Introducing Storybrand on Instagram and Snapchat: How to Make Money in a New Era

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Instagram and Snapchat Stories: Storybrand

How to Have an Instagram and Snapchat Storybrand:

Cash In On a New Era of Brand Storytelling

Benjamin Shepardson

Did you know the United States government used to issue a $500 bill?

It’s true. The last one was issued in 1934, and William Mckinley, the 25th President, was featured on it. These days, due to their rarity, the bills are worth more than their face value- anywhere from $600 to $1,500.

Likewise, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are worth more than their face value. Many marketers focus on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (not necessarily Instagram Stories), and YouTube. Live content often finds itself at the back of the queue. However, these platforms are dripping with money-making upside. Here’s how you can cash in on a new era of brand storytelling with Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Instagram or Snapchat?

In a perfect world, you’d be incredibly active on all the major social media platforms. The reasoning is simple; the more platforms you’re on, the more people you reach. Yet, your money and time are limited. Here’s what you need to consider if you must pick between Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram is more popular than Snapchat. Instagram has 500 million active users, while Snapchat has 187 million active users. Additionally, Instagram just doesn’t trounce Snapchat in terms of active users, it is also is more popular among influential brands and users. According to Social Report, 11/12 social media influencers posted more on Instagram Stories than on Snapchat. Not only is Instagram more in demand with the public, but it’s also favored by influencers, people like you who want to build their brand.

In all fairness to Snapchat, it still has salient points of interest. The Huffington Post reports that Snapchat is favored by Millennials age 12 to 25. According to their report, 63% of people in that age bracket prefer Snapchat over Instagram. Also, Snapchat is far from dead. It is doing better than investors and experts expected, growing 18% from 2016 to 2017. For most bloggers, Instagram Stories is the better bet, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in Snapchat if you have the resources available to do so. Fortunately, the strategies listed below will work for both platforms.

Advertise Your Articles

Many bloggers aren’t on Instagram Stories and Snapchat because they don’t know what to post. For one thing, creating engaging live content is difficult. One way to overcome this is to link to a helpful article. For example, suppose you have a photo-editing blog. Upload an enthralling photo that relates to photo editing, such as the removal of watermarks, and then link to an article on your website that corresponds to the topic. Only verified Instagram accounts can link to other pages.

Post Motivational Quotes

There are a lot of gorgeous and diverting visuals in the world. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to capture something interesting. When this happens, you can post the picture on Instagram and add an insightful quote as a caption. Use Brainyquote to find thought-provoking quotes that will arrest your audience. The handy benefit of Brainyquote is that you can search by topic or person. Additionally, you can go one step further. An image gains a lot more value, becomes a lot more shareable when the quote is actually written on it. You can use tools like PixTeller to easily make that happen.

Show a Day in the Life of Your Business

Mercedes Benz excels on Instagram Stories. If you’ve watched their commercials, you know they are famous for their stunning visuals. Their Instagram Stories uploads give a behind-the-scenes look at how they make those visuals. Of course, an engaging story doesn’t have to be as exotic as a Mercedes Benz photo shoot. If you have a cooking blog, you can use Instagram Stories to show how you make your signature carrot cake. If you have an e-commerce blog, you can show how you get eBay shipments ready to go. There is a cornucopia of different options. The key element is to make sure you tell a story. Every piece should be building towards a crescendo, towards the finale.

Instagram Takeovers

Batman and Robin. Jordan and Pippen. Holmes and Watson. Throughout history, there’s always been power in teamwork. It’s no different for Instagram and Snapchat. An Instagram Takeover is when someone takes over your Instagram for a limited amount of time, say 24 hours. This person, usually a luminary in your industry, gives you fresh exposure.

Big companies see the upside in this kind of arrangement. Harper’s Bazaar, America’s first fashion magazine, gave control of their Instagram account to model Jamie King. She posted a story about getting ready for the Dior Cruise show. Of course, there are other options for fresh content. You can have an influencer do a Q&A session on Instagram Stories, or you can have them review a new product.

To make this a success, you need to follow certain guidelines. First things first, you need to find someone who aligns with your brand. When it comes to followers, the old adage quality over quantity applies here. Make sure your values and interests align reasonably well. Additionally, there has to be an equivalent value change. If they’re a reasonably popular influencer, you’ll likely have to pay for them cash for their time. In theory, you can barter with other things, such as free merchandise or exposure on other social media platforms.

Teaming up with an influencer offers tremendous upside, but you need to set parameters. Give them as much freedom as possible, but you may have to set parameters for things like their language, their dress, and the number of posts they’ll create. For instance, you may want to ban profanity, or you may require professional dress. It depends on your audience. Also, use a tool like Trello instead of giving the influencer your password.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat Are Like $500 Bills

As mentioned earlier, $500 bills sell for anywhere between $600 and $1,500. Sometimes they go even higher to $10,000. Likewise, the potential of Instagram Stories and Snapchat is often unrealized, particularly by smaller bloggers. Use the tips above to get the most of these platforms.

Author: Benjamin Shepardson is a contributing writer for and the founder of NoStop Content. With an extensive career in digital marketing and web development, Ben’s knowledge of the industry has enabled small businesses to scale and grow through well-crafted content and strategy.

Host blogger’s comments:

Using Instagram and Snapchat Stories caused a new technique in content marketing and social media marketing to evolve. The technique is called “Storybrand.” Use Instagram and Snapchat stories, and you, too, will have a storybrand.

Readers, please share. The storybrand technique is popular thanks to the growing trend of using Instagram and Snapchat stories. Please share so other bloggers and marketers know how to capitalize on the new trend of using a storybrand.


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  1. Ryan Biddulph | at 2:29 pm

    LOVING my IG Stories these days guys. Maybe I should consider Snap Chat too; at least when I hit the road. In New Jersey I see few IG worthy spots but maybe I can share snaps of my eBook covers and old pictures and videos from tropical paradises too. Goodness knows I’ve enough content to share for a few lifetimes LOL. Smart read Benajamin and Janice.


  2. Natalie Ducey | at 7:12 pm

    Fantastic post, Janice, as always! I just started using Instagram Stories on my personal IG account (poetry and graphic design) and my business account, Peace by Piece Puzzles. I love graphic design, so this addition of sharing creative visual content is awesome. I also LOVE having the Story Highlights. A win-win for all. 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Hugh Roberts | at 8:23 am

    Hi Janice, I’ve advertised my blog several times on my private Instagram account, and I was surprised to actually get traffic from it to my blog. I never thought it would work, but it seems it does. I’ve had more hits from Instagram than from Pinterest. As a lover of photography, Instagram works far better for me.

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