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Inspire Me Monday Linky Party Writers Work in California will change in 2020

Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party for November 4. Happy November! We are so glad to see you!

Weekly Wrap Up

Writers Work in California will change in 2020

I’m continuing to enjoy my time at Quora. As you can see, Quora has been a great source of exposure for me.

If you’d like to broaden your reach using Quora, see this tutorial about how to give Quora answers.

Did you know California writers’ work will change in 2020? I became aware of a new law that affects the way California writers work. (More information available in the Featured Posts section.)

Featured Posts

These were my two favorites from the last Inspire Me Monday Linky Party:

Everything I Was Doing While I Should Have Been Blogging

Blogger Catherine Lanser starts her post by reporting the reliability of her editorial schedule: She’s published every Thursday for years without fail.

However, her post describes a recent Thursday where she missed her publication deadline.

For me, the reflection became philosophical:

What do we do when we have a chance to see a movie we’ve waited 30 years to see when viewing it interferes with our blogging?

What do we do when a migraine headache is so severe, we just can’t meet our deadlines?

See the post to learn the choices Catherine made.

How to Land Blog Sponsorships Like a Pro (And What to Avoid)

John Mulindi’s post is timely for me and Californians like myself.

Are you familiar with the new law AB 5 which goes into effect January 1?

The law affects California freelancers. Since I’m a California-based freelance writer, I am affected. All California-based freelancers are affected.

These freelancers include Uber and Lyft drivers. The impetus for the new law started with concerns that Uber and Lyft drivers weren’t fairly compensated with minimum wage and health benefits.

To avoid giving freelancers these perks, many companies will use in-house content creators instead of outsourcing to freelance writers like myself.

Although John’s post is unrelated to this new law, his post does tell you how to collaborate with brands, a financial opportunity California freelancers will be in short supply of starting in the new year since writers work in California will be limited.

The most popular post last week was Rebecca’s Southern Gluten-Free Cornbread Stuffing (Vegan, Allergy-Free).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Although not required, for arranging this networking event, it is considered polite to follow your hostess. That’s me! I’m Janice!

Meet Your Hostesses

The linkup will be seen on four blogs. Each host picks her own two favorites.

In addition to exposure here, graphics from the winning posts are pinned to the Inspire Me Monday Pinterest Board. The linkup will be open until this Friday morning which gives you time to return with additional post links.

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