How to Immediately Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

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27 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts go ViralI lied.

He said two minutes.

SEOPressor, a company, authored The Great Paradigm Shift: Your Content Will Go Viral in 2 Minutes.  Their Ebook reports that it will take you two minutes, not immediately, as my headline states, for your blog post to go viral.

I figured two minutes and immediately were pretty close.

This post will explain how to rapidly, if not immediately, make your blog post go viral.

SEOPressor is a company that developed a plug-in, a headline generator, and a blog.  The company also authored this Ebook.

For the purposes of this post, I am defining “viral” as unusually high page views.  You won’t necessarily have an article that makes the Huffington Post.This article explains how to get a blog post to go viral.

However, their Ebook thoroughly explains how to write and promote a post that results in abnormally high page views for you.

How to Get a Blog Post to Go Viral

  1. Write about travel or lifestyle. According to the book, those are the two most popular blog topics.  If you write about one of those topics, people are more likely to read your post.
  2. Write about trending photos. If the photo is tagged with one of the nine most popular trends, photo posts will result in higher page views than other posts. Listed in alphabetical order those trends are Beauty, Crafts, Home Decorating, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Kids, Pets, and Travel. 
  3. Put memes in your posts. A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. Humor blogs do well for a reason.  People love to be entertained.  A meme is funny.  Busy people don’t have to read an entire post to be entertained. They look at the moving picture.
  4. Write content that is relatable.  Seinfeld was one of the most popular TV shows of all time due to the relatable situations the characters found themselves in.
  5. Write content that is thought-provoking. One of my most successful posts asked people to consider whether idioms should or shouldn’t be used in blog posts and other types of writing.  People took sides.  It actually became a debate about free speech and other civil liberties.
  6. Write content that is unusual or outrageous.  I once wrote a parody of blogger stereotypes that fell flat.  I was heavily criticized by a population of my readers.  Not wanting to offend anyone, I felt awful.  However, the page views were so high, I realized what many people know.  Controversy breeds high page views.
  7. Write content that is short or simple. Don Charisma is successful at this.  He offers a quote, and people offer interpretations.  Quotes are short, so busy people can still engage.
  8. Write topics that are taboo.  Jason Cushman just finished a two-year run writing about taboo topics.  Although he has recently changed his theme, his taboo topics garnered him a whopping 55,000 blog followers.
  9. Write about gossip. Did someone say Bill Cosby?  After I wrote the post, my readers spent time offering their opinions about Mr. Cosby’s guilt or innocence regarding his sexual misconduct allegations, and the page views soared even though I was new to blogging with few permanent readers.
  10. Write humor. Every time I go to Austin‘s site he has an engaged community.  Lucy Mitchell from Blondewritemore is so funny, she actually received the award for the funniest blogger at this past summer’s Blog Bash.
  11. Write posts that will evoke emotions. Recently, I visited a blog containing a post about a homeless man who lived under a bridge the writer met while on vacation.  There were so many comments and likes it was clear the post was getting high page views. People were using social media to try to raise a collection for the man.  Uplifting posts like this do better than negative articles.
  12. Write posts that arouse fear or frustration. Then, provide the solution in your post.
  13. Write posts that remind the reader of their disappointments or their dreams. Then, tell the reader in the post how to achieve those dreams and avoid their disappointments.
  14. Write posts that your readers will want to share.  You know your readers.  Most readers like to share posts that have strong content that will help their readers.  Research shows people like to share positive content.
  15. Write posts with a tantalizing title. Portent‘s headlines are so “tantalizing,” they border on downright silly at times.
  16. Teach people how to do something.  This is why DIY (Do It Yourself) bloggers are so successful.
  17. Write posts offering a fresh perspective. My first viral post offered a fresh perspective.  Most blogging posts state if you get on the first page of Google, you will get blog traffic. My post described how you can get on the first page of Google before you have blog traffic.  This “fresh-perspective” post garnered me such high page views, I was convinced I had found my niche–blogging.
  18. Start your post with a “How to” headline.
  19. Include links to influencers. Then, ask them to share your post.
  20. End your post by asking your readers to share.
  21. Add infographics.
  22. Use Google Keyword Planner to make sure people can find you on search engines.
  23. Promote everywhere within the first 24 hours of publication.
  24. Promote on social media during the best hours. For Facebook, that would entail avoiding weekends.  Promoting on Twitter, however, is best during weekends. Pinterest users are on Saturday morning.  Google+ users are on between 9 and 11 am.
  25. Send your post to content curation sites like StumbleUpon.
  26. Send your post to blogging directories.
  27. Publish during your best day and time. Go to Dashboard, Show Me, Insights to check your best day and time.


Publish your blog post during your best day and time.Click “Show Me” to get the “Insights” about your best day and time to publish.

[bctt tweet=”Viral Posts are relatable, thought-provoking, unusual, simple, funny, taboo, and provoke emotions.”]


Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips vouches for SEOPressor.

SEOPressor helped me get over one of the biggest challenges I faced when I started blogging.

In conclusion, some of the book’s ideas may sound like the same advice you’ve heard before, while other tips in the book may sound novel.

Whichever is true, there should be some tip in the book that you are willing to try that you haven’t tried before considering the wealth of choices.

Readers, please share this post so other bloggers know what suggestions the book made for getting a post to go viral.

Which of the Ebook’s tips do you think you will try?  Were there any that suprised you?  I look forward to your views.

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  1. Melinda

    Hey Janice, I sure do appreciate how well you research and document your posts.
    On a personal note, I’m getting double emails still from you and Sally. I tried unsubscribing from her, but it didn’t seem to help. I didn’t want to unsubscribe with out letting you know. I’ll do it later, and see if that fixes the problem.
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    • Janice Wald

      I sent you an Email. Please hold off until you read it. Thanks. Still your blogging BFF Janice

      • Melinda

        Sure thing! No problem holding off. I don’t want to subscribe! I love your blog. It’s always so informative.
        Hope it gets resolved!
        Your BBFF

          • Janice Wald

            I understood. Thank you!

  2. Charley Rogers

    I just”Share” with my FB friends, a different audience. I told them to check in with you and start “Marching to the beat of a distant drummer” (Thoreau).
    The beat goes on.

  3. Calvin Moss

    Hi Janice, great advice. Especially number 13, 16 and 18. I couldn’t have said this better myself. Thank you.

  4. Janice Wald

    Hi Calvin,
    #18–the “How to” headline… Did you notice that is my type of headline in this post? Thank you for your visits to my site. I found you in the WordPress Reader. Thanks for coming over. Interesting the contrasts between our styles although we are in the same niche.

  5. John Doe

    This was such an informative post or I should include “as usual”. There were so many great tips in this “how to post”. You are the master and “guru” of blogging information. Do you offer one on one help and what is your compensation rate if you do????

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      YesI I do offer blog critiques. I will be posting my fee schedule soon. Thank you for your interest and compliments.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lori,
      So glad you liked the list. The more you do, the more likely your posts will go viral.

  6. Debby Gies

    Excellent tips here Janice. How convenient my newest book is about some of my #travels lol.:) (Grr, I just had to sign in again to comment.) 🙂

  7. Janice Wald

    HI Debby,
    Before we met, I knew a published author of two books. You have so many!

  8. Gilly Maddison

    Thank you – a very informative and helpful post to help us gain more momentum in the blogging world.

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      Hi Nadia,
      Thanks for the compliment on my post. I went to your linky party and added it. The only problem was where it said “name” I put my name not the name of my article. Janice

  10. Heaven

    Awesome tips, Janice! Thank you. I’ve pinned and stumbled your post. Your link to blowing the roof of with pinterest is broken. 🙁

    Keep up the good work!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you so much for stumbling my article. I am a huge fan of StumbleUpon. I really appreciate it. Thank you as well for letting me know about the dead link. Here is the new link if you’d like to read the How to Blow the Roof Off Your Traffic with Pinterest article if you are still interested in reading it:
      Thank you for the compliments and the support of my blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you so much Trudy for the compliments and the Stumble. I’ve just begun getting traffic again from StumbleUpon, so let’s keep it up. I went to your site and stumbled your link too.

  11. Caryn

    Love this and some of your other advice articles. I will be back! #sitsblogging

  12. Anjanette

    Thanks for reviewing this helpful book blogging book and sharing all these helpful tips. Stopping by from the Saturday Sharefest.

  13. Debbie

    Thanks for this Janice. I never knew about blogging directories. My first viral post (the term is relative I hope because it was years ago, I hardly had any pageviews and this post skyrocketed the into the hundreds 🙂 ) was about the death of my beloved dog. It seemed to pull on some heartstrings.

  14. Trina

    Thanks for sharing. I was able to download the book and will be looking it over tonight at home. Found you from the Sits Girls Blog hop for Saturday.

    Trina @
    Walking My Own Path

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Trina,
      I saw your comment come in yesterday. I am sorry I didn’t have time to reply until now. Your comment made me feel great. I was so happy my article inspired you to find the book. Thanks for letting me know that. I hope you enjoy it. I found it an easy read.

    • Janice Wald

      HI Brenda,
      I got a notice I’ve never seen before on my How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral. I can’t tell if you commented or shared, there is nothing in the comment section but your blog URL and your last article posted 11/11. Thank you for whatever you did!

  15. Zambian Lady

    The advice is good – I will try and implement what you have written.

  16. DP

    Excellent post. It is useful for new blogger and experienced too. Thanks to share such topic. Keep it up !!!

  17. Leanne

    I can’t tick many of these boxes I’m afraid Janice – looks like going viral isn’t in my immediate future (and that’s okay – I’m quite happy with the fact that I have so many more views than I’d ever imagined already – who’d have thought!) I laughed a little at #18 because I noticed on my pinterest feed yesterday there were about ten “How To” pins all on different topics but all starting with “How To” so it must be popular!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      Thanks for your comments this week. The Internet here on my cruise ship is glitchy, or I would have responded sooner. I am happy for your success. I also agree “How to” posts do great as far as blog traffic, Pinterest, and at search engines like Google as well.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Cathy,
      Happy to help. Which directory will you submit to? Great to see you. How was your cruise? I’m still on mine.

  18. Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew

    Super Power Post and Definitely NOT what I had expected. Its esential to find one’s writing voice…that means YOUR SPIRIT is within every post you pulish and that should attract the kind of people you would attract offline, via your blog online….does this make sense? It does work as well. Loving the headline generator. Thanks for another great post Janice 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Thank YOU, Julie, for your supportive comments. I respect your blogging expertise so much, your comments really mean a lot.

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