How to See Your Traffic Explode: Have a Linky Party Part I

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Pictures of links from a linky party

Linky parties bring massive amounts of traffic.

It’s easy to start a blog and throw a linky party.

You pick a platform and theme, adjust your settings, and start writing.

You have a voice that yearns to be heard.  You have valuable information that needs to be imparted to the masses… but the masses don’t come to listen.

At the very least, you’ll share your content with interested parties… but those are too few and far between for your liking.

If only you could find someway to get people to your site, they would see the value your content holds for them, and you’d be able to increase traffic that needs a boost.

There is a way!  Have a linky party.

Many people write me and ask if the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party I hold each week is a lot of work.  The answer, plain and simple, is yes.

The question is How badly do you want people to come to your site?  How badly do you want the traffic?

Linky parties have many advantages.  First, people come to your site who wouldn’t ordinarily be there.  It is a chance for them to see your site and what it could offer them.

Next, because linky parties hold unique opportunities for bloggers to network, the traffic is staggering.  My traffic is so high on  Monday, the day of my linky party, I have stopped writing blog posts.  Due to the linky party, I am already getting massively high page views that day.  This past Monday alone, my traffic increased more than 33%.

If the answer is that you want the exposure and the increased traffic, then you should consider having a linky party, and this post will tell you how to do it.

How to Have a Linky Party

1. I set up my post.

I upload the image provided me by the head of the linky party.  She needed assistance, and I wanted the traffic, so I offered to help.

After greeting the guests (it’s a party, after all), I announce which posts I found the most inspirational.   Having featured bloggers from the week before is standard.  I look for inspirational posts to feature since it’s the Inspire Me Monday Linky party.

I introduce the guests to their hostesses like I would at a “real” party.  This involves copy-pasting.  I do not have to type their names and social media contacts each week.

I include another graphic provided to me showing the guests the rules.  I have been to various linky parties.  They each have a different set of criteria for posting links.  At ours, all links are welcome.

2. When I’m done setting up the post, I need the link.  What’s a linky party without a link?  My cohostess got an account at InLinkz.  The account is free.  She gets a code from InLinkz which she gives me each week in a private Facebook group she set up.

I also need an account at InLinkz to access the link.  Setting up an account was free for me just as it was for her.

When I click on the code, it takes me to InLinkz.  I sign in, and the code for that week’s linky party is waiting for me.

I copy it, and go back to my post.

I change from visual to text mode and paste the code where I want the link.

I change back to visual mode, and wahla, we have a linky party ready to start within hours.

3. I promote the link to my post the way I would any post so people know about the chance to come to my site and promote their post link.  I also want to let people know when it’s ending when I promote the linky party.

4. Before it all begins again the following week, I click on 60 of the links and thank those guests for coming.

I have been given a comment schedule that tells me which 60 I am expected to visit.

It is at this point that I choose the two most inspirational from that week’s guests.

Conclusion: How to Throw a Linky Party

There are definite advantages to holding a linky party.  As guests become accustomed to going to your site the day of the party, your traffic increases.

I have had guests write me offering to promote the party for their social media followers.  In this way, the traffic has snowballed.

Other guests write me to thank me for the opportunity to network and meet new bloggers.  Who doesn’t like appreciation?

Holding the linky party is also a chance to take a break from writing blog posts.  Because of the party, I am still able to publish on my site.

The only downside is the time it takes to go into the posts, read and make intelligent comments, and set up the post for the next week.

The upside: an amazing amount of traffic and connections among bloggers I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Readers, if you believe others might be interested in hosting, or cohosting, a linky party, please share.

What are your experiences?  Are there other advantages to holding the parties?  Are there other disadvantages?  Are you considering hosting or cohosting a linky party yourself?  I look forward to your views.

  1. Sabrina

    As a newbie, how many minimum followers do you think one needs to reach before throwing a linky party?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sabrina,
      Thank you for writing.
      I once advised my readers to answer questions in blog posts. Yours, so far, is the fifth question I’ve received about linky parties. Yours is a great question. However, there is so much interest in the topic of linky parties, I decided to write a follow up post answering your question and the other questions I received. Look for it to come out Saturday at 2:00 am.
      Thank you for your question.

      • Sabrina

        Ok thanks Janice, been wondering about that so waiting for the new post 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rebecca,
      Laugh Out Loud (I laughed so loudly, I couldn’t just type LOL). People are writing and asking follow up questions, so look for “…Linky Parties the Sequel” to come out this Saturday.

  2. coffeepot

    Summer is on the way and I don’t have the time. Wonderful that some do, as I love joining the parties but no time to host. I just blog for fun so it isn’t a crucial aspect for me. I love reading and joining your linkys.

    • Janice Wald

      Do you come to my Inspire Me Monday linky party? Since I only welcome 60 of the guests, I am not always privy to who comes. Most weeks we have over 300 people!
      Thank you for your support.
      As far as the time factor, on one hand, I work outside the home as a teacher with many papers to grade in addition to blogging duties and the linky party.
      On the other hand, my children are grown. The youngest two are away at college.
      If you ever try it, let me know; I’d be happy to advise you if you need it. Otherwise, thank you for coming to Inspire Me Mondays =).

  3. A Well Styled Life

    I’ve just been discussing this with a blog friend of mine and we are planning to start one. Thanks for the tips!!

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure. Good luck throwing your linky party. If you have any questions, please let me know. Nice meeting you.

  4. The Ranting Monkey

    Do you have a post, or are you planning one, on how to make the most of linking up to a linky party?

    Like the importance of being early to the party or how you should follow the directions and not just link any old post unless any old post is the theme. Just wondering if you have any other advice on the topic.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Frank,
      How are you? I once advised bloggers never to answer questions directly, but to do it in a blog post. I have decided to take my own advice. Saturday morning, at about 2:00 am, I will publish a new blog post with your answers, and the other answers to questions about linky parties I received today. Look for it in your Email. Thank you for suggesting it!

  5. coachdianeyncn

    I’ve seen and been intrigued by these parties. How do you recruit bloggers?


    thanks dear Janice for dis info, your really going strong every day with info.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Naija,
      Thank you for your kind words, reading what I wrote, and your comments.

    • Janice Wald

      Nice to meet you! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad my writing could inspire. I hoped it would. Thank you for writing.

  7. Chioma Anozie

    Clicked on your link from the Alist bloggers group. What dragged me here? the title of course. Like every other blogger out there, I want to know how to drive traffic to my site. As usual your post does not disappoint. I have never toyed with the idea of a linky party. I have done interviews, even working on featured posts but linky party, not done or heard of that.

    Thanks Janice. Will definitely be trying this out.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chioma,
      Thanks for letting me know. If you have questions once you try it, let me know.

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  9. Lisa

    Always love your posts. I’ve been planning to start with co-hosting and I can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck with your linky party. Of course, right back with any questions about it.
      If you need more information, here is the follow-up post I wrote answering questions from Post I
      May I ask you a question? I was wondering how you found my blog. Since I give tips on growing readership, I was curious. Thank you,

  10. jehdld

    I’m really anxious for your next post because I see you plan on answering many of the questions above (which happen to be the same ones I would ask) in a new post. I’ve often wondered about these and found the behind the scenes run down in this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jehdld,
      I am so grateful for your compliments.
      Only one person asked if hosting a linky was a lot of work which inspired this post, Linky Part I. I figured that if one person is asking, others wonder and aren’t asking, so I wrote the post. There were so many followed up questions, it inspired the sequel–Linky Party II =). Here’s the link to Part II for your convenience.

      • Janice Wald

        Hey sorry,
        Just noticed you found it! Well, maybe others browsing comments to Linky I will see the link and be interested in clicking it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jehdld,
      That would have been a great title: Behind the Scenes at a Linky Party =).

  11. Kate Rigby (

    Another great post. I’m so glad to have found your blog. Such great advice. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I would like to host a linky in the future so it will great to read your follow up post as I like many others seem to have lots of questions 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kate,
      Thank you so much for the blog follow. Sorry I didn’t officially welcome you sooner. Busy Saturday.
      When you host the linky, if you have questions, please let me know. I had some tech. stress and it helped to have people to ask.
      Thank you again for the follow.

  12. Wendy

    So much information — brain overload! 🙂 Yesterday I joined my first two linky parties (I’m a pretty new blogger), and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how they work. The idea of generating new traffic is (of course!) super appealing, so maybe I’ll look into to hosting one myself. First, though, off to read your linky sequel! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      How sweet you sound.
      I am so NOT tech. savvy. I did have stress when I was trying to figure out the tech parts of the linky party. Once I mastered it (have I mastered it?), it’s now routine. Everything gets easier the more you do it. I’ve been hosting since January.
      Thanks for writing.

  13. Janice Wald

    Hi Everyone,
    I did answer the follow-up questions about this post and gave more information about linky parties..
    I wanted to make sure everyone saw the link to How to See Your Traffic Explode: Have a Linky Party Part II. Here it is for your convenience:
    Enjoy the post.

  14. Sharlee

    This post gave me a lot to think about and is very helpful. I love when people share the why/how and the real behind the work of their blogs. Thanks for sharing with the Home Matters Linky Party!

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  19. Sue Coletta

    I’ve got to start one using “Crime” as my theme. Thank you so much, Janice! This sounds like so much fun. And, of course, I’ll be including you in the links. After all, you’re my go-to site for all things blogging. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for the nice compliment. Thank you as well for inviting me to your linky party. I am following you so I should get it in my inbox. I wanted to recommend Mary Hill’s linky party as an example for you. She has a literary linky party, and you are in the literary niche. Here is her link
      Good luck with your linky party and thanks for writing.

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