How to Promote Your Blog for Free on Social Media Successfully, 5 Ways

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how to promote your blog on social media for free

Are you using blogging as a marketing tool and operating on a tight budget? You need to know how to promote your blog for free.

Who would have guessed that something that started as a means to express one’s opinion or share personal experiences would one day become a way to earn a steadfast income?

As per Hosting Tribunal, blogs were more like a personal diary a few years back and were not very common. However, as of 2019, there were approximately 500 million blogs, according to OptinMonster. This number now hits a round figure of 600 million.

Today, an average blogger can earn anything between $19 thousand to $79 thousand per year, according to LifeHacker’s findings.

Every individual has learned to take advantage of this money-making technique. However, having a well-written blog post is just like creating a well-designed product. That is, you won’t make the most of it if it is not marketed appropriately.

For this reason, we provide you with a few valuable tips on how to promote your blog for free on social media. These tips are effective for all types of blogs.

By reading this post, you discover five types of blogs that make money and how to promote your blog for free.

But before we examine how to promote your blog for free, let us get a glimpse into the types of blogs and their purpose to understand the importance of their promotion on social media.

Types of Blogs

While most individuals write blogs for monetary reward, others do it to gain fame or inspire their audience.  On the other hand, businesses use blogs to build trust and drive traffic to their online stores. Currently, the largest number of blogs are on WordPress and Tumblr.

Here are a few types of blogs often hosted on these sites:

  • Personal – These are the classic personal diary-type blogs often written for self-pleasure or as a hobby. It could be about anything ranging from your personal thought to everyday experiences.
  • Business – These are obviously written to build trust amongst clients, attain referrals, drive traffic, and ultimately boost the business’s exposure and revenue.
  • Niche-specific – These are often written by people who are experts or have a notable reputation in their niche. The topics may range from business, finance, fashion, food, etc. The aim is primarily to obtain and retain a reputation in that niche.
  • News blogs – These are written with the sole aim of spreading news of the latest events, incidents, or any changes in politics, business, or any other area.
  • Affiliate marketing – These are mostly product reviews and roundups often done to increase the sale of the reviewed products. Usually, it is done for more prominent brands or platforms like Amazon. The blogger then gets a certain commission on each sale resulting from a click on their affiliate link.

Tips on how to promote your blog for free on social media

Regardless of the purpose of your writing, you obviously want more and more people to see your blog.

But how to promote your blog for free?

  1. Build curiosity

As a blogger, social media is not an unheard-of concept for you. You know the right platform to find your audience, but how do you evoke their enthusiasm?

People come to social sites to find something enjoyable, and you have to give them just that. Do not simply paste the title of your blog and ask them to read it. Tell them why they should read it.

Be a bit secretive when drafting your copy; for example, ask questions and give curiosity-evoking answers that ultimately propel them to read your blog.

Do you see how the first sentence of this post asks a question, “Are you using blogging as a marketing tool and operating on a tight budget?

  1. Show your personality
how to promote your blog for free

This inspirational quote was used for my post offering good vibes quotes. There are many free graphic design tools you can use to create social media posts.

Creativity is the key in both your blog post and social media copy. Hence, being rigid and overly formal will not help your blog. People are already depressed about their tiring work schedules, family issues, and life pressures and seek something that will uplift their spirits.

If you have the talent for grabbing people’s attention with the magic of your funny words, then your marketing copy is where you should use it.

  1. Incorporate images and infographics

Another point that expands the one above is utilizing aesthetically appealing visuals. Do not simply stick to long and colorless texts. A picture catches an eye before the text. So explore your creativity when designing an image or an infographic to accompany your textual copy.

Canva is an excellent tool to create and edit an image. Hence, ensure that at least one exciting image accompanies your textual copy. 

how to promote your blog for free

By the way, people love funny memes. Therefore, incorporating them once in a while will entice your audience and eventually make them curious to read your blog for more entertainment. This meme was used in my post about how to get out of Facebook Jail.

  1. Use social media sharing plugins

Keeping your blog post and its social media disintegrated is not a great idea. Your audience should be able to comfortably share your blog entries on social media and reach your official accounts directly from your website. For this purpose, WordPress has a variety of social sharing and feed plugins. Simply install the plugins you find appropriate and integrate them with social media networks.

  1. Involve an influencer

Lastly, social media influencers have become quite popular these days. These people have huge fan followings that rely on their opinions and suggestions. That means approaching a social media influencer to recommend your blog post to their vast fan base will significantly expand your audience. Soliciting the help of an influencer is clearly one of the most effective strategies to market your blog on social media.

Simply seek out an influencer in the same niche as yourself and leave them a message through their official account. If you do not get a response through their account, use Nuwber to find their contact information.

Give them a call or leave a text message, agree on the terms of the agreement, and watch your follower base expand exponentially.

One important note though…

This post is a guide to how to promote your blog for free. There are ways to get the influencer to promote your blog for free. Usually, this involves a reciprocal arrangement.

For instance, let’s say you hold a contest and the prize is the influencer’s book. In order to get exposure, the influencer may donate the book and then promote your blog for free.

How to Promote Your Blog for Free

How can I increase traffic to my blog for free?

Easy! Give people a reason to check out your articles. Be mysterious and creative when posting the link on social media sites. Search engine optimization helps too. Conduct keyword research and optimize the content with the keyword and you can receive blog traffic for years.

Conclusion: How to Promote Your Blog for Free

Summing up, an excellently crafted blog post is an outstanding technique to earn a consistent long-term income. However, the latter is only possible if a large readership has been established.

A well-written blog is worthless unless it reaches the right audience, just as a wonderfully designed product is valueless until it reaches the right crowd. The easiest method to accomplish this is to promote your blog article on social media adequately. If implemented correctly, the tips mentioned above will be quite beneficial in this regard. 

Readers, please share so marketers using blogging as a marketing tool discover these strategies.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Do you know how to promote your blog for free and can suggest additional strategies?

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  1. Dave

    I have recently started my own blog, and I’ve found that actually reaching people on social media is very hard for a new blog…

    As an example I’ve recently started a facebook page, and wanted to give the facebook “boost” options a try, but for some reason unknown to me, the page was restricted from advertising.

    Sometimes it feels like everything is stacked against a new blog starting out on social media.

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