How to Easily Create a Perfect Photography Interior Design, 8 Ways

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Interior photographers: Are you here for interior design tips?

How does it come to be that certain interiors challenge us, surprise us, amaze us, and give us both a pleasant and harmonious feeling?

Or give us the opposite feeling?

For instance, symmetry or alignment, elements of the same height or color, but with no soul – a design that looks cold and boring. 

By reading this post, interior photographers learn to improve the look of their interior photos.

Let’s discover some ideas on how to create the perfectly harmonious and surprising interior in order to help interior photographers.

How to Create a Perfect Photography Interior Design

Who are interior photographers?

Interior photographers take photos inside the home. Let’s explore eight ways to improve our photos of the indoors.

The rule of irregularity

Imagine a song without rhythms, where the same note rings continuously. What would you feel? The concept of rhythm is usually associated with the sense of hearing. However, it can be transposed to the visual arts, and, in particular, to interior architecture, furniture (which you can always buy on, and decoration. 

The number one enemy for an interior is monotony, which sets in when the rhythm is too regular, or when there is no rhythm at all. Unless you voluntarily choose a perfect alignment or symmetry to create a concept (in an exhibition space, a gallery), it would not be very pleasant to live in a boring interior.

interior photographers

Note that monotony can also come from a pile of eccentric or curious objects. Too much surprise kills surprise. Nature gives us a good example: it is full of diversity and nuances. And photos of nature are also a nice bet!

But what about other types of photography elements?

Whether they are family photos or works of art, portraits allow you to personalize your decoration and assert your style. However, it is difficult not to fall into the pitfall of the wedding photo which collects dust on a fireplace corner.

To avoid this, rely on original integration solutions by playing, for example, on perspectives – on the creation of a “real” Wall of Fame with your favorite family photos or by enhancing an unused space with an XXL work of art. And if you don’t have the space, opt for unexpected decisions, like tiling or custom wallpaper instead.

Animal tribute

Expressing the unconditional love you have for your four-legged friend on your walls without falling into kitsch or out of date – do you think that is an impossible mission?

Think again!

On the contrary, it can give an arty touch to a contemporary interior! Play the eccentricity card to the fullest. For example, bet on a pop reinterpretation of your favorite shot or organize a photoshoot for your dog/cat with a professional specializing in quirky portraits of pets.

Original supports

Notice to (experienced) photography enthusiasts! It is now possible to reproduce your favorite shots on an unsuspected number of media.

A new way to compose a truly personal interior decoration: We’re talking about digital printing on tiles or wallpaper for a bathroom or a living room, unique from all points of view! In case of doubt concerning the final rendering, opt instead for a black and white print which will bring an artistic guarantee to the most amateur photographs.

Get inspired by a contemporary art gallery

Amateur photographers, this photo-related idea is for you! Do you think you have (almost) enough talent to be exhibited but the glory is slow in coming? Transform your interior into a veritable art gallery celebrating your most successful shots. 

To do this, repaint your walls an immaculate white, rethink your decoration as minimalist as possible, then display your finest creations in each available space. The trick to borrow from this achievement? Deny a usual portrait by choosing a photo that is the opposite of the traditional cliché of the charming smiling blond heads.

Remember about your forgotten corners

Among the unpleasant spaces of an interior, we find the undersides of the stairs at the top of the list, too narrow and usually located in high traffic areas – a no-go area in terms of decoration, which generally remains unexploited, unless it is transformed into a dressing room or a library.

Why not use this space by redesigning it as a place of exhibition for your most beautiful pieces? Opt for an oversized portrait with a clean design.

A corridor as a Wall of Fame

Bring the cult star-studded sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard onto the walls of your home by dedicating an entire partition to the glory of your dearest family and friends. To do this, choose a wall located in a passageway, such as a hallway or a staircase, then emphasize its perspective with the accumulation of photos of different sizes. 

This is a great solution that can be made true in multiple forms, depending on the style of each interior. Play with some masking tape in the hallway leading to your children’s bedrooms or some minimalist frames to highlight your interior for a more classic design.

interior photographers

For those who don’t want to showcase their family photos but rather their professional photos, opt for posters and other artistic snapshots. Tip number one is also available in an arty version, provided you prefer to focus on works of different formats.

Theatrical staging

Create an effect of surprise that is both visual and architectural to highlight a family portrait while exploiting the peculiarities of your interior. A good example is opting for old portraits or contemporary works signed by professionals in order not to fall into bad taste.

All in all, try to avoid the life-size snapshot of the family taken at the wedding of a distant cousin last summer.

Still, a theatrical setting does not necessarily require architectural originality. Simply place the portrait in an unexpected area,  where it will catch everyone’s eye, such as at the end of a hallway.

Let’s examine one last tip to help interior photographers.

Bet on anachronism

When it comes to decoration, if consistency is the key to a successful interior, one can still allow themselves a few exceptions to highlight a room. Thus, an ancient liturgical representation will take the center stage in an interior, if you opt for a highly desirable contrast. 

Interior Photographers FAQ

What is an interior photographer?

Interior photographers are people who take pictures of the indoors.

Wrapping Up: Tips for Interior Photographers

Of course, there are endless possibilities to create a subtle interior where the photos you choose are not boring. These tips can be adapted to all kinds of decorating styles, being just tracks to be followed or completed. 

And if you don’t have personal photos you could use, discover 13 FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY SITES THAT DON’T SUCK, where you can find the best items for your interior decoration!

Interior photographers: By reading this guide, you discovered eight methods for sprucing up your interior photography.

Readers, please share these ideas so interior photographers discover these methods.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have additional ideas for interior photographers?

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