How to Stay Consistent With Working Out and Have Fun in 2022, 6 Ways

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how to stay consistent with working out

Do you need to know how to stay consistent with working out?

Not everyone can work a job that allows for the perfect, healthy lifestyle — a yoga instructor or hiking park ranger come to mind.

Most people have jobs that involve sitting for long periods of time, a sedentary lifestyle that can’t be avoided.

In fact, many businesses have moved online prolonging the hours that workers sit at the computer.

Even before the pandemic, work-at-home moms took online jobs in order to watch their young children while they worked at home.

Being a pro-blogger or freelancer is one of the best day jobs for writers but entails many hours of sitting daily.

Employees that don’t work remotely who work on-site, unfortunately, have long commutes, working hours, and other responsibilities shave hours of possible time to exercise.

Is there anything you can do to help combat this?

In fact, there is a way to discover how to stay consistent with working out.

Let’s look at some simple things you can do to keep your body in great shape while working. 

Are you ready to learn how to stay consistent with working out?

How To Keep Your Body In Great Shape While Working

Stand Every Hour

Sitting for hours upon end can have some serious health issues as time goes on.

Blood clots, sore muscles, and a general lack of blood flow are just a few of the worst possibilities.

How to stay consistent with working out

One thing you can do is to try and stand up every hour of your workday. Doing so allows your blood to flow easier and allows your body’s muscles to come into play.

Standing desks are another popular option to allow for more standing while working.

Additionally, a short walk is just as beneficial if you can. If it’s too late and you’re experiencing knee pain, contact the healthcare experts at ThriveMD.

Remember to Drink Water

There’s a reason why we need to constantly be drinking water: Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

Lack of water can cause muscle cramps, sleepiness, and stiffness.

Coffee and tea are popular necessities for getting through the workday; however, they can also be harmful to your overall health.

These drinks are diuretics — they dehydrate your body instead of nourishing it. A good idea is to drink a mug of water before your hot beverage to help counterbalance dehydration.

How to stay consistent

Drinking water after you wake up and then throughout the day is a good way to keep your body functioning correctly.

Did you know apps exist to help you remember to drink water?

how to stay consistent with working out

It’s true! I use Plant Nanny.

The Plant Nanny sends me reminders several times a day that I need to hydrate.

Take Breaks

Your mind is a part of your body, and it needs care just like the other physical parts of you.

Working for long periods of time without breaks can cause some negative effects: stress, fatigue, and “burn-out” just to name a few. This is why it’s vital to take breaks throughout the day.

How to stay consistent with working out

Work for half an hour, take a five-minute break.

By doing this, you can even get more work done because your brain will be more rested than plowing through all day. Additionally, here is a mind-body workout you can do from home

Walk Your Dog

Your dog needs to go outside.

My dog, for instance, needs to go outside two hours after eating.

How to stay consistent with working out

Do you have a gated yard or a dog run?

Ignore it. Pretend it’s not there.

Both you and your dog can benefit from exercise.

My dog lost four badly needed pounds through exercise.

Would you like to see me walk my dogs?

By walking your dog at the same time each day, your bonding time with your pet becomes a routine you both enjoy.

Park Far From Your Location

For convenience, people park close to their locations.

Not walking far to your car saves time. Also, if you are carrying heavy packages, you get them to your car faster.

How to stay consistent with working out

Many people run at least one errand a day.

By habitually parking your car far from the entrance to your location, you increase your steps and burn calories.

Excercise with Family

My daughter lives three hours from me.

How to stay consistent with working out

Regardless, each Sunday we get together using Zoom video conferencing and exercise.

We exercise to a six-minute video.

If you are serious about wanting to know how to stay consistent with working out, you will find six minutes.

Would you like to see our exercise routine?

I exercised to Robert Preston’s “Chicken Fat” in school and always remembered the exercise routines fondly. Now I share my enthusiasm for “Chicken Fat” with my daughter and share my interest in working out with her.

How to Stay Consistent With Working Out: FAQ

How do you stay consistent with exercise?

Use apps that work as reminders. Also, use exercise as bonding time with your children and pets. Exercise with them too!

How do I motivate myself to be consistently working out?

Make exercise a routine and not a choice. Also, work out with your children. Walk your pets. Make exercise fun and a bonding experience. Then, working out won’t feel like a chore.

Wrapping Up: How to Stay Consistent With Working Out

Whether you work remotely or in person, you might be sitting for extended periods each day.

By reading this post, you discovered six ways you can exercise consistently and enjoy yourself too. By having fun, you’ll look forward to your regular exercise routines.

Readers, please share so people who sit at work for long periods of time discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you sit for long hours at work? Do you have suggestions for how to stay consistent with working out?

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  1. John Ravi

    Hi Janice,

    What an amazing share! I have recently started working out myself, and staying consistent with the process is one of the biggest challenges I have been facing. I think your tips will help me a lot. I think these tips will help me stay more active, and achieve the goals I have set for myself. Thanks for sharing such amazing tips. I am looking forward to incorporating them into my routine. I am sure it will be very helpful for me.

  2. Praveen Rajarao

    Great list here Janice.
    I do have a “Water Reminder” via the Fittr app. You can schedule the reminders for a push notification and I have it currently at every 2 hrs. Helps me keep a tab on my water intake.
    Thanks for the share.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for adding to the discussion with your great suggestion. Thank you for the compliments and your comments.

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