How to Develop Personal Growth at 2 Self-Help Websites in 2022

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How to use Huddol and Reddit as self-help websites

Have you heard of Huddol, one of the self-help websites?

Social media sites have many themes.

For example, Pinterest has the theme of a bulletin board and Flipboard‘s theme is virtual magazine making. These gimmicks work for these social media sites and make them unique.

Huddol’s theme isn’t gimmicky at all.

This is a site for people looking for emotional support and self-help.

Could you use self-improvement and skill development? Couldn’t we all?

Perhaps what you need is Huddol.

This post will review two self-help websites, Huddol and Reddit.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to use both Huddol and Reddit as self-help social media websites.

Let’s start exploring Huddol.

What is Huddol?

Huddol is a social media site for people looking for personal growth.

This growth could include learning to cope with emotional problems.

People are there looking for support for stress and cancer, for example.

Some of Huddol’s manifestoes:

“We are the resilient,”

“We care better together,”

“Committed to helping every Huddoler live their best life,”

“A new online community for caregivers,”

“Connecting with Huddol members means new opportunities to learn, share, and discover.”

You’ll find all sorts of support groups full of people needing emotional support.

Sample problems are eating disorders, addiction, and loneliness.

On the homepage, you’ll see how many people are in each group so you know how active the group is.


The problems don’t even have to be emotional. For example, there is a group for people needing to sleep well.

The support groups are labeled so you know the type of group you might be considering joining. There are many types of personal growth.

For example, there are groups for Mental Health, Healthy Living, and Relationships.

As you can see, you don’t need to have an emotional problem to benefit from this site.

Huddol seems to be a great site for anyone looking for personal growth.

You’ll even find skill development at Huddol.


For example, there’s a group that will teach you to meditate.

As you see, you’ll find self-development activities at Huddol.

Huddol members are called “Huddolers.”

Based on my research, Huddol started in 2017.

The site began as a network for Canadian caregivers.

Huddol has the financial support of the government of Quebec, Canada.

For convenience, you can download Huddol’s app so you can use Huddol on your smartphone.

Huddol has a Facebook page where you can receive more information and is free to join.

How to Use Huddol

Go to

Click Join Huddol.

Type in your email and your member name.

I had to make my member name my first name and a number since my first name was taken.

I wanted to join a group. Which to pick?

I noticed there was a group for business startups.


I am looking to grow my businesses, my Blogging Academy, my freelance writing services, and my blog coaching services, so I chose that group.

Look at the screenshot. You can see the group I’m interested in has over 3,000 members.

The group on the right teaches personal development in the workplace.

When you find the group that interests you, click Join. Click Continue.

You’ll be given the option of sharing your location.

You can upload a photo of yourself and invite friends to join your group.

After you make your first post, click Share.

You have a chance to ask to receive notifications so you’ll know when people respond to your post.

Huddol has a token-based economy that rewards members for helping each other by sharing wisdom and support.

When members click the Gratitude Button, you get a token you can use toward purchases.

If you run into trouble, there are many YouTube videos about how to use Huddol.


There is a beautiful description of Huddol in the video:

“We are the caring.

We are fully loaded, overloaded, but never eroded.”

At the top of the screen, you see your Huddol toolbar.

Starting from the top left, you see location. I opted not to share mine.

Then, you see a list of the communities you joined.

Next, you see the Marketplace where you can purchase items.

I wondered what kind of items are for sale at the Marketplace.



At the Marketplace, you will find wellness items members are selling.

If you look to the left, you see you can search for wellness products you need by location and price range.

Refer back to the screenshot:

If you look to the right, you see where you can invite a friend and search.

If you click the 5-stemmed icon, you see your network.

Here you see your connections, your invitations to connect, and the connection suggestions Huddol’s artificial intelligence makes for you.

Huddol Review

For people looking for emotional support and types of personal growth, Huddol is a valuable resource.

Huddolers can inspire each other through personal-growth journeys.

I only just started using Huddol, so it’s too soon to say if I will become an active user.

However, here are my experiences so far:

When I went into the Business group, I explained I was looking for strategies to grow my business.

The next morning, Mark Stolow, the CEO of Huddol, wrote to ask me questions that might enable him to offer me business generation strategies.

I’m pleased with that kind of response time.

Huddol Expands

The website now includes 1 to 1 online coaching and counseling. These services include more than 40 health and wellness pros.

This is helpful for people who want counseling but don’t want to leave their homes due to the Coronavirus shelter in place order.

Huddol Updates

April 2020

With the increased anxiety brought by the Coronavirus, I became curious as to whether Huddol, a social media site designed to help people with emotional challenges, had a group about the Coronavirus.

To my surprise, instead of seeing one discussion thread about the Coronavirus I saw many.

People dealing with loss due to the dreaded disease as well as having questions about how to conduct oneself at this time were engaged in discussion threads.

More Self-Help Websites


Are you familiar with Reddit, the site that’s called “the front page of the internet?”

Reddit subReddits have many types of personal growth groups that can offer you skill development.

For example, I know people in my blogging tips niche who are in the blogging subReddit to improve their blogging skills.

How to find skill development groups at Reddit:

Go to the Reddit search bar and type personal development, skill development, or whatever type of self-help interests you.

Looking for more self-help websites for this article, in the Reddit search bar I typed Self-Help Websites.


Huddol and more self-help websites

At the top of the screenshot, you see skill development in the area of job hunting.

It’s true: You can get better at finding a job by going to Reddit. You can improve many skills by going to Reddit.

Although Reddit is normally considered a discussion forum, Reddit is one of the best self-help websites since there are so many subReddits there.

Underneath, you see posts people have made about self-help.

For example, you see posts about single parents and suicide prevention.

Reddit has a mixed reputation. Bloggers, for example, have a notorious reputation as being spammers at Reddit, and therefore, promoting at Reddit is difficult.

However, as a place for information, you’ll find everything on Reddit which makes it one of the great self-help websites.

Related Reading: Here you can find more information about Reddit subreddits.

Wrapping Up: Huddol and Reddit, Self-Help Websites

In closing, this post reviewed two self-help websites that are also social media sites, Huddol and Reddit.

Even though people might be online and physically alone in the room with their computers, they don’t have to take their metaphorical journeys alone. The two self-help websites reviewed in this post solve that problem.

Even at Mostly Blogging, we ensure no one takes their online journey alone by providing our Link Exchange for bloggers struggling to boost their SEO success and our Blogger Collaboration Group for bloggers struggling to find time for blogging tasks like promotion.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Have you heard of self-help websites like Huddol? Can you suggest any other self-help websites?

Readers, please share so people looking for self-help websites like Huddol and the Reddit subReddits that are about skill development and types of personal growth discover this guide.

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