How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA, 5 Ways

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IO Scout Amazon Sales Tracker How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Do you want to know how to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA? Use the IO Scout Amazon sales tracker that makes selling on Amazon a breeze.

Selling on Amazon is timely.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, do you know which companies emerged strongest?

Since people were restricted from going to public places to shop due to the closures of brick and mortar stores, people turned online to shop.

Therefore, Amazon emerged even stronger financially than when the crisis began. In fact, the company’s stocks reached a record high in mid-April.

Do you want to tap some of those tremendous profits?

You can by becoming an Amazon reseller.

The concept of becoming an Amazon reseller is simple: You buy items and resell them on Amazon for money than you paid.

Shopping on Amazon was trendy before the virus outbreak. Amazon shopping is even more popular now.

Take advantage of the shopping trends and become an Amazon reseller.

Exciting news: Without even leaving the Amazon website, you can find hot sellers so you can line your pockets with profits.

This post reviews the IOScout Chrome extension for Amazon.

By the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll know the features of the IO Scout Google Chrome Browser Extension.

Are you ready to learn how to save time while making money selling on Amazon?

Let’s go.

Why IO Scout?

This Google Chrome browser extension enables you to conduct analysis right at Amazon so you can decide which products you want to sell.

When you become an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) reseller, you have a great deal of competition.

IO Scout helps you get an edge on the competition.

This Amazon seller browser extension saves you time and boosts your chances of making money and the amount of money you can make.

IO Scout has been featured on Times Internet and is used by 45,000 sellers.

Features of IO Scout

IO Scout Does Your Research

IO Scout is a powerful Amazon sales tracker.

When you sign up for the IO Scout browser extension, you get notified of the most popular products that Amazon sellers are already making profits by monetizing.

Don’t assume this is like finding a needle in a proverbial haystack. After all, Amazon has 200 million products.

The IO Scout browser extension has filters that allow you to narrow your searches.

Since IO Scout is an Amazon sales tracker, the tool tells you the monthly sales and revenue each product currently generates.

You’ll also discover how many sellers the product already has. This takes the mystery out of who is competing against you to sell the products.

What if you don’t know what to research since you don’t know what you want to sell?

No problem!

IO Scout gives you information about product niches so you can make an informed decision about which niches are the best.

Are you concerned you might sell a defective item?

Don’t worry. IO Scout provides reviews of the products.

What if choose an out-of-stock item?

Not a concern! IO Scout tells you the quantity in stock.

IO Scout is a powerful Amazon sales tracker. Therefore, the tool even tells you which suppliers are selling the products you want to resell. It’s true: When you sign up for IO Scout, you get access to suppliers.

How recent is IO Scout’s information?

IO Scout updates its information hourly so you always get up-to-date data.

IO Scout Provides Historical and Future Trends

The IO Scout Amazon sales tracker will even give you past and future marketing trends of the products you are considering selling.

What if you buy a product with the intention of reselling and its popularity drops the next day?

No problem!

IO Scout shows you the historical trends of the items so you have the information you need to make a prediction. You’ll also see price changes over time.

best products to sell on amazon fba
Amazon sales tracker

With IO Scout’s free sales estimator, you can even estimate future sales.

IO Scout Helps with Keywords

When people search for information on Google, search engine users type queries into the Google search bar, and articles or videos with information populates.

For content creators, those search terms become keywords they optimize their content with to boost the chances of visibility.

As an Amazon Reseller, you also want to discover keywords to optimize your listings and use those keywords in your product descriptions to boost the chances that the products you are selling will get found by Amazon shoppers.

You don’t need to start your keyword research over each time you use IO Scout. Bookmark your keywords for later use.

The good folks over at IO Scout will contact you if the search volume for your saved keywords change.

IO Scout Makes You a Better Reseller

The people at IO Scout will also send you tips to boost your success as an Amazon seller.

Amazon increases its earnings too. IO Scout allows you to calculate how much your profits will be after Amazon takes its share which varies depending on the cost of the product.

best products to sell on amazon fba
Amazon sales tracker

IO Scout Assists You 24/7

If you run into any trouble while using IO Scout, there is a live person waiting to help you on the website.

Just type your question into the chat screen.


As you can see from the screenshot, IO Scout currently offers a discount. Prices begin at $65.00 for up to 10 researchers.

Wrapping Up: Use the IO Scout Amazon Sales Tracker

Clearly, IO Scout saves you time while you increase your earnings.

The tool does the heavy lifting while you make money.

You get to make an informed decision about which products you should sell. IO Scout gives you that information.


IO Scout provides

  • Sales and revenue estimation
  • Opportunities for you to spy on your competitors
  • Bookmarks of search filters
  • Exports of up to 20 rows of data
  • 200 million products for analysis

The best time to start being an Amazon reseller is now. Even before the Coronavirus, brick and mortar shops were closing all over as people turned to shop online. Take advantage of these shopping trends and sell on Amazon.

You can start making money by downloading the IO Scout Chrome extension for Amazon today.

People find successful monetization opportunities as Amazon resellers. There wouldn’t be so much competition unless being an Amazon reseller was a lucrative field.

Considering the amount of competition, you need a tool to help you get a jump on the other resellers. IO Scout is that tool.

What are you waiting for?

Readers, please share so other Amazon resellers learn about the powerful features of IO Scout.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are you an Amazon reseller? Have you heard of IO Scout?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Amit Garg

    Hey Janice

    I have heard about Amazon Associates affiliate program but things you have shared are quite new to me.

    IO scout amazon sales tracker can be a game-changer for Amazon sellers.

    Thanks for sharing such a useful content

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Amit,
      I agree with you. I am glad you saw the point of my review. IO Scout can indeed be a game-changer for Amazon sellers.

  2. amit Kumar

    If you are trying to promote amazon products. You can pick any product but always look for the best adverting fees for the product you choose.

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    If you are trying to promote amazon products. You can pick any product but always look for the best adverting fees for the product you choose. Sorry for sharing the above thought again.

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