How to Write a Review on Facebook in 2024, 9 Easy Ways

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Is it important to know how to write a review on Facebook?

Your local coffee house makes you a custom drink you love. Your handmade dress from Etsy arrived in perfect condition. And you can’t stop raving about the progress you’ve seen since working with a life coach. 

How can you show these businesses you care beyond continuing to make purchases?

What about leaving them a Facebook review?

If you have ever wondered, “How do I leave a review on Facebook,” this article is for you.

There are advantages of using Facebook to leave reviews.

With Facebook’s updates for Business Pages, it’s never been easier for people to interact with local businesses they love on social media

One of the main updates? 

Further developing the Recommendations feature, an enhanced version of the Facebook reviews system. 

Facebook understands people trust their online communities’ input on where to shop, eat, or travel. With this feature, Facebook users can create an “ask for a recommendation” post and their friends can respond with live links to the Facebook business pages they recommend. 

In other words, when you leave a review on Facebook, that business becomes eligible to be “recommended” by others, too — a beautiful way to help your favorite local businesses move the needle faster toward sustainable growth. 

By reading this guide, you discover seven ways to leave a review on desktop and two additional guidelines.

If you’re ready to give businesses some love on Facebook, but you’re not sure how, stick around to learn everything you need to know about how to write a review on Facebook. 

How to know which businesses you can review (and other important guidelines) 

Let’s get straight into it. 

If a business has turned on its “Reviews” setting, you can recommend them. 

Take a look at FusionAuth, a SaaS solution for developers interested in SAML vs OAuth systems: 

how to write a review on facebook

(Image Source)

On its Facebook business page, you can see it lists a “Reviews” tab in the red rectangle above. This indicates that FusionAuth is eligible for Facebook recommendations. 

One important note: If a business has turned off its “Reviews” setting, you can’t recommend them. 

Take a look at Leathercult, an apparel brand that specializes in selling leather pants

A screenshot showing a missing Reviews tab on Facebook.

(Image Source)

If you look inside of the red rectangle, you’ll notice it’s missing a “Reviews” tab. This means Leathercult has turned off its reviews. 

If you’d like to recommend a business page that has reviews turned off, consider asking them to turn the feature on in their privacy settings so you can show your appreciation. 

Why would a business choose to turn off Facebook reviews?

Some businesses may choose to omit this setting from their Facebook page in an effort to prevent spammy messages, inappropriate comments from irate customers, and poor reviews. In this case, consider asking the business if there’s another review site you can use to leave a positive recommendation, such as Google or Yelp. 

How to Write a Review on Facebook

Here are a couple of other housekeeping duties you should keep in mind before attempting to write a review on Facebook.

Review Facebook character limits 

Your Facebook review will need to be at least 25 characters long. That’s about four to six words depending on letter count and spacing.

While there’s no max character limit listed that we could find, we decided to conduct our own test — but we stopped after 44,616 characters. 😂 So, it’s safe to say you have plenty of room to work with. 

Follow Facebook’s community guidelines 

As part of its community standards, Facebook asks that all reviewers follow its guidelines to prevent potential post removal.

While Facebook doesn’t verify user purchases, it does ask that you:

  • Focus on the product or service the business offers
  • Don’t manage the Page for the business you’re reviewing
  • Base your review on personal experience 

Related reading about the violation of community guidelines: Facebook Jail Release

Responding to a review request 

If you view an ad on Facebook via the iPhone app or the Android app, you may be asked to review your purchasing experience with that business — whether you made a purchase or not. 

If you didn’t buy anything, you can let Facebook know by following these two simple steps:

  1. Access the review request in your Feed.
  2. Tap “Didn’t make a purchase.”


If you did buy something and would like to leave a review, follow these four steps:

  1. Access the review request in your Feed.
  2. Choose the star rating you’d like to give the business. 
  3. Click “Tell others what you liked or didn’t like” and write your review.
  4. Tap “Finish”. 

Pro-Tip: Want to review a brand you love but don’t know what to say? Beat writer’s block and get inspired with brainstorming prompts from an AI text generator. Simply enter a few words about your experience and watch as the generator spits out some ideas for you. While this tool isn’t perfect, it’s a great resource to use when you’re feeling stuck on where to start.

What to include in your Facebook review 

Piggybacking on the guidelines from above, let’s draw up some mock review examples to help you brainstorm your upcoming Facebook review.

Here are three ideas you can use to help you focus your Facebook review:

Place a hyper-focus on the product or service 

If you can’t get enough of a particular product or service, let that be the star of your review. 


When you were planning your wedding, your groomsmen were worried their attire would be expensive, uncomfortable, and lack the proper fit.  

Luckily, you found a brand called StudioSuits that offers men’s suits at a generous discount and offers custom options. Score! 

Not only were your groomsmen pleased with their final cost, but they also loved their suits so much, that they’ve been wearing them to other weddings and formal events since then. 

With this in mind, here’s how you might place the spotlight on the products you ordered: 

“My groomsmen are still raving about the custom suits they purchased from StudioSuits for our Spring wedding last year. Not only were they happy with the fit and price, but they also can’t stop talking about how soft the fabric is. They even joke about starting a “tuxedo” or “suit” night just for an excuse to wear these beauties. Can’t say enough about StudioSuits!”

Highlight your epic customer experience 

Your entire experience was a dream. From initial contact to software consideration to purchase to onboarding. So, why not take potential customers on a ride to let them know what their experience could look like, too?


You’ve been on the hunt for an application tracking system (ATS) that can help you simplify and speed up your recruiting processes. For now, you’ve been relying on outdated HR software solutions and an overwhelming spreadsheet.  

After some digging and research, you found Matchr, a SaaS solution that offers ATS software in line with your specific goals. After signing up for a welcome call, choosing a solution, and completing the onboarding process, you’re over the moon impressed. 

Not only did the rep take their time to answer every question on your long list, but they also continued to follow up with you until your needs were met. A showstopping experience, to say the least.

With this in mind, here’s how you can highlight your customer experience in your review:

“Lisa and the team from Matchr were an absolute dream to work with. After signing up for a welcome call, Lisa and the team went the extra mile by answering all of my questions, without hesitation or a tinge of annoyance. They held my hand throughout the entire onboarding process and are still available anytime I get stuck or have additional questions. If you’re looking for an HR solution that’s not only effective but that also comes with a supportive onboarding team, look no further than Matchr.”

Beam about the tremendous value you’ve received 

When a product or solution is changing your business or life, you have to tell the world about it. 


You never knew you needed a portable filtered water bottle until you had to live without one on of your recent travels where tap water wasn’t safe to drink. 

But after finding ClearlyFiltered? Now your travels look different. Not only can you safely drink water from any spring, water fountain, or faucet, but you’re also looking into ways you can help these communities get access to safe water bottles, too. Now your body and your altruistic heart can thank you.

With this in mind, here’s how you can highlight the value you received in your review:

“As a frequent traveler, I can’t say enough about the filtered water bottles ClearlyFiltered offers. After getting sick on one of my recent travels after drinking spring water, I knew I had to find a convenient way to help me get access to clean water, anywhere in the world. Since my purchase, I’ve been to three countries that didn’t offer potable drinking water and I was able to safely consume the water out of my filtered bottle. Not only has this water bottle changed my traveling experience and my health, but it’s also inspired me to donate filtered water bottles to communities in need.”

How to write a review on Facebook from start to finish (using a desktop computer) 

Now that we’ve covered our our bases, let’s leave a review!

Here’s how to use your computer to write and post a Facebook review:

Step one: Search for the brand you’d like to review 

Search for the brand you’d like to review using Facebook’s search bar at the top.

how to write a review on Facebook

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step two: Click “Reviews”

Choose the “Reviews” tab.

A screenshot showing the Facebook Reviews tab.

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step three: Answer “yes” to the recommendation prompt

Click “Yes” in the recommendation pop-up prompt.

A screenshot showing the Facebook recommendation pop-up.

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step four: Write your review 

Use the insights we shared previously to write your review. 

Writing a Facebook review screenshot.

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step five: Click “Post” 

Choose “Post”.

Choosing Post on a Facebook review.

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step six: Double-check your published review 

Make sure your review posted.

Facebook review screenshot.

(Image provided by Ioana)

Step seven: Edit your review if you catch any mistakes 

See any mistakes you didn’t notice prior to posting? 

You can easily edit them by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your review and choosing “Edit post”, like so:

How to edit a Facebook review screenshot.

(Image provided by Ioana)

You can also delete your review here if needed. Just click “Delete post” instead of “Edit post”.

PS: Want to leave a review using the Android app, iPhone app, or iPad app, instead? Here’s a quick Facebook review tutorial to help walk you through it.

How to Write a Review on Facebook: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I leave a review?

You can use Facebook to leave a business review. Make sure you follow the character limit and the Community Guidelines. Make sure the brand allows reviews. If so, click the Reviews tab on the brand’s Facebook Business Page.

Where is the review button on Facebook?

The Review button is not a button. To leave a review for a business, click the Review tab on the company’s Facebook Business Page.

Wrap Up: How to Write a Review on Facebook

And that’s it! You’ve officially written a review on Facebook. 

Now you know the answer to the question, “How do I leave a review on Facebook?”

Doesn’t it feel good to support the businesses you care so much about?

Don’t forget to save this post in case you’d like to review other businesses on Facebook!

Thanks so much for reading, and happy posting!

Readers, please share so happy customers discover how to write a review on Facebook.

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