How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Organically

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Have you been trying to increase blog traffic organically?

Guest author Belle Balace gives you valuable tips and an impressive infographic containing an SEO checklist.

Keep reading to discover free blog traffic generation tips. By the end of Belle’s post, you’ll have 3 ways to generate your blog traffic and 21 ways to boost your organic traffic coming to your blog from search engines.

By Belle Balace

Do you want to increase your blog traffic without paying for ads? What if I told you that you can do this alone without hiring any SEO or online marketing expert? Would you believe me?


You should because it’s true. You can drive traffic to your blog posts on your own especially if you are your own team and you’re currently on a tight budget.


There are actually three ways to increase your traffic organically, and that is by email, social media, and optimizing them for search which is what we call SEO.

How to increase blog traffic organically #TrafficGen #OrganicTraffic

3 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Naturally


  1. Getting blog traffic via email


The thing with this is that you must have people subscribing to you so you can get their email address. No email address, no blog traffic via email.


When you email people who didn’t subscribe to you, it is just plain spamming and completely unprofessional. Work hard for their email address. You make them want to give their information to you, don’t force them.

You can offer them something worthy such as a freebie, e-book, discounts in exchange. Be creative.

If you’re using Medium or WordPress or other blogging sites, you won’t have a difficult time setting up a subscription button. You can just customize it. When people follow you, they’ll automatically receive an email about your new blog posts.

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  1. Getting traffic via social media


Here’s what you do: use your business or organization page and your personal page.


For your business or organization page, grow your fan base or your followers count. You won’t really be able to get traffic if you have a few people following you. Be consistent when sharing your content and, more importantly, don’t always just share your blog posts. Share the other content you found helpful and informative that are related to your topics.


For your personal page, use it to join groups where you can share your blog posts. There are tons of groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other sites you can join. If you have a partner or a small team, ask them to do the same.

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One important tip: strategize! Don’t just simply share and share. Know the best time to share and experiment with the ideas you found. Keep doing the ones that you found effective and stop doing the ones that are just wasting your time.


  1. Getting traffic via search engines


Here’s something you should know.. You really don’t have to hire an SEO expert to optimize your blog posts for search. That’s correct but… you do need to read and work a lot. Now I’m not saying that SEO experts aren’t helpful because they extremely are. They’re actually going to help you even if you don’t pay for their valuable services.


How exactly? Read their articles and blog posts and watch their tutorial videos! Follow them on their social media pages. They’ll give you tips and advice on how you can optimize your content on your own. Isn’t that amazing?

21 Ways to Boost Your Organic Blog Traffic

Now here’s a very helpful checklist Barry Feldman visualized in this infographic made with Visme on how you can optimize your blog post for search on your own. Simply follow this guide and you’ll have organic traffic coming in via search.

How to increase blog traffic organically

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Now you know how to boost your organic traffic thanks to Belle’s 21 point SEO checklist. Her other tips offer ways to grow your readership naturally.

Readers, please share so other website creators learn how to increase blog traffic organically also.

Note: Janice will be responding to blog comments as her internet connectivity and vacation schedule allow.

  1. Ramit

    You have told us precisely what we ought to do to boost organic traffic.
    I would simply say that if organic traffic matters to you then this is a must-read post.
    It’s an expert advice and I strongly believe that it will yield rich dividends.
    An immensely helpful post for me.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Great Stuff.
    And Best Regards to You.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ramit,
      Thank you for commenting on my article. Best regards to you.
      You wrote, “If organic traffic matters to you…” I think it should matter to all content creators. Search traffic has the potential to bring far more results than social or email.
      Thank you for the kind words about the article. I’m glad you found it helpful.

  2. Pospi O Otuson


    Helpful Post you made here 🙂

    I totally agree to this tips on boosting blog traffic organically.

    Thanks for sharing

    I’ll pass it on Immediately

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Pospi,
      Thank you for sharing the post. I am glad you agree Bele’s tips are effective in boosting organic search traffic. Thanks for writing to tell us.

  3. Emalia

    i can increase my website traffic but
    it is difficult to maintain traffics

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emalia,
      Everyone has traffic fluctuations. For example, we get more traffic when we post and on the weekends.
      We get less traffic in the summer when people are out of the house and away from the computers. Thanks for writing.

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Nice triple play here Belle. I have been getting more Google traffic recently so I am tightening up my SEO game. I guess LOL…..because I do not intentionally try to nab search traffic but figure the richness of my content and the links in I get through guest posting, plus some strong social signals, are doing the trick when it comes to search traffic. Slowly and steadily increasing email traffic too. Fab post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Ryan,
      Great to see you this week. Regarding boosting search traffic, I can relate to what you wrote. I am slowly getting more search traffic as well. I recently noticed my Domain Rating is up. I’m wondering if that’s the reason. Thanks for writing.

  5. Susan Velez

    Hi Belle and Janice,

    I love SEO, although I don’t focus on it as much as I have in the past. I am finally starting to see some traffic to my blog from Google.

    It definitely takes some time to start seeing organic traffic, however, once you do it’s nice to know that you can get traffic to your blog from the search engines.

    While I don’t focus on building backlinks or doing anything to help me get organic traffic. I do make sure that my posts are SEO optimized.

    If they rank, then they rank. I refuse to play the SEO game as I’ve done in the past and was burnt on the algorithm updates.

    Now I just focus on writing great content and optimizing my posts. If they rank then they rank.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I think it will help so many bloggers realize the importance of optimizing their blog.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Susan,
      Why were you hurt in the algorithm update? Do you have tips that would help us avoid getting “burnt” as well? Thanks.

  6. Emmanuel Ekanem

    Hi Belle,

    I so much appreciate the article of yours. Great one. Thank you so much.

    Hello Janice, been a long tine here, was so hooked up with school.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for writing us to tell us you enjoyed Belle’s article.
      Welcome back. What are you studying?

  7. cv54com

    Getting traffic from social media is the only thing that attract me; however if I do it too frequently people will ban me for spamming reason, so I did it wisely. Anyway, thanks for the article!

  8. ColeN

    Nice post. Has everything where and how to start getting free traffic. To boost a bit have to use a few tricks 🙂

  9. Joseph kelly

    There are so many ways to increase traffic to blogs.One should write such content that people find interesting to read.Social media marketing also plays an important role to increase traffic to blog.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree with you, Joseph. Many factors come into play. Thanks for writing.

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