What Is an SEO Proposal and How to Use It in 2023

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international SEO consultant

Are you interested in being an international SEO consultant?

An international SEO consultant implements tactics to find new clients or customers by applying search engine optimization techniques.

These methods include keyword research and understanding industry trends.

Are you an SEO expert? If so, you might excel at being an international SEO consultant.

A successful international SEO consultant needs an SEO proposal.

This guide explains how to make an SEO proposal for a B2B SEO agency.

By the time you’re done reading this guide, you will know what is an international SEO consultant, what is an SEO proposal, the important parts of an SEO proposal, and how to use an SEO proposal.

Are you ready to learn how to make an SEO proposal so you can be a successful international SEO consultant?

What is an International SEO Consultant?

An international SEO consultant advises firms about which countries they should extend their work into. Once the firm picks the countries, the international SEO consultant comes up with SEO strategies to succeed in those countries.

What Is An SEO Proposal And How To Use It

You have an SEO agency and now you’re very excited to showcase your SEO expertise so you can be an international SEO consultant. However, you’re not getting enough clients as expected. So, what’s the best solution?  It is creating an SEO proposal. 

One of the major decisions that companies make nowadays concerning search engine optimization is whether to build an in-house team or work with an SEO agency. A good SEO proposal should make your prospects realize that choosing to work with you would be more beneficial for their respective organizations.

But, what exactly is an SEO proposal and how can you use it more effectively to promote your SEO company?  Find out the answer to these SEO proposal questions by reading below.

What Is An SEO Proposal?

An SEO proposal refers to a formal document that SEO agencies provide to potential clients and investors to present their SEO services and to close a contract to work together towards attaining their goals. In an SEO proposal, you’re generally making a sales pitch for your SEO agency. It has to be impressive so you can obtain more clients and investors.

You can either create your own SEO proposal or use the best SEO proposal for client doc or an SEO proposal template.

Here are the Essential Parts of an SEO Proposal

  • About Page: It’s the part of an SEO proposal where you can talk more about your SEO agency. Use this part to sell your story, highlighting your best SEO services and achievements. 
  • Executive Summary: This part of an SEO proposal is the best place to summarize your SEO approach. Before reaching this point, you should have had conversations with your prospective clients to better explain how you can address their pain points using your proven SEO strategies. It is an important part of any SEO proposal, wherein you should set proper expectations and state the areas of improvement your clients need to understand. 
  • Pitch: Mention the exact issues you have assessed and create a short pitch on how you can address the issues.
  • Goals: Make sure to set clear goals that are realistic and measurable. 
  • Timeline: Make sure to set a timeline for your sales proposal that clearly shows every expected specific milestone achieved in every stage.
  • Proposed Solutions: This area discusses in detail your proposed solutions to help your clients attain their SEO goals, such as offering your link building services. You can share some SEO tips to drive higher traffic with your clients so they can better understand how SEO significantly influences their businesses and what you can do to make their SEO goals happen.
  • Investment: This section presents your pricing structure. It’s important to clearly state the number of hours and the corresponding price breakdown. Include the details of extra charges applicable in fine print and highlight important ones to avoid surprises.
  • Acceptance And Terms And Conditions: This section of an SEO proposal is where you state your SEO contract terms in fine print, with designated areas for all signatories. It is advised to seek legal expert opinion when drafting the terms and conditions to avoid contract problems in the future.
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How To Use An SEO Proposal

Here are the best ways you can use an SEO proposal to benefit your SEO agency:

  1. Use It As A Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

SEO proposals have many uses, far more than you can possibly imagine. They are powerful marketing tools customized based on your clients’ needs. Your SEO proposal contains enough information your prospect needs to know about your company and your services.

Convert new prospects faster with a winning SEO proposal. Luckily, you don’t have to write one from scratch because you can use an SEO template as a guide to tailor it your own SEO proposal according to the needs of your clients.

  1. Set Proper Expectations Of Potential Clients

An SEO proposal lets your client know the process they will go through with you, assisting them every step of the way. Remember that the content of an SEO proposal highly depends on the conversations you had with your prospect.  By setting proper expectation through a professionally written SEO proposal, any doubts or queries can be addressed.

  1. Tailor-Fit Your Proposal To Your Client’s SEO Journey

Your prospect can provide feedback in real time when you present your SEO proposal. And, you can take advantage of this opportunity to customize the SEO sales journey to their advantage. By presenting a good SEO proposal, it will be easier for you to get their buy-in and close a deal. 

Here’s how a winning SEO proposal is tailor-fitted to your client’s SEO journey:

  • It contains your prospect’s targeted goals.
  • It contains your proposed solutions customized for the client. 
  • It defines your prospect’s projected milestones at a given timeline.
  1. Present Your Portfolio

The best way to present your portfolio as an SEO agency is through a proposal. You can boast of your previous projects and provide the numbers to convince your prospect to choose your SEO agency. Don’t forget to also include the details of the SEO auditing tools and strategies you use to ensure that your clients’ websites are truly performing as expected.

Take a look at the following tips when presenting your portfolio through your SEO proposal:

  • Create a table to present your portfolio with corresponding timeline, SEO services, and milestones achieved for each completed project.
  • A bullet point list is also a good idea for a concise layout of your SEO portfolio. 
  • Arrange your portfolio from the most recent completed projects to the oldest ones.
  • Provide a list of major clients you have worked with. Make sure to obtain permission before divulging the company names to ensure privacy compliance. 

Conclusion: How to Make an SEO Proposal for an International SEO Consultant

An SEO proposal contains your solutions and deliverables, which dive deep into the projects and tasks you will be doing to help your clients in their SEO campaigns. Use it as your best sales and marketing tool to win more clients.

Be as detailed as possible when presenting your goals, proposed solutions, and deliverables, your past achievements, as well as your pricing structure to set proper expectations and avoid surprises.

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