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international weekly roundup Best Blogging Links of the Week

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Welcome to the Weekly Link Roundup for October 29.

The Best Links of the Week

1. Nya Reads wrote Writing Diaries. Like her headline explains, her post is written using a diary format. The first segment discusses how to find time to write. Nya has spent time in both Portugal and the United Kingdom. Enjoy her post.

2. Chhiti Pandey has lived in both Holland and India. Her post My Kind of Feminism describes how females are as capable of men but treated badly by virtue of their sex. Chhiti is an eye-witness to these events in the countries she’s from. She describes that discrimination in her post.

3. Miguelangelddl is from Spain. His article Reddit, that Other Social Network You Need to Know explains the phenomenon that is Reddit. Reddit is a content curation site, a discussion forum, and the best part of all, a source of massive traffic for you. Miguel’s original text is in Spanish. Click “Translate” to read the text in your home language.

Michael Rios and I just started collaborating on a Reddit group. Miguel’s article is perfectly timed for people interested in the group and need more information about this social media site.

Blogging Community Virtual Bulletin Board

Blogging Events

Meet and Greets:

Other Events in the Blogging Community:

Michael Rios started a Reddit Group, and I started a StumbleUpon Group. We will share your links for you to those sites that produce mass traffic for bloggers. We will gladly stumble your links and add them to Reddit if you are members of our blogging communities.

If anyone knows of any other events in the blogosphere, please share in the comments section.

The original idea for this feature was provided by Charles Rogers. If you’d like to submit a post for this weekly feature, Charles Rogers and I would love it. Please leave a link in the comments section along with your country of residence. Note: Your post does not have to be about blogging, and you can live in any country in the world.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selections. Please share, so other blogging know of these community blogging events and have a chance to meet these bloggers that were introduced here today.

What did you think of this week’s articles? I look forward to your views.

  1. Charles Rogers | at 4:23 am

    Dear Janice, congratulations on the third week of the International.
    Today’s three Bloggerds truly are representative of hands reaching around the World.
    I want to, publicly, testify to the quality and quantity of critical advice you provided with Blog Critique. Please share my note to you. Readers, you can see the results it the maker over by gong on to:
    Charles Clanton Rogers
    Charles Rogers recently posted…Megalomaniacs and the Assault on the HumanitiesMy Profile

  2. Anonymous | at 4:20 pm

    With everything on your plate, you’re going to have to hire a staff just to keep up. When do you sleep? On weekends some of the things you do are taking place at three or 4 o’clock in the morning.

    • Janice Wald | at 4:57 pm

      Thank YOU for promoting this post on Google+. You were right in what you wrote. With the start of my StumbleUpon group, it’s been a busy week! Thanks for writing Debby and again for the promotion.

  3. Clara Wiggins | at 4:04 am

    Hi Janet – I am an expat blogger and contribute to a few expat and travel link-ups – is this the sort of thing you are looking for? There is the My Expat Family hosted by Seychelles Mama –, Expat LIfe Linky hosted by Expat Life with a Double Buggy, Travel at Home hosted by Ersatz Expat – and Monday Escapes – Additionally I guest post all over the place, it’s exhausting but fun 🙂
    Clara Wiggins recently posted…Expat friendships – fast and furious!My Profile

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