How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac with Ease

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How to transfer iPhone photos to Mac


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac for Further Editing and Curation

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Editing and organizing photographs are important for us to relive our pictures and preserve sweet memories.

To edit photos, you can add filters, create photo colleges, merge live photos into video clips, make digital photo books etc. But do you notice that your photo library grows into a mess when you shoot, download, and import more and more photos to your iPhone?

Finding an iPhone photo for further editing on a computer can be very fidgety if there are a tremendous number of photos lying in a folder with only the ambiguous sort by name/date/size.

To organize photos, you can sort them by events, by person or subject and so on. A well-curated photo library makes our life productive and happier, you can grab needed photos to edit and share to a loved one. This post explains how to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer for further editing and curation.

Do you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac?

There are several ways to import photos from iPhone to computer:

1. Photos app

2. Image capture app

3. Preview app

4. Airdrop service

5. Continuity camera service (instant shot)

6. Attach photo(s) in Email

As Mac’s pre-installed apps haven’t offered us much choice in terms of importing photos in a more intuitive and organized way, we will introduce those apps later. By “intuitive and organized”, it means that we are free to sort photos by date, by photos types or albums, making the importing process a selective one.

Imagine if you have 1000 selfies waiting to be downloaded out of your 5000 pictures, what a nightmare it would be if the app displays all the photos indiscriminately. That’s where DearMob iPhone Manager comes to rescue.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

How to import photos from iPhone to Mac by albums/date

Connect your iPhone to Mac with data cable, tap “trust this computer” on iPhone screen if prompted, launch DearMob iPhone Manager and click Photo icon on the main interface. As you are all set, let’s jump into the steps:

#1: Browsing photo categories at the left column. You can view all photos in your camera roll, or better spot particular photos such as Selfies, Live Photos, Panoramas, Bursts, Screenshots, as well as photos saved from apps like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, VSCO, Snapseed, etc.

#2 To view photos in chronological order, click the dropdown menu beside “Group” and choose by day/month/year.

#3: Select photo(s) you need. You can drag and choose, or 1-click to select all.

#4: Click “Export”. Then you will see how stable and fast it is to accomplish the task. In my case, it transfers 1,000 copies of 4K photos in less than 2 minutes.

how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac by albums and date


Other handy features that facilitate iPhone photo management:

â—Ź DearMob iPhone Manager intuitively transfers both edited and original photos including key photo and live photo effects and converts a live photo into a still photo and a video.

â—Ź It keeps intact photo geotags upon transferring, meaning it will not erase your GPS data embedded in photos.

â—Ź It offers you a choice to convert HEIC into JPG format for better compatibility across devices and platforms since HEIC is less widely supported in certain photo editing software.

â—Ź Sync photos from Mac to iPhone in a simple and well-organized manner. For instance, after editing photography on Mac, you can use DearMob iPhone Manager to create albums on your iPhone and transfer photos into respective albums accordingly. Unlike iTunes, which prevents you from selective photo transfer and erase formerly synced albums if you choose another album to sync, DearMob iPhone Manager delivers a flexible workflow and never erases photos and other files against your will.

â—ŹIt supports adding photos in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp and .tiff format and auto-converts into an Apple-friendly format.

how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac flexibly

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac computer with pre-installed apps

If you are looking for native ways to transfer photos to Mac for further editing, apps like Photos, Image capture, and Preview could be your choice. However, as these apps fail to display iPhone photos in a more organized way (by date or by photo types), it could be a time-consuming process if you want to tick certain groups of photos to transfer. Find these apps with Spotlight Search (command+space) or in Launchpad if they are absent on dock.


#1 Connect your iPhone to Mac with data cable, unlock the screen and trust this computer if prompted.

#2 Select your device (identified by device name).

#3 Select desired photos and click “import “.

transfer iPhone photo


How to import photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly

If you opt for a wireless method, you can get the job done by…

Using Airdrop

Before receiving photos, make sure you have turned Airdrop Receiving on. For iPhone, swipe up the control center, firmly press at the section where Airplane Mode and WLAN icon reside, you will see airdrops pop up in this section also. For Mac, go to Finder, click Airdrop at the left column and make sure it’s on. If you are sharing an Internet connection over Wi-Fi network on your Mac, turn it off for Airdrop to work. Plus, make sure both iOS devices and Macs are not locked in order to Airdrop photos.


#1. Select photos on your iPhone and tap at the share icon at the bottom left.

#2. Tap at the device or person you want to share to, in this case, select one that indicates your Mac.

Using continuity camera

This service allows you to quickly snap a shot on your iPhone and auto insert this picture. It is supported by these apps on Mac: Finder, Mail, Notes, Pages 7.2, Keynote 8.2, Numbers 5.2, TextEdit and Messages.

Let’s say you want to insert a digital copy of the invoice in Mac’s Notes, here are the steps:

#1 Launch Notes, right click in the editing area, click “import image”.

#2 In the pop-up window, select your iPhone and you will find iPhone camera automatically turned on.

#3 Take a picture/scan your document, it will appear on your Mac.

Sending an email

You can resort to email when you fail to find a data cable or airdrop somehow doesn’t work. But this method does erase photo geotags embedded in your photo if tackled improperly.

Follow these steps:

#1 Select photo(s) and click the sharing icon at the bottom left.

#2 Enter email address and click send.

#3 Choose image size when prompted.

If you choose the actual size, GPS data of the original photo will be preserved; otherwise, you will lose geolocation information (downscale to large/medium/small size).

Wrapping Up: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you are looking for a trustworthy and intuitive way to transfer photos to computer, DearMob iPhone Manager is a good choice.

It enables you to view photos thumbnails in chronological order or by photo types and albums, making it easier to quickly spot photos you need and transfer photos from iPhone to PC and Mac. It facilitates your life with HEIC to JPG, live photo to still photo and video, sensitive photo encryption and more features that native app failed to offer, and it’s more than a photo management tool. As a stand-alone iOS tool, it runs without iTunes to backup your iPhone, transfer photos, videos, music, contact, text messages and other iOS data with the encryption method.

How to transfer iPhone photos to Mac


System: Mac OS, Windows 10/8/7/Vista, etc.

Apple devices: iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR, iPhone X/8/7/6S/6/5S/4S/Plus, iPad, iPod, etc.
iOS 12/11/10/9/8/7

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