How You Can Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Triberr

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Twitter and Triberr work together.

Are you here for a Triberr guide?

Great idea. 

When you use Triberr, you boost your ROI, web traffic, and branding.

Are you a blogger? 

Do you feel you have done everything you can think of to boost your stats?  What if there are tactics you haven’t thought of to boost your page views?  Many people have not used Triberr because they have never heard of it.

Do you ever wish you had some help promoting your blog?  After all, blogging articles explain that you should be spending at least as much time promoting your blog as writing it.  What if you had some help?  Triberr is designed to give you that help.  Triberr gives you free help promoting your blog.

I know a blogger who confessed that writing and promoting takes up all of her free time.  I’m sure many bloggers can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed.  After all, sleeping still has some appeal.

Triberr is full of bloggers, people with your interests, willing to retweet your blog posts for you on Twitter.  Tribes full of people exist just to share your blog links.  By using Triberr, in addition to Twitter, you are expanding your blog’s reach around the world.

Do you want to know how wide my reach is?  I am only a member of six tribes, but if their

Triberr can help give your blog posts more exposure.

Triberr can help give your blog posts more exposure.

members share my blog links to their combined Twitter followers, 729 thousand people could see my blog posts!  The arrow in the screenshot on the right is pointing at my combined reach, 729 K.


How to Use Triberr

Step 1: Go to and make a free account.  Premium memberships exist that you can pay for if you want to increase your blog’s visibility.

Step 2: Find Tribes.  You can belong to as many tribes as you want, but you can only link two blogs to your Triberr account.

There are several ways to find tribes full of people who write about your blog’s content.  First, you could click “Tribes.”  Scroll down until you see “Explore Tribes.”  Click the drop down menu and “Select A Category.”  I write about blogging, so I picked Writing.  Tribes of people, just waiting to share my blog links, came up.  Pick the ones that interest you.

Weigh the criteria of tribes that are good tribes for you.  Ask yourself these questions.  How many members do they have?  The more members retweeting your links, the more exposure your blog will get.  What is their combined reach?  The bigger the better.  Their combined reach is more important than how many members they have.  Perhaps go into the tribe and see how active their members are.

You could also go to the search bar at the top of the screen where the magnifying glass is.  A drop down menu will allow you to search by topics or people.

After weighing the criteria and deciding you want to join a tribe, click “follow”.  At this point, you are still not a member.  Once you click “follow,” you will be asked if you want a promotion to be a member.  As a follower, you can see other members blog posts.  They can only see, and share, yours if you are a member.

There is an additional way to find tribes.  Make a bonfire.  (Cute, huh?)  Click on “bonfire” where you can start a new comment thread where you can introduce yourself and your topic and hope people invite you.

When you signed up, you put in your Email.  The chief will write you and tell you if you made the cut.

Step 3: Sharing your tribe’s posts on Twitter: There is a green box to the right of the title you think your Twitter followers will like.  Hover over it and it will say “Share”.  A check mark will appear, and your Twitter readers will see it.

Step 4: How to know if anyone has shared your posts: In “Stream,” under your post’s title, it says “Affinity” if anyone has shared your link on Twitter.  To see who shared it, click “Stats”.

Share the Triberr love.  If people are kind enough to retweet your blog links to their Twitter followers, you should do the same for them.

How to do it?  How can you know who has tweeted your links and for which blog posts?

When you click Stream, you will see pictures of the people who have shared your link at the top.

In conclusion, in addition to getting more exposure, you can find great content on Triberr you wouldn’t normally have been exposed to.  Since you’re “exploring” topics your readers like, you have more material to consider reblogging.  It’s like having a guest post–great content for your readers without having to do the writing.

Readers, if you think other bloggers could benefit from Triberr, please share.

Do you have any experiences with Triberr?  Are there any other traffic-inducing ways you have discovered you’d like to share?  I look forward to your views.

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    • Jobs Ali

      Thank you very much I was also signup but my blog is hosted in blogger, how can use in blogger please guide me

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Jobs Ali!
        Nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Blogger since I use WordPress. However, I use to use Blogger. Why would it be different from WordPress? Is there a “Help” or “Contact” link you can ask there? I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi, I loved that class; I signed up for 102. Thanks again for the tip. I got many more followers.

      • K. Renae P.

        I’ve thought about taking 201 again. I wasn’t able to really get much done the last time b/c work was CRAZY! When does 201 start?

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Renae,
          By the way, I got NINETY new followers thanks to the WordPress class you turned me onto. Thank you Thank you Thank you
          As far as Triberr, cool, we can be tribemates =)
          This is what you do, go into Triberr. There is a search bar at the top. Type in my Twitter handle: MrsPaznanski (no period at the end of Mrs.). I will come up. Click my name and you will see my blog posts and those who have written under them. To join my tribes, do the following: again type MrsPaznanski into the search bar. This time click “Tribes” and my tribes will come up. Try and join. First “follow” then write the chief and ask for a promotion to be a member. Let me know if we end up tribesmates =). My Triberr post did well. I’m glad there is such interest. Janice

  1. Susan Langer

    I’ve been usingTriber for about a month and belong to six tribes. It does work and spread the word. I have two blogs: one about pets and pet care, relationships and three tribes are pet bloggers or writers and the second blog is about mental health awareness, education, and support and I have tree tribe for that topic and writing.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear it works. I have a Triberr question, though. It has said for three days that people have shared my links on Twitter, but it is in 77 queues. On Thursday it said my “Analytics” post was in 78. Only moved up one in 3 days? Odd or normal? Thanks.

      • Susan Langer

        I am not sure. I have not checked my analytics since I am newer blogger with low numbers of registered to my blogs.

  2. Lysa

    Thanks for another wonderful blogging tip! I’m on my cell phone right now but will definitely check out this tribber when I get on the computer next!

    Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

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  4. adrianscrazylife

    I have no heard of Triberr. Seems like there is always one more social platform than I can ever keep up with. I tried Stumble Upon recently, but I don’t understand it and it seems quite buggy to me. I am always getting technical error screens on it. I really find my faithful SITS Girls to be my best source of traffic – so much so that I stay up until 1 AM every Friday night so I can grab one of the top spots in their Sharefest. I was lucky enough to capture the #1 spot this week. Plus, they are dear friends and I feel great loyalty to them. They have offered me more support over the years than anyone else. #SITSSharefest

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Adrian,
      You and I both stay up till midnight to be the first people who link up at the SITS girls. I heard if we are in the first 20 we get more traffic from their site, and I find that to be true.
      I try and keep up with a different form of social media each day, one day Triberr, one day Google +, etc.
      Please advise me on how I can make more use of the SITS girl to increase blog traffic. I have read many of their articles. Is there any other way they can help me grow my blog? Thanks for the ideas and writing me.

  5. Wysjoyfulcompany

    I woke up to look at some of the blogs but I am feeling overwhelmed so I will wait before doing this one. I did enjoy the information so I will reblog so I can come back to it.

    • Janice Wald

      I don’t recall thanking you for the reblog. There has been great interest in my post. I hope you got traffic from having it on your site. Thank you so much for exposing my writing to your followers. I am so grateful for the support.

  6. Damita M-S

    Thanks for sharing this good information. I have heard of Triberr but had not taking the time to learn more. Thanks for doing that part for me. I’m going to check it out today. Thanks again.

  7. Damita M-S

    I went to Triberr and registered for an account. But I soon found it was a lot of information to take in. I will go back and look again later. But again thanks for the information. It is a lot of people.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for following my blog!
      It took me a couple of times. Once I had someone to explain Triberr to me, it was easy. That’s why I wrote the post, so it would be easy for others. Do try it again. If you have further questions, write me back.

  8. teethole

    Thanks for sharing. I blog about News,legal,real life issues. Will I be recognised in the group?
    I will more about blogging on your blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Yes, you will be recognised on Triberr, and your blog posts will as well. Your Twitter name will also be on Triberr.
      I’d be thrilled if you read more about blogging on my blog. I’d love it if you followed my blog. My tips would go straight to your Email (or reader if you prefer) and you’ll get a free private blog advice post. Here’s the link:

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  15. Mark

    Thanks for sharing another proven resource Janice!

    Sadly, I must admit, I have dropped the ball
    several times, with regards to actively using my Triberr account!

    And yes, I realize has the potential to not only provide targeted traffic
    for free, but potentially lead to meaning joint venture partner/cross promotional
    partnerships as well!

    And still, I am not as pro-active in there, as could and definitely should be!

    Thanks for reminding me, what a tremendous, potential free resource it can be!

  16. Richard Odds

    Thanks for this wonderful post i was just about getting rid of my triberr account before i came across this post and i must confess it really help me Thanks once again

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Richard,
      It is my pleasure. I’m glad my article could inspire you to keep your account. I am actually planning an updated post about Triberr in the near future. Stay tuned!

  17. Karur Vysya Bank PO Answer Key 2017 set wise

    i am new to the blog..after reading this info you will gain more knowledge. triberr is the most important way to get traffic..every one must read it.

    • Janice Wald

      You came to the right place. I help bloggers here. I hope you will consider signing up to receive my newsletters. Triberr is a great way to get new traffic and Twitter followers.

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