How to Make Extra Money: 9 Unusual Ways

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How to make extra money online

Do you know how to make extra money in order to pay your blogging expenses?

In September, my guest author described how to make extra money in his post, 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online.

His tips described traditional ways to make money on the internet.

If you’re looking for some unconventional tips, you will be interested in today’s guest post describing 9 unusual ways to make money online.

After reading today’s post, you’ll know how to make extra money regardless of how you choose to spend your windfall.

The tips are easy to follow. Let’s get to them!

Consider these comments:

Hi Janice,

Thanks for sharing this post and the usual useful information. I’m one of those that is always reading your posts and even tried the tips but never earned a dollar since I started blogging. I wish I can make an order for Kingged hosting services, but I can’t afford it. Thank you so much for being helpful! My blog is a general interest blog, where I post on nearly everything, but it is suspended due to my inability to renew my premium plan!

These comments are not isolated. I receive comments from bloggers regularly that have been frustrated by their inability to earn money online. How about trying these unusual ways to earn money on the internet?

If you have been wanting to know how to make extra money online, read on.

9 Unconventional Ways of Earning Money Online

Gaining cash is the fundamental thought process for everybody. Be it with conventional techniques or unique strategies. Not every person has similar objectives and needs. They look out for methods to earn money in unconventional ways too.

In this article, I have listed some of the best unusual approaches to make money without letting you quit your regular job.

How to Make Extra Money

1. Do Surveys

Take an interest in online surveys in your additional time. Organizations are persistently enlisting new people to take surveys and test new things.

For two or three minutes of form filling, you can make some quick money. You can sack up to $5 for some reviews!

Some favorite websites are Toluna, Vivatic, MySurvey, Valued Opinions, IPSOS, Global Test Market, The Opinion Panel, Crowdology, YouGov, and Pinecone.

2. Get Paid for Searching the Web

Inspired by picking up cash for browsing the web? This must be one of the minimum requesting systems for procuring money on the internet with no effort or change in your schedule.

This idea by rewards you for seeking in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You start by signing up on their website and then request the tasks. When you give them the output, you are paid a handsome amount.

Each Qmee result has cash rewards – in case you are intrigued, tap on it and assemble your reward.

3. Make Your Websites

Want to make money online with few simple steps? You require a site. It is the best way to earn money while you rest.

Creating a site with Bluehost takes under 20 minutes, costs less and is very easy to handle even by an 82-year-old man. It just takes a few clicks to get your first visitors, and there are numerous ways to increase your reach and start minting money.

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4. Test Apps and Websites

Well, it seems like you are truly acquainted with a web program. Hence, it’s an extraordinary chance to seek sites as paid and fun work!

Displaying – another website that pays consistent people to audit an extensive variety of websites. Each audit takes around 25 minutes and packs you $10 through PayPal.

5. Delivery Services

Got a cycle, motorbike or auto, and a cell phone? That is all you need to make money from delivering things that customers want.

You can begin by joining companies like Deliveroo, who are searching for new riders to do their tasks. By joining them, you can make up to $20 in an hour.

[Host Blogger’s Comment: Although this is not an online job, you sign up online, so we included the tip.]

7.  Affiliate Marketing

If you know how the internet works or even have a blog or website, you can start procuring money right away by showcasing an extensive variety of links and services accompanied by offers on the web.

Join as an affiliate of the distinctive merchants, check their offers blog or examine the seller postings to find something you figure your audience would buy, get your affiliate link and start selling.

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8. Part-time Jobs

Part-time jobs are the preferred choice for most individuals. It is one of the most desired methods by most students to fulfill their needs and demands. It gives an enduring pay and can engage you to expand your work involvement.

Check classifieds, student quizzes for new employment, and sites for freelancing jobs.

9. Mystery Shopping

Today becoming a mystery shopper is less demanding than you may think and you can get highly paid for it.

You can download this mobile application called Roamler that pays you money for completing distinctive chores in your neighborhood. And numerous websites pay you a good amount to visit an extensive variety of shops to check the facilities and how they are performing.

Final Thoughts

Earning money can be hard, and we comprehend that. Everybody requires some additional cash to help them through some extreme circumstances or perhaps to get a gift for their family, companions or somebody special.

This article covers a portion of the most ideal approaches to profit through some unconventional ways and jobs.

Author: Ankur Aggarwal

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at

Readers, please share so people looking to pick up some extra money learn these tips.

I look forward to your views. Do you know how to make extra money on the internet?

  1. Ntokozo

    I’ve been doing surveys lately (from Mobrog) hoping to get paid in a couple of weeks. One question: Are these ways legit though (like have you tried them)? I wanna try the Qmee(.)com system, also do some apps and websites testing.

    Looking forward to your response and thank you for sharing 😉

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    Have been doing surveys for a long time, but apparently using the wrong sites since haven’t made even a clipped cent! Going to look at Qmee & User Testing to see if they work for me.

  3. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Janice and Ankur!

    These are good ways to make some extra cash each month. Of course, you would have to actully put in the necessary work to make it happen. But, it is very possible to do it.

    I have done online surveys before and they do pay. You just have to make sure you find those survey sites that pay top dollar per survey, and also do your math with the amount of time you spend on them because as we all know time is money. You want to make sure it’s all worth it.

    I love affiliate marketing, that is my favorite one out of all of these, I’d say.

    Thank you for sharing this helpful list!

    Best regards! 😀

  4. Shannon

    Hey Janice- another great one is selling your clothes online! For me, it has been listing things on poshmark- I have made extra money this past month and feel so good doing it because it’s at my control!

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hands down, affiliate marketing is the way to go Janice. There’s only one great and legitimate way I know to make money online and that’s affiliate marketing.

      But yea, it’s not so easy when it comes to making money from affiliate marketing. You need to be patient and spending a lot of time in learning new things about affiliate marketing and various strategies to sell without sounding like a sales guy. Most people never make any money from affiliate marketing because of one reason: they don’t know how to sell properly.

      Creating a website, writing problem solving articles and then promoting the right products that solves all your target audience problems is the best strategy to make money from affiliate marketing.

      When you are just starting out I also recommend you to check out online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etd as they already have huge audience so you can easily offer services such as writing, logo creation, SEO etc to start making money as soon as possible without having a website.

  5. Donna Merrill

    Hi Ankur and Janice.

    Oh how I always wanted to be a mystery shopper! I’m a shop-a-holic by nature and it would be so much fun to do. I would love doing that more than going out to dinner. One day….

    I would have to day that making some extra cash does come from affiliate marketing for me. I get so surprised when someone buys something I reviewed months ago.


  6. JoeHx

    I’ve done surveys for the past couple years (Mturk, aka Amazon Mechanical Turk) and have done pretty well for how low-pay it is. Recently, though, I’ve been making t-shirt designs on Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program ( Made almost a grand last year and am doing quite well so far this year.

  7. Jamie

    Great ideas! Never had much luck with email marketing, might have to give it another shot! Anyone serious about making money should definitely check out Affilorama. It teaches you how to make serious money online with affiliate marketing. I quit my job and now I make ALOT more money all online 🙂

    Heres a really good review of affilorama:

    Keep up the great content! 🙂

  8. Damon Meister

    Hi Janice, thanks for sharing. I have been looking for alternate ways to earn money for quite a long time as well, and I must say that affiliate marketing has been the most rewarding so far. To those who are still not making any money, don’t give up and keep trying a bunch of different stuff! There is a learning curve, but once you catch the gist of it, it’s like magic.

  9. Naveen Sharma

    Hi Ankur and Janice,

    It is very true that once in a while we all need some extra cash and not knowing how to make it can be very frustrating. This article is very helpful as it shows a full 9 ways to make that extra money.

    Not only have you listed the methods but also provided information about the resources, the sites and places where we can start. Great!

    Thanks very much for sharing these valuable tips with us. Have a great day!


  10. Jina

    very useful and informative article you wrote and shared with us. thanks for the article.

  11. Vyvian Chacon

    Hi Janice, remember me from healthcare job openings blog? I find your post very informative. Thank you for sharing. I signed up for User Testing once. You take a test and if you pass it, they’ll send you websites to evaluate. You don’t write anything, you record your voice reviewing the site. Pinecone Research pays $3/survey, which is pretty good compare to other survey sites. The only thing is that you have to qualify to take their surveys. I’ve never heard of Qmee, but I’ll check it out. I’m trying affiliate marketing, but not having much luck. You can also write articles on Demand Media, which I did for awhile. It’s legit and pays you $15 per 400 word article, and pays weekly. You do have to pass their screening process, and follow their rules and policies when writing articles. This was awhile ago, so I don’t know if they still pay the same, or if there are any changes.

    If you’re a nurse or doctor, you can check out these 7 side hustles for nurses and doctors:

    You can also sign up to be an agent at Relode. Work whenever, wherever you want, and make extra money helping people find healthcare jobs:

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vyvian,
      Of course, I remember you! Thanks for coming back and signing up for my blog. I am flattered. I also appreciate your adding to the conversation by bringing your links. Thanks and welcome!

  12. Jane

    Hey Ankur,

    Those are some really smart tips to make extra money. Affiliate marketing is for sure a wonderful way to make money as a blogger.

    Thanks for the compilation of some of the really smart tips!


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