How to Be Discovered as an Internet Expert in 2019, 3 Free Ways

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How to be discovered as an internet expert, 3 free ways

Are you ready to be discovered as an internet expert?

Why should you?

To rank on Google, bloggers need to link out. They need to quote an internet expert in their article and link to them. This boosts their SEO.

Bloggers will send the internet expert the post on Twitter or email and boost their social media following.

Citing an internet expert in your article boosts bloggers’ credibility.

What if you, in fact, are the internet expert?

Knowing how badly bloggers need to cite an internet expert in their post, you need to make your expertise known.

Links and recognition await you.

How can you make your niche-based knowledge known to bloggers who need to cite an internet expert?

Today’s guest author tells you how.

How to Be the “Right” Internet Expert

Katherine Smith

Getting information from the web is extremely helpful.

Are you getting the right information though? How do you know what you are reading actually applies to you?

It is important to know the source of what you are reading. Is the source, a so-called internet expert, reliable?

There are plenty of professionals that make sure to do everything in their power to give the public the most accurate information they can. These are the people you want to get your information from.

If you are one of these professionals, an internet expert, there are simple things you can do to let the public know who you are.

Be Clear On Your Expertise

It is best to be an expert in one particular field. You can branch-off and relate to many different subjects related to your one field, but be known for one thing.

It makes it easy on your listeners, readers, or watchers. Whatever the case may be.

Like Dr. Phil is known for his relationship and psychology help, but helps people with drug addiction and several other avenues.

Dr. Axe, we know as someone to go to for health tips and weight loss. Jillian Michaels, we think of for someone who knows all about exercise and being physically fit.

These are experts who have perfected their brand through television and social media. So choose your expertise and stick to it, so people recognize you.

Education and Experience

To be an expert on anything takes education and experience. It helps to let people know what kind of experience you have in the field that you are claiming you know so much about.

Revealing what school you went to and how many years you have worked in the field helps give you credit. You will gain an audience when your information is full of facts and knowledge regular people do not know.

Stories of different experiences are always very interesting to audiences. Communicating with your audience is good. Solving their problems on the spot can be very good to get more of a following.

Most important, whatever you are an expert in is useful if your information is helpful to a wide range of people. It also helps to talk with other internet experts in your field to bring more interesting information to your topic. This way the contrast between what you know, and what they know can make you look better. All things help in this competitive world.

Social Media Blitz

Social media is the best advertisement right now. So many people are online. These are people who spend money. It is good to know the proper social media norms.

For example, where do you put that hashtag in your Instagram or when is the best time to post on Instagram.

Instagram timing depends on who you are trying to reach. Millenials bored at work will scroll through their Instagram looking for inspiration. During the day for them is a good time.

Also, bored people at night will scroll through their Instagram. Monday is probably not the best day to try to get people’s attention. The weekend has just ended and it takes some time to get back in the groove of work and school.

Continually making a presence on social media is a must these days for being relevant in the minds of the audience you are trying to reach. 89

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You can pay people to help you get your message out or you can do a lot of your own media. Whatever works for you.

Wrapping Up: How to Get Recognition as an Internet Expert

Being an expert has never been so good. The internet has made internet experts’ knowledge all that more worth it.

People needing things on all levels are out there for experts to start blogs, websites, apps, and other useful life tools. From gardening to cooking to mental health to healing and health, the internet can provide people who need something a very helpful place from the right people. If you are an expert on any subject, you can start your presence now on the internet as part of a group or start your own following.

Readers, please share so bloggers looking to boost their SEO and credibility discover these tips and learn how they can easily be cited as an internet expert.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have additional ways someone can gain recognition as an internet expert?

  1. Bella X | at 2:38 am

    Yes I am doing SEO for my website. I am doing link building – blog commenting, directory submission, blogging, social media etc to get links to help in my ranking. This has helped me in getting good ranking over the months since I started SEO. One thing to note is one has to keep on doing link building regularly and link should be relevant to your industry. Domain Authority of a link also play an important part in ranking.

    • Janice Wald | at 6:57 pm

      Hi Bella,
      Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s post.
      1. Regarding directory submission: Are there any directories you can recommend? I’d appreciate it and I’m sure my readers would as well.
      2. When you say build links, where do you recommend building links from?
      Thanks for continuing to further the discussion to help us all boost our SEO.
      Janice Wald recently posted…How to Do More by Doing LessMy Profile

  2. Ray | at 1:16 am

    Hi Janice,
    Yes I do SEO and I am part of a well experienced SEO company. Link building is just one part of the whole equation. Directory submission can or cannot do anything to get you noticed in terms of SEO. There are quite a number of link building categories that you can use. But one thing I would suggest is perhaps start with your onpage. Like this post of yours for example, better make it ever green. In addition, also expand the word count, Google loves more content. Your post is pretty good, just expand it more to get more engagement.
    Ray recently posted…Create Good Titles and Snippets for your WebsiteMy Profile

  3. Aliyan | at 5:03 am

    This has helped me in getting good ranking over the months since I started SEO. One thing to note is one has to keep on doing link building regularly and link should be relevant to your industry. Domain Authority of a link also play an important part in ranking. seo

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