How to Save Time Blogging with a Virtual Assistant

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Do you want to save time with a virtual assistant? Consider Jills Office.

Jills Office exists to help busy people like bloggers.

Of course, you can use this blog’s Blogger Collaboration Group. However, you might feel you need blogger outreach tools. Consider Jills Office your blogger outreach tool.

Let’s get started with my review of Jills Office.

(Note: This post was made possible by the support of our readers.)

Jills Office Virtual Assistants help bloggers

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Would you like help with your blog?

Apple iOS users have Siri to help them.

Snow White had seven dwarves to help her.

Cinderella had a fairy godmother.

Would you like a fairy godmother?

Jason Cushman says bloggers are so busy they need fairy godmothers to help them.

I can get you a fairy godmother. Her name is Jill.

She is your virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant provides services to individuals, organizations or companies, but they work online instead of going into an office.

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t just a role played by someone wanting to have income, it is more of someone lending a hand to help an entrepreneur, blogger, etc., to be the best version on what they do best as the owner while the VA does all the work they are experts with to help your business grow the way you imagined it to be. That being said, it is of great importance for every startup, and even existing and earning businesses to know exactly “What does a Virtual Assistant do?”.

Why Bloggers Need Virtual Assistants

When bloggers were surveyed, their biggest complaint was a lack of time.

Consider these comments from readers:

I need time management.

I work outside the home 6 hours a day and I can’t even look at Twitter during that time. It seems if you don’t post regularly and interact, it’s pretty much Twitter suicide. So, I stick with the outlets I can (somewhat) manage, although it’s a challenge to even keep up with those.

I like that you are having advice or suggestions that improve the quality of life for a busy blogger… any posts like this that help the fellow blogger with time management or any topic you can think of will be great to see.

Testimonials about the Value of VA’s.

According to blogger Julie Kalungi, who has a virtual assistant, “A well-trained professional virtual assistant will enable the blogger or online entrepreneur to take [their] time back.” They are delegated the seemingly mundane daily admin tasks that do pile up if left undone; yet, they are the glue that keeps things moving.

A VA (Virtual Assistant) can help you by outsourcing [your] administrative, social media updates, blog and document writing and more, so you can focus your time and expertise on building your business.

According to Adrian, who is a VA, “Virtual assistants can be a blogger’s best friend. They can take some of the more mundane tasks off your hands to free you up for the more creative side of your business. They are also helpful for technical stuff that maybe isn’t your cup of tea. Why take hours learning to do something new when a VA with the right knowledge can whip through it in minutes?”

Richard Branson recommends having a VA too, especially if you don’t like the task you are outsourcing or don’t feel particularly confident at completing successfully.


How Jills Office Helps Bloggers

According to Jills Office, a company that provides virtual assistants, you should stop simply HOPING your blog will boom, and start MAKING it happen. Jills Office can give you the assistance you need to grow your blog at an unprecedented rate!

Most bloggers promote their blog exclusively online. Set yourself apart from the other bloggers in the industry by following up with a personal phone call. Let Jill make the calls for you. How is that possible if you don’t know blogging influencers’ phone numbers? No problem! Jill has it all figured out.

    • * Blogger Outreach – Put your content directly in front of the influencers in your niche! Sharing your blog on your own social media platforms is good, but getting the big wigs to share your content is BETTER. Compile a list of influential bloggers in your niche – aim for at least 25 to start. Use Google, social media outlets, and websites such as to research who has authority and a good following in your field.

Begin building a relationship with them by sharing their content (many watch their mentions like a hawk), interacting with them on social media, and making valuable and personal comments on their blog. Once you’ve established a few connections with them, you’re ready to start asking them to share your own material. Send them a personal email telling them how much you enjoy reading what they write about and ask them to share your content that you feel would be valuable to their readership.

Then continue to build your relationship offline. Have a Jill from Jills Office follow up with a personal phone call, making sure they received your email and asking again if they’d be willing to share your article.

    • Guest Blog Writing – Writing an article for a blog much bigger than your own is an excellent way to increase your traffic. You can include a bio that links back to your own blog. Your article, name, and website can instantly be seen by hundreds and thousands of subscribers. After you send an email asking to be a guest writer, have a Jill from Jills Office call and follow up about including your article on their blog.
    • Quality Backlinks to your Website – Having backlinks is essential to good SEO for your blog. Email other bloggers about a topic they have written on and let them know you’ve published something on that topic that would be a great resource to their readers. Ask them to link to your website and have a Jill from Jills Office follow up with a phone call to make sure you get the link.
    • Feature other bloggers – Regularly mention and link to other bloggers in your articles. Email them to let them know about your article and ask them to share it. Let a Jill from Jills Office follow up with a phone call to add that personal touch and make sure they received and read your email. This can result in hundreds of shares per article.
    • Do a “shout-out” exchange with other bloggers. Send an email and have a Jill from Jills Office follow up with a phone call about asking other bloggers to mention you on their blog in exchange for you mentioning them on yours.
    • Invite others to guest post on your blog – Invite others to write an article to post on your blog. Send out an email and then have a Jill from Jill’s Office call and follow up to get more articles and traffic to your blog.
    • Send a voicemail drop – Jills Office new cutting edge ringless voicemail drop service allows you to send a personal voicemail directly to several bloggers at one time asking them to link to your article or inquiring if you can write a guest post on their blog. Or send a voicemail drop to your readers to add that personal touch and make them feel like a valued follower. Let me know about an article you just posted that you think they’d especially enjoy.
    • Get testimonials for your blogBuild credibility for your blog by having Jills Office call your loyal readers and ask for a testimonial to include on your blog.

Many of these services are dependent on getting the phone numbers of your blogging contacts. I asked Jill’s Office how it is possible to get the phone numbers of other bloggers.

They replied,

If the phone number isn’t listed on the bloggers website, we can look up their phone number through their registered business (if they are officially registered). We can also try looking it up on or If the phone number is kept private in all those places, then Jill’s Office can help bloggers can use other venues to expand their outreach.
We can capture phone numbers by offering a texting campaign where there are opinion polls and contests they can participate in or special reports they can download if they text a number. 
If they run the campaign through Jill’s Office – we can send them an email for each text received and then we can follow up with a personalized phone call to each person. This can also be done by requiring them to enter their contact info before they can submit their opinion or download the special report.
Jill’s Office can follow up with them within 24 hours to thank them for downloading the report or participating in the poll and ask if they are interested in other products or services that the blogger offers. This can help build rapport and increase the likelihood they continue following and sharing the bloggers articles as well as increase sales in products or services the blogger offers.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

According to Kalungi, “The hard lesson we learned here was you [have to] trust this person to actually put in the hours you pay them for.”
With Jill’s, you don’t pay for their time, so they can’t over charge. You pay for the service no matter how long it takes.

Jill’s Cost

VA’s  are definitely trendy to have; however, they can be pricey.
According to, the average Virtual Assistant makes $16.00 per hour. That is the beauty of Jill’s Office. You don’t pay by the hour. You don’t need to be concerned that Jill will raise the bill by over charging you for the time.
Prices range from $.50 to $1.50 per service. $5.00 monthly to keep your records is charged too.

What Is Jills Office?

Jill’s Office is a personal-assistant firm that hires and trains local professional assistants to work for your small business.

Jill’s Office utilizes proprietary software that let’s a “Jill” be your full-time Smart Assistant™ so you don’t have to worry about employees.

It’s hard to go wrong for $5.00. Why is it so affordable?

According to Jill’s,

Combine the personal touch of having a personal assistant, the hassle-free benefits of a call answering service, and the affordability of local virtual assistants. Our pricing model is revolutionary because it provides high-level personal assistance at unheard  of pricing, through cost‐sharing. What Jill Can Do For You Make you look professional, answer calls, schedule appointments, send estimates and invoices, follow up on estimates, and much more. Why get your SMART Assistant Today? As soon as you get your new smart assistant you are able to spend less time working for your business and more time working on your business.

Testimonials about the Value of Jill’s Office

  • According to — Jill’s Office combines the personal touch of an in-house administrator, the hassle-free benefits of a call answering service, and the affordability of the offshore outsource market into a single, value-conscious service. For a basic monthly fee of $5, subscribers to Jill’s Office Smart Assistant™ program are granted access to a full, professional-grade customer communications program that is easily tailored to the specific needs of your clientele.

One of the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs face in today’s market is having employees. Employees are critical components to business growth, and capitalizing on payroll should be like capitalizing on any other investment. Keeping an office focused on key objectives and development initiatives requires efficient management of back-end tasks. Put simply, a good assistant is invaluable for workers whose time is best spent discovering new and innovative ways to expand the horizons of your company. Jill’s Office wants to help entrepreneurs, and solo-preneurs, to spend more time living those “A-Ha!” moments. From design to development, Monday meetings to marketing plans, your best ideas always happen when you’re working on your company, not just inside of it. Jill’s Office Smart Assistant™ services include, live customer service, voice messaging, creating sales invoices, scheduling meetings, and returning calls on your behalf. When these basic tasks are taken care of outside of the office, it’s easier to focus on big-picture developments in-house.

  • According to a representative of Jill’s,

Considering the depth of the administrative toolbox presented by Jill’s Office, the pricing model is nothing short of revolutionary. Putting your business’ best foot forward has never been so affordable and stress-free. Once assigned a Jill’s Office phone number, our SAS (Subscription as a Service) model only charges you for the services you use, each at only a minimal cost. From APP based customer interfacing (iOS, Android), to live calling, Jill’s Office seeks to maximize the efficacy of each communication made. Whether your customers prefer text, voicemail or email, we’ll help you to stay connected in the ways they find most convenient. However large your business may grow to be, we believe that smaller gestures are often the most important for making your customers feel appreciated.

Jill’s Office ensures professional back-end relationships with your customers, empowering you to keep finding the new customer relationships that will help your business flourish. Our mobile and web-based Smart Assistant™ user interfaces make it easy to build, review and update the message and character of each aspect of your customer communication programming.

  • I was also a client of Jill’s, an extremely satisfied one, I might add. When I needed Jill to contact my blog coaching clients, they called them seemingly within hours.

How Jill’s Office Works

You download an app from the App Store and communicate with Jill’s through the app.

You and Jill leave each other Action Items through the app. An Action Item is a Message that a Jill (one of your assistants) has taken a call for you, and there is a message for you in the app.  Not every call Jill’s receives for you will end in an action item, so that’s why they charge for it separately.
An action item can also be used for when you need a task completed.

Who is Jill, Really?

The VA is a real US-based assistant that can help you during Jill’s business hours.  A lot of the assistants are moms who are wanting to get back into the workforce after they have children, or they are college students who are receiving their degrees.

 About Jill’s Office

Jill’s Office is a Utah-based company that is revolutionizing the virtual assistant marketplace. According to Jill’s, “We are constantly looking for new ways to provide business owners more, and better, administrative virtual tools that save money, and more importantly, time.”

What You Get for $5.00

  • The $5.00 a month comes with a Jill’s Office phone number.  It is a fee to hold your line or profile, all of your information, and contacts that are associated with your account.  The Jill’s Office number is a number that you can market as your own new company phone number too.
  • Afterward, they send your customers a satisfaction survey.
  • They send you the results, so you can improve your service.
  • They ask for referrals.
  • They share the results across social media which promote your service and gives you a social media presence.

No contract! You pay month to month. Use them at busier times.


  1. Call the phone number you are given when you sign up.
  2. Get your phone to forward the calls to that number if you like.
  3. They will call people and give them your messages.
  4. They will follow up; were your clients happy? Is there anything else they can do for them? They make the calls.
  5. Action items: On the Jill’s Office App, you will get a message telling you what the customer wanted. If you would prefer to Email your Jill, instead of communicating through the app, you can. I did.

How to Sign Up for Jill’s Office

You can sign up by clicking my affiliate link. I am such a happy client, I became an affiliate of Jill’s. You can also have your very own Jill by clicking the affiliate link in my right sidebar.


You have to invest either time or money in your blog.  Invest the money, and let Jill’s take care of the time.

Besides the low cost, another benefit of using Jill’s is you will never have trouble remembering the name of your Virtual Assistant; they are all named Jill!

Readers, please share, so other bloggers know about how they could get extra help for practically pennies.

What do you think? Would you consider a VA? If so, I am an affiliate of Jill’s Office. Please click my link Are you already using a VA? What is your experience? I look forward to your views.

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Virtual Office

*Update: May 2019

Since the publication of the post, I discovered a resource for Blogger Outreach.

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    Some people maybe get scared at first with the idea of paying someone to do something they could do themselves. However, VAs can probably do it better and save us time to work on things only us can truly do.

  8. Britanny stoner

    Thanks for the encouragement to hire a VA. I have been thinking about it for some time now, but haven’t quite got the courage up to do it yet. I know hiring a VA would benefit me in lots of ways, including it paying for itself a little into it. The hard part — I am such a perfectionist I feel I would have a hard time giving up some of those tasks.

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      Thank you for your visit today. I am glad you found the post helpful.

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    This post really inspired me – I just hired a VA and we did our training call today! I’m so excited to be able to delegate some tasks to her so I can focus more on growing my business.

    • Janice Wald

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      Thank you so much for telling me about your excitement and your new endeavor– working with a Virtual Assistant. As I mentioned in my article, I worked with Jill’s Office, and I was very pleased. This post seems to be getting attention today although it’s a few months old now. Where did you find it? Thanks. I am glad you found my article inspiring.

  10. Sara

    Janice, Jill is a very interesting option for bloggers and small businesses to use. The pricing concept sounds interesting too. It is similar to the package of retainer fees of independent Virtual Assistants who do more in-depth work.

    As a V.A. myself, the value of something like this to start is fantastic. V.A.’s can use this service too as a means to continue a smooth contact process with future and current clients. (I like the phone service the best.)

  11. Cathy Lawdanski

    I Just hired a VA. She has been submitting my posts to sites like Midlife Blvd. & Vibrant Nation & I have had more published on those sites than ever before. I just never had the time to submit articles. She is also creating a pdf for my first give away – something that is time consuming & that I am not good at. She has multiplied both the quality & quantity of my work.

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    Nice article – I think all too often people don’t realize that a Virtual Assistant can do things like blogging – rather than administrative work. Thanks for writing it.

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    Hiring a virtual assistant can save you more time to focus on major task. Plus they are skilled so you can assign important work to them.

  18. Anupam Rajey

    Very well presented.

    You are right that a VA not only saves you time, but also keeps you up to date.
    One thing to add is that it only happens when you provide proper training and directions to the VA. It makes creating an SOP important for the VA .

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anupam,
      Thanks for writing me. I have two questions for you:
      1. What does SOP mean?
      2. Where did you find my Virtual Assistant article? It’s about a year old but picking up new page views recently. Thanks for writing and answering my questions.

  19. Jasmin Cottontail

    Great post! Bloggers hire their own Virtual Assistant in order for them to save time and effort. It may be difficult to find a trustworthy VA and the one that will stick. Well there are a lot of options like getting them to Freelance websites or companies which provides Virtual Assistants. One company that provides various remote assistance services is KayCee Enterprises. You can call at 823-377-5437 or e-mail them at For more info, check out their website:

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      I hadn’t thought of that. VAs are costly but cheaper when you consider you don’t pay for benefits.

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    If one is hesitant about spending on administration then virtual administrative assistant of marhaba reception is the best way to go through it. We offer professional answering service too. Get in touch to know more.

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    As a bloggers were surveyed, their biggest complaint was a lack of time. Many complain that they are not getting enough time to reply on their prospect customer in that case hiring a virtual personal assistant for the blog maintenance will be a great idea. As a blogger I also face the same problem but after hiring a virtual personal assistant it make my life easier. I found a really help full virtual Personal assistant from India at a very sensible cost . They truly completed a wonderful activity for me.
    Hope this information will help others!!! If you need more detail than you can Visit to:

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    I think I read this before, but stumbled upon it again. I’ve looked at different VA bizzes over the years, and this one really seems to top them all in regards to price. I clicked on your link, and will be looking into this for sending articles out, and more so when my new book is ready for the world.

    Thanks for all your wonderful articles, Janice! 🙂

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    Wow, am so glad I found this article, I am looking to see if I need to change my VA (currently with Habiliss for last few yrs and pretty content) – but wanted to check if anything better has come up newly in the market. Looks like I will stick to Habiliss for the kind of tasks that I delegate esp internet based research and social media, email management, and some personal tasks too.

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    Definitely a great article. I had a VA as a for my blog to post and comment moderator. Thing is, there are many things you can delegate tasks for VA’s. It just depends on their set of skills and their per hour rate.

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    Hey there Janice. Awesome blog post you’ve got here! I love it! It is true that a VA can help us manage our time because we can divide our workload and assign work that they can do on our stead. I just got two new VA’s at and I will take your tips as a guide as we go forward working together. And another note to this which I truly loved in your post: testimonials can indeed increase credibility for your blog or business. It gives a personal touch to it and people will see that you are a legit blogger. Thank you so much Janice. Keep it up, you rock!

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