How to Use Hubshout: the 1 Proven Free SEO Tool

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Hubshout will boost your organic traffic for free

Have you ever been so excited by a discovery you wanted to shout about its value to the world?

That’s how I feel about the SEO platform

When the company contacted me quite coincidentally, I couldn’t resist the desire to ask if I could review their site.

I was overjoyed when they agreed.

You will be overjoyed when you hear about how helpful Hubshout is for you and your website.

This article will review Hubshout’s services and resources.

Although Hubshout has paid services, this review will focus on the benefits of using the site you don’t have to pay to use.

This review will cover how Hubshout teaches you about your website so you can replicate your successes.

In addition, this review will explain all that Hubshout does to empower you further by teaching you about SEO.

As a result of using Hubshout, you will be a more knowledgeable blogger in the area of SEO and a more successful blogger in your ability to receive organic traffic.

This post will explain how you can improve your knowledge and your ability to gain website traffic using the knowledge and data the website offers.

What is Hubshout?

Hubshout is a digital marketing agency designed to help you succeed in the area of SEO. The company has 45 employees stationed in New York and Washington DC.

Many of their features are free while others are paid services.

The company offers many features to help you succeed in the area of SEO and increase your website’s search engine visibility.

Hubshout Has Free Resources

Hubshout has valuable resources you need to boost your organic traffic.

Web Grader

Discover the value of your website’s organic rankings! Get access to monthly traffic value, current keyword rankings, backlink profile and more! It’s fast, easy and you can compare it to your competitors!

Ever wonder what your site is worth? Check it out with the website grader.


I wrote Renee from Hubshout marketing and asked what this dollar value is based on.

She responded, “Keyword value is a rough approximation of the value of your organic traffic. I say rough because we are dividing the monthly search volume by your position and then multiplying it by cost per click. This means if there is a term that has 100 searches per much we assume a position 1 ranking gets 100 visits (100/1) and a number 10 ranking gets 10 (100/10). Actual click-through rates may be higher or lower.”

“This means if there is a term that has 100 searches per much we assume a position 1 ranking gets 100 visits (100/1) and a number 10 ranking gets 10 (100/10). Actual click-through rates may be higher or lower.”

What keywords do you rank for? You can learn at Hubshout.

These are the keywords I rank for:



These are valuable metrics.

I rank for the five keywords on the left side of the screenshot. In other words, my articles about those topics appear on Page 1.

Is it true? Is Hubshout accurate? Let’s take a keyword Hubshout reports I rank for and see.

For example, am I really in Position 2 on Google’s first page for the keyword “”

Let’s see.



Here are the first 4 entries on Google’s Page 1 for the keyword “” As you can see, mine is #4. Although I’m not at Position #2, I am indeed on Google’s Page 1 for the keyword

Note: If you click on “See details,” you will receive a detailed report of your organic keywords.


As you can see, Hubshout is also showing me my top-ranking content.

Look at the fourth entry. I have received so much search engine traffic from Niume, it is my best-performing post of this year, and I didn’t even publish the post this year!

Did you notice my first two entries are the same? I recently moved to a site with an SSL certificate! Google sees and as two different sites.

Note: If you click on “See details,” you will receive a detailed report of how your content ranks in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS).

Why are these metrics valuable?

If search engine users are looking for your content, create more of it.

Note: If you create the same content with the same keyword, Google may not know which one to rank. Vary your focus keyword.

For example, both my Flipboard articles bring me search traffic according to since I varied the wording of the focus keyword phrase.



Your backlinks determine your Domain Rating.

Why should you care about your backlinks?

According to Hubshout,

As people’s knowledge of SEO continues to increase, the use of web graders does too! The purpose of a web grader is to assess a website’s influence on the web and identify areas of strengths and areas where you may need to make improvements.

Our values insist that we innovate, so we consistently survey our customers to find out what they want and what they need. We also value knowledge so we provide this web grader to give you insight into areas that are strong and areas where you need to dig deeper and improve-information that is crucial to the success of a website’s ranking in the search results.

According to Backlinko,

Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.

The HubShout web grader provides a quick look into a website’s backlink profile-this includes its domain rating, number of referring domains, and the number of backlinks it has. The web grader also provides insight into keyword rankings and pages with top content. 

Competitor Analysis


As you can see, after assessing my site, Hubshout is giving me the opportunity to compare my metrics against three of my competitors.


Hubshout has a blog with valuable articles with cutting-edge information.


In addition to getting SEO tips from the Hubshout blog, you can get the information from the videos the company offers.


For those of you who learn by looking at visuals, Hubshout’s infographics are informative as well as professionally-designed.


Would you prefer to learn about SEO online? Attend one of the webinars Hubshout is offering.

Hubshout has Paid Plans


Need help in the area of SEO? Outsource to Hubshout.

According to Hubshout, “Our resellers are our partners, not affiliates. They are small to medium-sized online marketing firms. We provide private labeled marketing services for their clients.”

When you become one of their partners, you are given a dashboard available to you 24/7 where you can see your progress.

You are also assigned a designated account manager you can contact with questions or concerns.

Testimonials gave Hubshout a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

According to Backlinko, “Hubshout is fast, easy to use, and gives you the ability to stack your website against your competitors and compare their SEO metrics side-by-side, making the HubShout web grader an excellent tool to add value to proposals or a campaign analysis.”

If you are interested, many more testimonials are available online.


Hubshout’s resources are free although their SEO services are paid plans.

Note: This was a sponsored post, but the opinions contained herein are my own.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Hubshout is full of resources for website creators.

The site will teach you about your own site as well as offer you tips about how to become more knowledgeable in the area of SEO. The company does all this in a variety of ways. Whatever your learning style, there is something helpful for you at Hubshout.

I have been happily using the data the site offers for years, and now you can as well.

Readers, please share so other bloggers and website creators know how to use Hubshout to boost their skills and knowledge in the area of search engine optimization.

Have you heard of Hubshout? What is your opinion of the free resources? I look forward to your views in the comments section.


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  1. Mera

    This has been extremely helpful. I look forward to diving in more to Hubspot and to your blog. I found you on bloglovin. Thanks for the great post!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mera,
      Thanks for writing me and telling me how you found my blog. I always wonder. Hubspot is easy to use, and, as my post mentioned, offers a wealth of information we can use to repeat our successes at search engines. Nice to meet you. Thanks for your comments. I am happy to have your readership.

  2. Ellen Pilch

    I have never heard of this. Thanks for the information, I am off to check it out.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ellen,
      Great to see you! Thanks for coming by today and writing me. Hubspot offers a wealth of information, and we pay nothing to find out these metrics. We need the data to make informed decisions going forward. Have fun over there.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Looks like a pretty cool breakdown here. I dig the dollar value of the organic search of your blog. Neat how Hubshout lists out the factors and how it helps determine the value. Way cool.

    Thanks for shining light on this company. I know more than a few of my blogger followers on Twitter who want to get their SEO game in order will enjoy this post.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for saying your Twitter followers would appreciate my article. I always appreciate your retweets, as you know.
      I was pretty excited when I saw the dollar amount too! I remember when it was $600.00! =)
      Thanks for writing!

    • Julie Syl Kalungi

      I agree with you Ryan,

      Funny how when I used to blog daily my blog dollar value was way higher…So it looks like the more one blogs the higher…Although Seth Godin wouldn’t agree lol.

      With that said, I know blogger whose blogs aren’t ranking in search, who are making dollar via Sponsored posts 🙂 Go figure!

    • Janice Wald

      Glad I could tell you about something new Rebecca. Thank you for writing to tell me I did. Enjoy the site.

  4. lejla

    I haven’t heard about this. Thanks for sharing all of these useful information with us. Great article!

  5. Best Wedding photographer in jaipur

    thank you so much for sharing this information

  6. Jitendra Vaswani


    This tool is new to my knowledge. But it seems to use. We all spend money on expensive tools and we are always looking for better ones. The fact that this tool is free is amazing. I will surely try out this tool.

    Thanks for sharing this great review with us.
    Have a great day ahead.

  7. Edward Thorpe

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for doing the review on Hudshout’s free seo tool. Hadn’t heard of it, but took time out from your post to play with it. Like it,

  8. ANAND

    Many many thanks for sharing this post. Absolutely this is very useful post. It is showing domain rating and back links and referring domains. And here we can compare our site with other sites.

  9. Sharon Smith

    Hi Janice Wald,
    Great thanks for this valued post!
    HubShout has developed the industry leading SEO reseller and white labelled online marketing program. Each reseller gets a white label dashboard for tracking all of their client’s online marketing programs. I love Hubshout so much. ??

  10. Lea

    How interesting. Thank you so much. I’ve learned so much from you (and have so much more to learn!) Every time I read your blog posts I have to force myself to stop reading or I’ll read way to long.

    I think your blog is worth more than $8,311. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lea,
      Since I blog during this time of the week, I normally don’t respond to commenters until tomorrow. I try to stay regimented so I get everything done.
      However, I just had to write you to tell you how great your comment made me feel, especially the line last about the dollar amount.

      Big smile over here, Lea; thank you so much again. A little validation really does go a long way.

  11. Emmanuel Ekanem

    Wow! This is so cool Janice, l’ll definitely check it out and see how it goes. Thank you so much fot this article.

  12. Leanne Le Cras

    I’ll definitely be having a look at this – as soon as I saw the word “free” you had my attention! Also I’m not a great at the whole SEO thing so any help I can get in that area is a bonus. Thanks for another great tip Janice.
    Leanne |

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      Great to hear from you yesterday. Thanks for writing me. Many people struggle with SEO so it is definitely nice when we have free tools to play with.

  13. Amrita Basu (Misra)

    Need to use this and see.Great info and help right on time

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Amrita,
      Thanks for writing me. I am glad my Hubshout review was timely for you. Thanks for clicking my link over at Pit Stop.

  14. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    A very interesting resource that I wll be checking out. Thanks for sharing this on the Blogger’s Pit Stop where it will help a lot of bloggers.

  15. adam

    Hey guys.. Thanks so much for trying out our tool. We LOVE to hear feedback on how we can help bloggers (we were all bloggers once-upon-a-time). Let us know how the Web Grader could be even better.

    On that note, we’ve been thinking about another Blogger Tool that would

    1) Do an analysis of your post
    2) Suggest research facts and statistics that would beef up the content using LSI analysis
    3) Suggest an image / infographic for the piece

    We envision this as another free blogger tool. But we are not sure if it would be useful. What do you think?


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