Instagram Banned Hashtags: How to Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram [in 2022, 4 Ways]

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Instagram Banned Hashtags

Are you familiar with Instagram banned hashtags?

If you don’t want to be banned from Instagram, you need to be.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.

One advantage is the massive audience of over one billion people.

However, this post discusses Instagram’s disadvantages.

By reading this post, you discover the cause for the Instagram shadowban, a penalty as dreaded as landing in Facebook Jail on the Facebook social media site. You also discover how to avoid the Instagram shadowban.

No one knows how to get out of Facebook Jail. Does anyone know how to undo the Instagram shadowban?

By reading this post, you will love to know what you can do if you find yourself at the receiving end of an Instagram shadowban and are locked out of your account.

If you want to know how your attempts at Instagram growth can result in an Instagram shadowban instead, read on.

How I Know About the Instagram Shadowban

Have I ever received an Instagram shadowban?

Yes. Many times.

I did not get the shadowban on Instagram for using Instagram banned hashtags.

UPDATE: June 2022

If you are unfamiliar with social media hashtags, you will find more information about them in this video.

Instead, I received the ban for using a third-party unfollow app to mass unfollow my unfollowers.

How to Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram

As a large and popular social media network worldwide, Instagram is one of the most-used apps. In 2020, the user count for the photo-sharing network reached 1 billion. As a social media network, Instagram has also had its fair share of good and bad influencers.

When influencers start spamming engagement posts or abusing hashtags, it can become annoying to other users. Thus, Instagram created a system to prevent and discourage influencers and users from abusing the platform. This system is the Instagram shadowban.

What Is the Instagram Shadowban?

Shadowbanning is the term people use to describe the event in which accounts, posts, or hashtags get blocked without the user’s knowledge. When users get shadowbanned, their posts and accounts become invisible to users who don’t follow them. Sometimes, even their followers don’t see their posts. The best way to know if you’re shadowbanned is to ask friends to check.

In short, the account or post becomes invisible to followers and non-followers alike. The only way for people to see a shadowbanned user’s account or post is to search the name and visit the profile. If you plan to engage with others to grow your Instagram, this is terrible news for you.

Is the Instagram Shadowban Real?

Instagram says that the shadowban doesn’t exist. They’ve created a post that acknowledges a “hashtag glitch,” which is how they’ve explained the obscured posts and accounts. It may also be a way for the brand to address the issue without admitting they’ve implemented shadowbanning.

As an Instagram user, you should also understand that the brand has implemented various new algorithms on its user engagement system. It means that not everyone who experienced reduced engagement got hit with the shadowban. It may mean that the algorithm isn’t working well with how you structure or create your posts.

Whatever the case, the Instagram shadowban exists, and it’s hitting certain users.

How to Get Unshadowbanned and Prevent Getting Shadowbanned

Getting shadowbanned can hurt your social media engagement and growth. There are a few ways to avoid shadowbanned accounts and getting shadowbanned on Instagram.

Method 1: The easiest one is to avoid using banned hashtags and to use fewer hashtags. If you accidentally used a banned hashtag, delete it right away.

Method 2: Stop using automation software that promises to help you create or grow a following. If you’re not using software, limit your Instagram activities. The typical hourly limit on Instagram is 150 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows/unfollows. Older accounts may have a lower limit for hourly actions, but it’s safe to stick by this guide.

Method 3: If you got shadowbanned because you’re “too active,” consider reducing your activity. Engage and post the bare minimum. Better yet, go cold turkey. Depending on the account, you may need three days or two weeks of no activity before you get unshadowbanned.

Method 4: The simplest way to remove your shadowban is to report a problem to Instagram. Find your Instagram Settings, select “Report a Problem,” and “Something isn’t working.” Contact the IG team via Facebook or email and let them know what’s happening with your account or posts.

Why Do Some Users Get Shadowbanned?

One likely reason behind the Instagram shadowban system is that it’s a way for the network to filter out users who abuse it. Try to observe users that upload posts like they’re spamming the network. Usually, these are the accounts that get the shadowban.

27% of users check Instagram on an hourly basis, so they’re bound to overdo a few things. It also applies to users who abuse other actions that they can do per day or hour. Specific actions have hourly and daily limits. These actions include:

  • Liking a certain number of photos or posts
  • Leaving comments
  • Following and unfollowing people

Another likely reason Instagram shadowbans a user is that they’re using software that violates the app’s Terms of Service. Usually, people use software or boosting services to speed up the growth rate of their following. Some of these apps and software include:

  • Followliker
  • Boostly
  • Socially Rich
  • Mass Planner
  • Instagress
  • Social Envy
  • Grum
  • Schedugram

Instagram also hides posts and accounts that use these Instagram banned hashtags like #beautyblogger, #models, #snapchat, and #tag4like. Posts with hashtags that can potentially feature inappropriate or vulgar content are also shadowbanned.

One important note though…

Instagram banned hashtags are constantly changing. Instagram banned hashtags deemed inappropriate by the site today might be just fine tomorrow.


Instagram banned hashtags

Seeking an example of Instagram banned hashtags I could find for this article, I went to the Instagram Explore section and searched #Covid. I knew #Covid was one of the Instagram banned hashtags since Instagram is trying to stop the spread of Covid-19 misinformation.

Do you see what happened? Instagram wouldn’t let me search the hashtag and instead directed me to where I could find information elsewhere about the banned hashtag.

The last reason behind a shadowban is if other users continually report your profile for violating the terms of service or community guidelines. Instagram can also disable reported accounts instead.

Instagram Banned Hashtags FAQ

How do you know if a hashtag is banned?

When you go to the Explore tab and type in the banned hashtag, Instagram returns with a message letting you know that the hashtag is banned.

Bottom Line: Instagram Banned Hashtags

By reading this guide to Instagram banned hashtags, you received examples of four Instagram banned hashtags you need to avoid using. Also, you discovered the history and the meaning of the Instagram shadowban, and what you can do if you find yourself the victim of an Instagram shadowban.

The Instagram shadowban is a method of filtering out users who abuse the app’s terms, limits, and guidelines. It happens without the user knowing, so it’s wise to check your engagements often. Limit your activity to remove the shadowban and check your hashtags before you press “Post.” 

Readers, please share so social media users learn how to avoid the Instagram shadowban by not using Instagram banned hashtags. Also, by sharing, frustrated Instagram users would love to know what actions they can take to undo the shadowban.

Do you have any suggestions other than avoiding the use of Instagram banned hashtags if people want to escape the Instagram shadowban?

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  1. Mitch Mitchell

    Interesting; I didn’t know this was a thing! In some ways it makes sense; in others it’s ridiculous. I’ve seen a number of accounts where the hashtags are outrageous, but those folks never seem to get blocked for it. Although I have lots of images on the site, I don’t consider myself a power user, have few followers, and I’m pretty much ignored. Since I use it for my own personal reasons, I figure I’m good; whew!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mitch,
      Thanks for coming by this week and commenting. Great to see you.
      Regarding the Instagram banned hashtags, solely based on my experience with this post, I would agree with you. I couldn’t get the warning sign to come up while typing in several Instagram banned hashtags. Only when I put in Covid, did the warning come up and it wouldn’t take me to the content.
      Thanks again for sharing your perspective. It’s fun seeing you over there at Instagram.

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