Best Instagram Marketing Books: Boost Your Instagram Success With These 13 Reviews

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Instagram marketing books

Why do you need Instagram marketing books?

As an option for marketers, Instagram’s disadvantages have been obvious for some time now.

This summer there was a hue and a cry. “Give us the old Instagram back. We already have TikTok.” This outcry was in response to Instagram’s focus on videos.

According to a source, a petition signed by 150,000 frustrated Instagrammers was signed. The name of the petition: “Make Instagram Instagram again.”

EuroNews reported on “the growing rage of [Instagram] users” including celebrity Kim Kardashian who reshared the petition.

What to do about the fact that organic reach on Instagram is all but dead?

What to do about the fact that Instagram focuses more on videos than on still images which used to be the mainstay, the bread and butter, of the site?

This blog reviewed 57 network marketing books. However, “network marketing” is a broad topic. By reading this article, you get reviews of a facet of network marketing, social media marketing, which is also a broad topic.

Using social media as a marketing tool is a no-brainer: You get access to billions of users without needing an advertising budget.

Of all the social media sites marketers use, it just makes sense to try to step up your game on Instagram.

Instagram’s user base of 1.4 billion users (Source) is only one of the advantages of Instagram.

Recently, Instagram has been criticized by marketers for trying to be like TikTok and for the decline of organic reach.

More on Instagram’s dying organic reach later.

I conducted an expert interview. I asked social media marketing experts to recommend an Instagram marketing book. I also asked them to explain what Instagram marketing challenges the strategies in the book solve.

What Instagram marketing books did the experts recommend?

Let’s review the best Instagram marketing books you need to boost your success on Instagram.

13 Best Instagram Marketing Books

Instagram marketing books

Recently, Instagram has been criticized by marketers for trying to be like the TikTok social media site and for the decline of organic reach.

I reached out to social media marketing experts: “Recommend an Instagram marketing book and explain what Instagram marketing challenges the strategies in the book solve.”

Here is what 13 thought-leaders had to say:

  • All the Instagram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing
  • From Mopping Floors to Making Millions On Instagram
  • Instagram for Business for Dummies
  • Master the Art of Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing Blueprint 2022
  • One Million Followers
  • Instagram Power, Second Edition
  • Crushing It
  • The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy
  • The Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing
  • Run With Foxes: Make Better Marketing Decisions

All the Instagram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Instagram marketing books

Instagram is thriving with over one billion users. For that reason, Instagram can afford to give a boost in visibility to brands that pay to play.

However, users that want to see their content succeed on this powerful platform without having to pay to boost their content are at a disadvantage. All the Instagram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know: 89 Mostly-Free Hacks, a Guide to Using and Monetizing Instagram by Janice Wald explains basic and advanced tricks for using Instagram organically as well as how marketers can use Instagram to make money.

This article explains how to make money on Instagram by reviewing 13 Instagram marketing books. If you want to know how to make money on Instagram by using free services, click the Play button.

Janice Wald Mostly Blogging

Let’s explore more Instagram marketing books.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing

Instagram has come under fire from marketers for its imitation of TikTok and the decline in organic reach. While some have embraced the change, others feel frustrated by the platform’s lack of transparency and algorithm changes.

To make the most of Instagram marketing, it’s important to keep up with the latest changes and trends. I would recommend one book on this topic: “The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing” by Kim Garst. This book provides marketing strategies and former examples to help you get results from your marketing campaigns.

By understanding how Instagram marketing works and utilizing the right strategy, you can overcome these challenges and reach your target audience on the platform.

Eric McGee, TRGDatacenters

From Mopping Floors to Making Millions On Instagram

From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand by Ronne Brown.

When you’re frustrated with Instagram’s algorithm changes, you can count on the advice in this book to build a rock-solid brand that helps you defeat the odds. Ronnie shares how to engage your Instagram audience, grow your Instagram followers and engage your audience to increase conversions and sales. The no-nonsense advice doesn’t leave room for complaining and helps you leap into real action.

Ruben Gamez, SignWell

Instagram for Business for Dummies

A 320-page book called Instagram For Business For Dummies tackles Instagram marketing in-depth. This one is the only book on Instagram that teaches you how to market your products strategically. It reveals the tricks to Instagram product promotion. Additionally, the book offers advice on how to create targeted paid advertisements on Instagram. You’ll also learn how to make beautiful films and shoot photographs for Instagram, among other things.

You will learn how to use the app to promote your products and provide a unique insider’s look at your brand while meaningfully connecting with your audience. This book may help you create a strong business profile, write compelling Instagram posts, and share your story with the world. It’s ideal for Instagram rookies or those looking to spruce up an existing account.

Max Whiteside, Breaking Muscle

Master the Art of Instagram Marketing

If you’re looking for an Instagram marketing book that will help you overcome some of these challenges, I recommend “Master The Art of Instagram Marketing” by Matthew Kane. This book covers a variety of strategies, including how to use Instagram hashtags and influencers to increase your reach, create engaging content that will resonate with your audience, measure your success and adjust your approach as needed.

Perhaps most importantly, Mathew provides actionable steps that you can take to improve your results. Of course, no book is perfect, and you’ll likely need to experiment with different strategies before you find what works best for you. But with “Master The Art of Instagram Marketing” as your guide, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Robert Warner, Virtual Valley

Instagram Marketing

Mark Gray has written a remarkable book that covers almost every aspect of Instagram Ads. This book is your best bet if you’re interested in learning about Instagram Ads and you’re on the hunt for some resources. Both beginner and intermediate levels of teaching can be found in these guides. Therefore, you can consider the book to be a loyal companion during your time on Instagram.

Mark Gray has generously offered his knowledge on a wide range of topics, from the management of ads to the establishment of goals. In addition to this, it is quite useful in resolving many other issues. For example, the book answers, “Why aren’t your advertisements aren’t bringing in customers?” Or, “Why do your advertisements have such a poor level of visibility?”

Joe Troyer, Digital Triggers

Instagram Marketing Blueprint 2022

Video content is increasing in popularity so Instagram decided to hop on the trend with the introduction of reels. One of the biggest challenges of Instagram these days is knowing what type of content the audience wants.

Making videos is a lot different than posting pictures. It also requires more time and resources. In the book, “Instagram Marketing Blueprint 2022”  by Nathan Damron, he talks about how to use paid ads on Instagram. I think this is the direction most marketers are going to head in due to a lack of organic reach. In fact, paid video ads have been proven to be the most effective on the platform in 2022. 

Nathan talks about how to get the most bang for your buck with paid outreach. While he doesn’t specifically mention Instagram Reels, he discusses the benefits of paid ads and how you can use them to your advantage. He also talks about the importance of video and how to create content that audiences will engage with.

Dustin Ray, IncFile

One Million Followers

Written by a growth strategist, this book One Million Followers by Brendan Kane is worth a read for those looking for tips on how to grow your social media following. The author offers some interesting insights into how to get more followers on Instagram.

However, the book is clear that there are no shortcuts to success and that growing a large following takes time, dedication, and creativity. This gives you the right way to put your brand before the right people and attract the mass. While the strategies in the book may not work for everyone, it’s still an interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about social media growth.

Divya Karthik, Plumbers Nearby

Editor’s Note: Of all the Instagram marketing books that the experts recommended, One Million Followers is the only book that I read. I agree with the reviewer’s assessment of the book.

Instagram Power, Second Edition

I recommend Instagram Power, Second Edition, by Jason Miles. This revised and updated edition is full of helpful advice. It illustrates how to integrate Instagram into your overall marketing strategy, fostering a cohesive connection across platforms.

It takes a deeper look into defining your brand, creating an Instagram identity inspired by ‘ikagi’, a Japanese theory that translates as “reason for being”. By asking fundamental questions, Miles guides the reader to make better marketing choices. 

The book is broken down into easy-to-follow instructions and includes images for visual learners. It teaches the reader to use Instagram effectively and efficiently and to interpret Instagram data to achieve real results. It also contains advice for a wide variety of businesses, such as service-based companies and nonprofits. It demystifies Instagram and inspires confidence, motivating engagement. The practical, actionable steps outlined will help to convert likes and follows into financial success.

Mario Cacciottolo, SBO

Crushing It

Crushing it by the author Gary Vaynerchuk offers the best ideas for every current social media platform for all niches and all kinds of professions. With this book, people will learn exactly how to amplify their brand not only on Instagram but on multiple social media platforms.

With this book, I have learned theatrical and tactical ways of building an image on social media and changing the way of our perception of a business, social media marketing, and brand image. I have also learned to eliminate middlemen marketing, making the products reach directly to consumers. This is the essential handbook for anyone who wants to learn marketing and how to build a brand over social media not only in a critical way but with a lot of fun, interactions, and engagement.

Scott Krager, WODReview

Editor’s Note: Although I haven’t read Crushing It, the book has a strong word-of-mouth reputation. Therefore, of all the Instagram marketing books on this list, Crushing It is my next must-read.

The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy

Robb Taroni’s book, “The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy,” provided me with the answers to many of my burning questions about how to create engaging content. This book is filled with strategies that will enable you to deal with the challenges of Instagram marketing.

For instance, Taroni offers advice on how to produce content that people would engage with and recommend to their friends. He also discusses how to make the most of Instagram’s algorithms and start profitable ad campaigns that deliver outstanding results. He concludes by providing helpful advice on how to expand the visibility and audience of your Instagram posts.

Martin Lassen, GrammarHow

Let’s examine reviews of more Instagram marketing books.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

I would strongly suggest reading “The Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing” by Ashley Carman if you are looking for a book on how to market on Instagram. This book guides you through the fundamentals of Instagram marketing, from developing an engaging profile to expanding your audience through the use of hashtags and Instagram Stories. In addition to that, it provides methods for solving common Instagram marketing challenges, such as creating engaging content, developing a community, and evaluating success.

Alex Savy, Comfynorth

Run With Foxes: Make Better Marketing Decisions

It’s important for people to understand that social media marketing is more art than science. There is no foolproof strategy for the best engagement, despite all the planning, data mining, and strategy people use. Even the author, Paul Dervan, admits that there might not be a general answer in this book. He tells readers that this book will be jam-packed with lessons from him and other marketers.

The information in this book will help marketers in making the most important marketing decisions, as well as provide them with valuable marketing lessons and success stories that will allow them to succeed over the long run.

This book on social media marketing covers the key tactics for selecting the best options. It also includes wisdom you can gain from failures of any size. This book features clear and actionable advice from some of the most successful marketers in the world.

Rameez Usmani, The Stock Dock

Wrapping Up: Best Instagram Marketing Books

Now that we are done sharing the reviews of the Instagram marketing books, which book will you read first?

Readers, please share so social media marketers looking to level up their Instagram marketing game discover these reviews of the best 13 Instagram marketing books.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you recommend any Instagram marketing books to add to the discussion?

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