How to Write a Blog About Yourself, 10 Ways

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How to write a blog about yourself

Janice Wald

How to write a blog about yourself.

A bad idea, right?

After all, a blog is not a journal.

Readers may get bored with your ramblings.

Blog posts should help readers solve their problems. Posts should be about your visitors and not about you.

This post will teach you a handy trick: How to write a blog about yourself and at the same time help your readers.

After reading this post, you will have the best of both worlds: You can write about yourself and at the same time improve user experience on your site.

Don’t you love a win-win situation? I know I do.

By reflecting on the Mostly Blogging highest traffic generators for 2019, you can learn how to write about yourself and simultaneously help your blog visitors.

Why reflect on 2019?

Why not just go full steam ahead into 2020 and hope for the best?

In the blogging world, we constantly need to improve our practice.

By reflecting on my top-performing posts of 2019, my Top 10 best blog posts, you can see what made these posts successes.

By the way, the answer to the question, “What made these posts successful?” is always the same: Your posts will go viral if you help other people.

What better way to do that than by writing about yourself, topics you know well and are passionate about?

Let’s see how to write a blog about yourself and at the same time help your readers.

How to Write a Blog about Yourself

Writing about yourself is possible when you make an important shift:

Write your posts from the eyes of your readers.

Consider these comments from a furniture marketer:

“Businesses should put themselves in their potential clients’ shoes and see things from their perspective. This is how they emphasize and build trust: by knowing their customers.” Source: Lily on 5 Quick Tips to Triple Your Website Sales Overnight

Write your posts from the perspective of your readers and your posts’ traffic will soar. In addition, according to Lily, your sales will increase.

Let’s analyze the topic of the posts as well as analyze the possible reasons these posts went viral in 2019.

Note: For the purposes of this analysis, “viral” is defined as having unusually high page views.

Best Blog Posts of 2019

1. MeWe Review: Danger- Your Privacy Is at Risk- This Is a Facebook Alternative

Image Credit

The topic of the post:

A review of the new social media site MeWe.

Why I believe the post went viral:

Reason 1: Keyword research

how to write about yourself

As you can see from the screenshot, 22 different keywords or keyword phrases bring up my MeWe post.

Reason 2: The post touched a nerve this year.

In 2018, Facebook was repeatedly blamed for selling users’ private data. MeWe founder Mark Weinstein insists he’ll never sell users’ data.

Plus, Mark Weinstein keeps MeWe front and center in the news.

For instance, Weinstein keeps sharing his donors’ large donations to the site.

Recently, Weinstein declared MeWe is a rival for Facebook putting to rest talk that Facebook was a monopoly with no competition and should break up.

Since printing this screenshot on November 14, the MeWe review picked up an additional 500 page views in the last two weeks. I predict it will be at 7,000 page views by year’s end.

Reason 3: I consistently update the post.

I am on MeWe’s mailing list. Therefore, I’m notified when the site has a Public Relations announcement or an update.

When I receive the new information, I add it to my post. Google likes updated information. The powerful search engine likes to show current information to its users.

2. Google+ Closes: 13 More Social Media Sites to Make You Happy

The topic of the post:

Just like a reporter, I scooped a story!

I happened to be scrolling through Twitter when I discovered Google+ was closing its doors.

What would bloggers do?

Where would they go to promote their posts?

I conducted research to see if there were any social media sites on the rise.

The post discusses the 13 social media sites still growing their user base with empirical evidence in the form of screenshots.

Why I believe the post went viral:

The post was timely. Solving the problem Google+’s closure created for bloggers was timely. Make your posts relevant and you’ll make them helpful.

The topic of this post is how to write a blog about yourself while you help your readers.

True confessions: This post is about me as well as my readers.

I was trying to meet a need my readers have– places to promote their blog content.

Hey, I’m a blogger. I need places to promote my blog content too.

Do you see how to write a blog about yourself while helping others?

3. 18 Ways the Renderforest Free Online Video Maker Will Make You a Better Content Creator

Can you believe I wrote the post in 2017, over two years ago, and my Renderforest review was my third-best traffic generator of 2019?

The topic of the post:

I reviewed the Renderforest video creator.

Why I believe the post went viral:

I write about video making tools consistently. Why does this particular post continue to pick up mass page views years after publication?

Using Ubersuggest, I discovered I rank for the term “Renderforest hack.” I updated my Renderforest post with the tag.

These are old metrics. Checking Google, I can see my post is on Google Page 1 Position 2 for the term.

I also rank on Page 1 for the term “Renderforest free premium account.”

Just like Top Performing Post #1, this clearly shows the importance of keyword research.

4. 13 Quick and Free Unfollow Tools for 3 Social Media Sites

The post was published mid-year, in late June, which gave it less time to generate traction than my posts published earlier in the year.

Regardless, this post still finished in 4th-place for the best-performing post of 2019.

The topic of the post:

Free unfollow apps that help you unfollow followers that don’t follow you back at Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Why I believe the post went viral:

Reason 1: Okay, I got lucky. Almost immediately after the June publication, in early July, Instagram announced it was banning the use of 3rd-party apps. Therefore, there was a massive interest in this topic.

Reason 2: When you put numbers in headlines, they do well. This headline has two numbers in it.

Reason 3: I updated the post when new information became available. Google likes to show updated content to its readers.

Reason 4: Google likes to show posts with structured data to its readers. I used both a Table of Contents and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) box.

Reason 5: The importance of keyword research.

Let’s examine the screenshot again:

how to write about yourself

Look at the first entry on the screenshot. Can you believe 61 different keywords bring up my post? It’s true!


In a mere two weeks since I printed the screenshot and started this draft, my post about unfollow apps passed the Renderforest post for the number of page views. This unfollow app post will finish as my 3rd-best performer of 2019.

How to Write a Blog about Yourself

How is this post about me?

It’s absolutely about me. I use the apps described in the post consistently. By writing about my own interests and activities, I am helping my readers who have the same interests and activities– unfollowing people who don’t follow them back on social media sites.

Using these apps is critical to growing your social media following. This is especially true on sites like Instagram that only let you follow a maximum of 7500 people.

5. This Is How to Use WhatsApp to Get Blog Traffic: 12 Quick Ways

The post was written in the middle of 2017 and is my 5th-best performer of 2019, two years later.

The topic of the post:

A review of WhatsApp and how it helps bloggers generate traffic.

Why I believe the post went viral:

I have a built-in audience.

According to KWFinder, 69,400,000 people search for information about WhatsApp monthly.

6. 18+ Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today

Are there certain posts that are nearer and dearer to your heart than others?

This 2017 post is one that I am quite fond of.

Believing no one but me would be interested, I kept this as a shelf post ready to use in the event my planned article fell through.

Imagine my happy surprise when the post immediately accrued thousands of page views and I knew it would be one of the best performers of the year.

I could not at the time predict the post would be one of my best performers of every year since publication.

The screenshot only shows this year’s page views. Actually, the post received well over 5,000 page views since its publication and is my 7th-best performing post of all time.

The topic of the post:

The post lists Facebook groups where you can promote your content without being called a “spammer.”

Why I believe the post went viral:

Reason 1: Simple. The post fills a need. Bloggers need places to promote their blog content without being judged negatively.

Reason 2: I updated the post. The post stayed at the top of my traffic generators for a very long time. When I saw the post’s page views falling, I added new content.

Initially, the post was a list of Facebook groups where you can promote daily.

When I added new content, I added a list of Facebook groups where you can promote weekly.

How to write a blog post about yourself:

Can you see how this post is about me? I needed Facebook groups where I could promote daily without being accused of spamming. Yet, when I presented the information, I presented the list of groups as a way to help bloggers.

Writing a blog post about yourself successfully takes a simple shift in perspective.

7. Instagram Online: 89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know

I had some extra time on my hands at the beginning of the year.

The result: My 7th best post of 2019, so successful I turned the post into a downloadable ebook and my first paperback.

The topic of the post:

Instagram has been all the rage for some time. I didn’t want to miss all the excitement over the site, so I learned how to use Instagram.

I wrote all I knew at the time, 89 tips.

Why I believe the post went viral:

Look at the headline: “89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know.”

The headline has a number. I read odd numbers do better than even numbers.

Next, according to the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, the headline contains an emotional word, “secrets.” Everyone wants to know secrets.

Notice the headline tells people they “need to know” these secrets.

Finally, the number 89 is so large that people feel with 89 tips, there must be value in the post somewhere for them.

This article has repeatedly stressed the importance of keyword research. What’s interesting to me is the Instagram post ranks for a different keyword than my target keyword.

My target keyword is “Instagram online.” Yet, the post ranks for the keyword term “Instagram secrets,” one of the tags in the post.

8. About Me

How to Write a Blog about Yourself on Your About Me Page

No post about how to write a blog about yourself would be complete without a discussion of your About Me page.

Make sure your About Me page shines.

Your About Me page is usually the first place people go to check you out to see if they want to follow your blog. Therefore, I’m surprised my About Me page finished eighth instead of first.

Start your About Me page by telling visitors what they will get when they spend time on your blog.

I recently put a video at the top of my About Me page, so I have this in writing as well as in a video.

Only then should you tell people about yourself.

In other words, writing about yourself on your About Me page is fine but only after you write about how time on your blog will benefit your readers.

Here is more information about how you can write the perfect About Me page.

9. 3 Free Online Video Maker Tools: How to Easily Enter the Video Age

Another 2017 post stayed at the top of my leaderboards.

The topic of the post:

As I learned more about video making tools, I blogged about my newest video tools, Lumen5, Animoto, and Instagram Video.

Why I believe the post went viral:

In the two years since the post was written, the “Lumen5” keyword brings my article a great deal of traffic.

Notice: You can’t get away from the importance of keyword research.

10. The 50 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas You Need to Get Unstuck Now

Exciting news: Since the publication of this screenshot, this post received so many additional page views, it passed the post in the Number 9 spot and didn’t finish in 10th place!

The topic of the post:

Guest author Nikola Roza shared 50 first blog post ideas.

Why I believe the post went viral:

Reason 1: The post was relevant. Nikola’s 50 ideas for lifestyle blog topics resonated with people on many levels.

Here’s why:

First, all bloggers struggling to avoid or overcome Writer’s Block found the topic list helpful. Next, there are many valuable ideas in the post for lifestyle bloggers as well as all bloggers.

Reason 2: The importance of keyword research. Once again, let’s examine the screenshot.

how to write a blog about yourself

Can you tell 16 keywords will bring up my “lifestyle blog post ideas” post on Google?

Reason 3: I updated the post. I added an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) box. Hopefully, when people type the questions I added into search engines, my post will come up.

11. Ubersuggest: This Is the Free SEO Tool Guide You Need

Since I promised you an analysis of my Top 10 blog posts of 2019, and my About Me page is a static page and not a post, we’ll analyze my Ubersuggest post.

The topic of the post:

A review of Neil Patel’s SEO tool, Ubersuggest.

Why I believe the post went viral:

I have published three articles about Ubersuggest. Why does this particular post continue to accrue page views?

Reason 1: The post was timely at the time of publication. Neil Patel had recently purchased Ubersuggest and people needed to know how to use this tool for keyword research.

Reason 2: As Neil Patel adds new features to the tool, I continue to update the post with a description of the new features. As you know, Google likes fresh content.

Wrapping Up: How to Write a Blog about Yourself While Helping Others


  • Realize the purpose of your blog is to help others.
  • Remember the importance of keyword research.
  • It’s okay to write about yourself as long as you present your ideas from the perspective of what will help your reader. This will improve the user experience.
  • Update your posts. These SEO tools will tell you which posts to update.
  • If you can get your posts to rank well on Google, you’ll receive traffic for years. Many of these posts have brought me a great deal of traffic since 2017.
  • Your posts need to be relevant, in other words, timely.

By analyzing what made my top posts the most successful this year, you can emulate my wins on your own blogs.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover how to write a blog about themselves while solving their readers’ problems.

Don’t you love win-win?

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you detect any other patterns in these answers? Are there any additional Takeaways you can add?

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  1. Bella X | at 1:17 am

    I have written 3 blogs for my websites. The content is promotional, informative, knowledgeable to get my viewers attention. Above all I make sure it interesting to keep viewers want to read more. I always try not to be too long winded and always straight to the point. Always focusing on what I want to get across rather than talking about not relevant issues.

    • Janice Wald | at 1:51 am

      Hi Bella,
      That is exactly how you should write for your readers.
      You said your content is knowledgeable so as to engage your reader. Your content sounds very educational as well.
      Thank you for commenting.

    • Janice Wald | at 11:36 am

      Hi Natalie,
      I see from your headline (I have CommentLuv so I can see your headline) we are in the same niche. I also have a post coming out soon on 2020 trends.
      Thanks for complimenting my posts. Much appreciated!
      Thanks as well for validating my tips that blogging frequency matters.
      I am also a Trello fan. My business manager and I use it to collaborate.
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Nikola Roza | at 2:37 am

    Hi Janice, thanks for mentioning me here. That article I wrote fro you was a real win for both of us. You ranked for 20 new keywords, while I learned that highly authoritative websites rank faster in Google. It inspired me to focus more on link building and now I see it finally starting to pay off.
    Here’ for another great year!

    • Janice Wald | at 3:14 pm

      Hi Nikola,
      That is mind-boggling! 20 new keywords! Yes, it was a win-win! The experience also cemented our friendship =)!
      Congratulations on your link-building methods paying off. Other than guest posting what tips can you share?
      It was my pleasure to mention you. Thank you for commenting.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Happy New Year Blog PartyMy Profile

      • Nikola Roza | at 1:36 am

        Hi Janice,
        I’d recommend making a list of sites that have blogger interview series. And then connecting with those bloggers by sharing, commenting and linking to their articles.
        Then after a few short months, you can approach them and ask to be interviewed on their site.
        It works because it’s free content for them, and 2-5 links for you.

        • Janice Wald | at 10:54 pm

          Hi Nikola,
          What a great idea! Do podcasts work? I was just asked to be in a podcast today. Someone interviewed me in a video. Do they have links?
          At any rate, they both are honors. I’m flattered to be asked.
          Thanks for coming by.

  3. S.R. | at 3:33 am

    I love the great distinction made here between a journal of thoughts (which was not recommended) and a personal blog that helps readers solve problems (which was recommended). Yes, the latter is what people will want to read and come back to. And the in-depth case studies of successful posts that you presented was both helpful and inspirational. Thanks for a great article.

    • Janice Wald | at 10:56 pm

      Hi Kim,
      How interesting you think so! I love this difference in opinion. Dialogue about different perspectives is the stuff good blogs are made of.
      I think people are interested only in themselves (forgive my cynicism).
      For that reason, you should write about the reader.
      If you take the suggestions in my post, you write about yourself and the reader– win-win.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Kulwant Nagi | at 1:45 am

    Writing about yourself is always a challenging part. There are two scenarios, either you know too many things about yourself or you know nothing. I know there are too many people who are in the second category, they don’t know too much about themselves and very frightened to write about it too.

    I appreciate you for having the courage to write and spreading the info in the world.
    Kulwant Nagi recently posted…5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Expired Domains + 10 Sites to Buy Expired DomainsMy Profile

  5. Kathryn Maclean | at 8:51 am

    Hi Janice! Happy New Year!
    Another tremendous article. I liked it so much I am posting it on my Facebook Page to help others as this was the idea behind it.
    How to write a Blog about Yourself while helping others.
    Thanks for all the great content!

    • Janice Wald | at 10:32 pm

      Hi Kathryn!
      Great to see you! It’s been a while! Happy New Year!
      Thanks for the wonderful compliments on my post. I appreciate you calling it “tremendous.” Thank you for sharing on Facebook as well.

  6. Rosemary | at 12:44 pm

    There’s a lot of information in here! Lots for beginners to get their teeth into and a refresher for those who have been blogging for a while. Well done Janice

  7. tellep | at 6:44 am

    To write a good blog post it needs to answer people’s needs
    Do to that i have a trix, i go to google, anf i enter the word i ant to rank on
    then i use all the terms that appear, and it makes the structures of a good article

    In this way i am sure that my blog post will answer what the searchers want and it should rank higher in the serps that way

    wht do you think about it ?
    Have you ever tried it ?
    Whith which results ?
    Best regards and see you soon
    tellep recently posted…Devenir rentier : 52 livres à lire absolument (en 2020)My Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 10:16 pm

      Hi Tellep,
      Yes, I do it all the time when I need a focus keyword or tags for my post.
      I Google my keyword. At the bottom, it says, “Searches related to…” I then take those keywords and put them into KWFinder, my go-to keyword tool to check the search volume and competition difficulty.
      The results? Great! It definitely boosts my SEO!
      Thanks for commenting.

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