultimate business success hinges not only on your domain expertise but also on an underlying IT infrastructure. 

And while you know all the ins and outs of your industry, you may lack the necessary IT knowledge to assess the IT systems running under the hood. Meanwhile, poorly designed architectures, legacy solutions, ineffective IT processes can leave you behind the curve and hurt your bottom line. 

That’s when IT consulting services can make a huge difference for your business. An IT expert will run a comprehensive analysis of your business to help you reveal hidden inefficiencies and bottlenecks. And by choosing an IT consulting provider with the respective domain expertise, you can also tap into the accumulated pool of knowledge.

Now, let’s see how investing in professional IT consulting services and using an IT expert can save you money in the long run.

This is Why You Should Outsource to an IT Expert

Expert IT Audit

Think of an IT audit like a health check for your business. Prevention is always better — and more cost-effective — than fixing, and regular IT audits are a perfect way to keep your business safe and sound.

During an audit, IT experts will focus on everything from internal processes, enterprise architecture, and IT controls to systems and applications to ensure assets safeguarding and effective utilization of your resources. An end-to-end IT audit can help you identify ineffective procedures, outdated systems, and other problem areas before these inefficiencies can affect your bottom line. 

Intelligent Automation

Being a business owner, you are always looking for ways to increase operational efficiency and cut expenses. But if you still rely on manual labor for time-consuming and repetitive tasks, you are leaving money on the table.

Business automation becomes one of the key competitive advantages with rewards to match — from streamlined productivity to reduced costs to enhanced customer satisfaction. But where do you start building your business case for digital transformation?

Backed by hands-on experience in intelligent automation, professional IT consultants will thoroughly analyze your internal business processes to help you rethink front and back-office operations and reap the benefits of a “smarter” organization. From finding the right opportunities for automation to supporting your stakeholders after change implementation, IT consultants will make sure your investments bring tangible business results.

New Tech Consulting

They say the only constant is change, and the constantly shifting IT landscape is a testament to that. When new and more effective technologies are emerging as business differentiators, sticking to your legacy code will do you no good as tech-savvy businesses ride the wave of technological innovation.

But unless you are an IT expert with practical development experience, it’s hard to tell industry buzzwords from real-value tech. Investing in the wrong tech — or at least not suited for your business purposes — will drain your pockets without delivering on promised efficiency.

Whether you need to improve your solution architecture, migrate to the cloud or revamp user experience through innovative features, an expert IT consultant will advise you on the best-fitted tech stack, frameworks, and languages.

Data Security

Security breaches and vulnerabilities come at a high price of lost customer trust, diminished goodwill and decreased profits. And in the face of evolving cyber threats, malware and ransom attacks, data privacy and personal information safety become of paramount importance making it a strong case for expert IT security consulting services.

IT security consultants will help you make sure your information security is bulletproof — and if it’s not, they will come up with an actionable plan on how to improve it. Security assessment includes a whole array of measures — from penetration testing to network security audits to anti-spoofing protection to suspicious activity detection. But the result is a granular view into your security weaknesses that you might not even know existed, and saved costs.

Speaking of data security, it is also wise to check your data compliance. In light of new GDPR rules and hefty fines, you might want an expert opinion on data governance and regulatory compliance. 

Wrapping Up

As an entrepreneur, you need to wear many hats if you want to run a successful business. Consulting with an IT expert can help you keep tabs on the technical part making sure you are not losing money through inefficient IT infrastructure or obsolete systems.

About the Author

Olga Ezzheva is a technology writer at www.oxagile.com, a provider of software engineering and IT consulting services for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies alike. In her articles, Olga shares insights about the benefits of technology for business owners who want to gain a competitive edge. You can reach Olga at olga.ezzheva@oxagile.com.

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  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Olga,

    Your article is valuable since the business scene has changed dramatically from traditional to digital as a result of innovation. Technology has made it easier for business to quickly build their brand on autopilot, which is why manual labor is decreasing significantly. If one should depend entirely on the use of man-power to execute business undertakings, it is going to be difficult. That is why marketing automation is a breathtaking experience for marketers. And I like that you highlighted the need to automate your marketing processes.

  2. Janice Wald

    Hi Moss,
    I agree Olga did a great job conveying the need for marketing help, whatever that looks like. Whether it’s in the form of automation tools or an IT expert marketing consultant.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Jitendra Vaswani

    Hi Olga,

    We said “security breaches and vulnerabilities come at a high price of lost customer trust” and that will result in loss of customer trust. And I think we need It Experts in order to scale and save our business from various security breaches and other consequences as well.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jitendra,
      Thanks for coming by with this nice testimonial about the value of outsourcing to an IT expert.

  4. Jeangam Kahmei

    Hey Olga,

    An IT Expert is a necessity in today’s digital age in every business.

    Technology can help more production, help you reduce extra costs. Staying updated with the latest technology and knowing when the right time to use it is key.

    If you take too much time to implement it, you might be left behind. Technology makes everything easier for businesses.

    Jeangam Kahmei

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeangam,
      Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s post about the value of an IT-expert. I agree with you that technology makes everything easier. It also makes things more affordable if the tools are free or low-cost.

  5. Bella X

    Yes I strongly agree on IT consultancy and I have implemented few security measures for my website. The malware and backup to keep my website safe and secure. I really believe in taking extra measures to prevent unforeseen dangers to protect my website so my business will not be interrupted by anyone.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bella,
      Your comments reminded me that my IT helper wants me to add another plugin for security purposes. I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments; maybe it will help.

  6. Fred

    I’ve found that too many businesses I work with don’t take data security seriously enough. Such a costly mistake to make and you are spot on!

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you, Fred, for your compliments on the post. With so much technology available to business today, there is no excuse for ignoring the power of technology.

  7. Zoe Campos

    After several months of discussion, my parents are both planning to launch their own cleaning services and wanted to involve all of their kids in the preparation stage. I wanted to be able to contribute something and since this seems to be a pretty huge project for the entire family to handle alone, I would suggest hiring an external IT support to handle all the technology-related parts of the business. It’s good to know that there are a lot of valid reasons why we should outsource IT services since no one in the family knows technology so well, and the part where you said that IT consultants will make sure that our investments will bring tangible business results really convinced me. I hope we’re able to find a good company that provides such.

  8. rachel frampton

    My company is planning to hire an IT consulting service because we’re quite having a hard time handling all the technical issues and data recoveries. It’s great to know that an IT consulting service will be able to help my business determine any hidden efficiencies. Also, I’m happy to learn that this type of service is keen in terms of finding ineffective procedures.

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