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Happy belated Mother’s Day! Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party for May 15. We are so happy you decided to join us.

Weekly Wrap Up

I had an exciting week. I was asked to lead a Twitter chat this summer and participate in a blogging summit this December.

Tuesday – How to Make Powerful Blog Graphics for Free, 5 Ways 5 free photo resources are offered. How to transform your photos into stunning blog graphics that engage your readers.

Saturday – How to Wow People with an Awesome Case Study How to write a case study post which will increase your brand, traffic, and subscriber list using the 4 steps of Francis Bacon’s Scientific Method.

Sunday – How to Use Ahrefs to Boost Your SEO, 29 Important Reasons – Information about Ahrefs, the SEO tool, reasons why you should use it, and a tutorial explaining how to boost your SEO.

Featured Posts

This week, I was torn in three directions for the Most Inspirational Posts. As you know, the “rules” say I can only select two.

I am often torn between posts and deliberate about which to pick. However, this week is different. One of the three in the running was the Most Popular post picked last week! Since it is already being featured on my site as the winner, I chose the other two. There was no reason to deliberate this week. The choices became clear.

My first choice for Most Inspirational Post went to Kid-Friendly Songs You Won’t Hate. I raised three daughters. I loved their songs. I actually still do. The child in me lives on. However, for you parents that find your children’s favorite songs annoying, this post is for you. The article is actually a tutorial! It teaches you how to go onto Pandora to find kid-friendly songs. Then the admin blogger recommends more than 70 kid-friendly songs. The post is a must for parents with children still in the home.

My next choice went to The Challenge of a Good Work-Life Balance. This balance is something I’m sure the busy bloggers that we are can use. The post will be especially helpful for people who blog and work outside the home like I do.

Last week’s winning post was Carol Casarra’s What is a Guided Journal and Why Would I Want One?  Congratulations to all the winners!


Guests, the number of links posted is increasing. Please share on your blogs and social media so the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party continues to grow.

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