How to Grow an Instagram Meme Page for Free, 5 Easy Ways (2024)

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how to grow an Instagram meme page

Do you know how to grow an Instagram meme page?

The dominant photo is from the Instagram @Memes account. With almost 64,000 likes and 356 comments, you see that discovering how to grow an Instagram meme page is timely.

With over 7.2 million followers, the account is called “America’s Favorite Meme Page.”

You can find out how to grow an Instagram meme page too.

By reading this guide to growing your Instagram followers organically, you will learn how to start a meme page, how to grow an Instagram meme page, and eight additional free effective strategies.

However, if you are only here to discover how to grow an Instagram meme page, click this link to go straight to the section: How to Start a Meme Page.

You can also check out information on how to make a Best I Can Do Meme for additional information on how to grow an Instagram meme page.

By definition, memes are humorous. After a difficult 2020, people are looking for upbeat vibes to bring them joy. Memes provide these good vibes. Therefore, this guide to how to grow an Instagram meme page and other organic Instagram growth strategies is timely.

Let’s dive in and learn how to start and grow an Instagram meme page and other strategies.


how to grow an Instagram meme page

People are the most valuable resource for any social media platform, and Instagram is not an exclusion from this statement. Some try to take the show with the power of the debit or credit card, but organic growth is a priority for many reasons.

The algorithms of Instagram are evolving. Whatever third-party services you may use for aiding, it is a risky business, if you do it unwisely and try to substitute the crowd that comes organically.

Modern users are smart too, and many of them can easily detect the usage of paid services. So, to provide constant growth and success to your Instagram blog, you should concentrate on expanding your audience in essential ways.

Here are gathered the most effective and modern methods to improve the organic growth of followers on your profile. 


UPDATE: March 2022

Tommy Marcus, who runs an Instagram meme account, raised millions to rescue people in Afghanistan. That is the power of memes. Therefore, it is to your advantage to know how to grow an Instagram meme page.

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Send Memes Daily

Send Memes Weekly

Share Memes

30% of 13-35 Year Olds

55% of 13-35 Year Olds 

75% of 13-36 Year Olds

Memes have increased in popularity since this 2019 data was released.

I polled Instagrammers to see if they appreciate memes.


How to grow an Instagram meme page

As you see from the statistic, 100% of the respondents indicated they enjoy seeing memes. Therefore, this post, which shares methods for how to grow an Instagram meme page, is timely.

Updated Information:

In order to start an Instagram meme page, you need meme generation tools.

How to start a meme page: Use these free tools

  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Kapwing
  • Imgur
  • Imgflip

How to Grow an Instagram Meme Page by Making Your Own Meme

Go to

how to grow an Instagram meme page

Search for what you want in the search bar.

Click the meme you want to modify. Where it says “Top Caption and “Bottom Caption,” type in your desired text. Click Generate.

When you are done, you can share on social media or save. You are given the option to remove the watermark.

Note: This is a crowded niche due to the popularity of memes. Let me give you some data. On Instagram, there are over 196 million posts tagged “memes.” However, if you still want to learn how to grow an Instagram meme page, see the How to Grow an Instagram Meme Page section below for additional information.


Reels is a fresh feature that is now introduced on the platform. It is embedded in the center of the bottom action bar on Instagram, and basically, a Reel is a 30-second long video, where users can add music. 

The power of Reels is in their virality potential. Short video clips are destined to become rivals to TikTok. Unlike other content on Instagram, reels will be visible globally around the platform, so your creations will be discoverable to a lot more people. 


The time has come – Instagram authorities announced that they are introducing the opportunity to search content by keywords. This feature is now available for English-speaking users in six countries only, but sometime soon, it will be open to the whole platform.

So, it is time to optimize your profile, so you don’t lose a flow of new followers as the search system changes. This isn’t going to be a task too hard, because, in fact, all you have to do is introduce more relevant keywords into your bio, texts from your posts, and Instagram story captions. Note that this thing is different from hashtags, and having the possibility to add keywords subtly in the text can reduce the number of tags you are using. 


With the total lockdowns that were happening in 2020, Instagram has gained more attention to IGTV. And as users have tasted this type of content, its possibilities to attract more viewers are undeniable – IGTV content is showing more in the explore feed, and it can bring new eyes to your profile. 

The best practice that you can maintain is making a series of IGTV posts. It gives your audience the feeling of YouTube-like consistency and allows you to introduce more types of content because the IGTV format has no time limits. 


Making things more accessible and inclusive for as many users as possible is a modern trend in many industries. Social media, and Instagram in particular, are making efforts that way too. To make your content more accessible for different people, demonstrate your diverse vision in your job. For example, you can add accurate picture descriptions, input disclaimers if your post can trigger someone in the wrong way. 

The easiest step to take towards making your content accessible is to add subtitles to your videos. A lot of users watch videos without sound because they can consume it on the go and feel like the sounds can be distracting to other people around. And, people with hearing issues are also using Instagram. So adding transcripts can boost your accessibility and thus increase the number of followers you get. 


To drive new users to your profile, you must retain followers you already got. Like any other social media, the primary purpose of Instagram is communication. So, you have to build a relationship with your audience. The first thing to do in that matter is to be genuine in your behavior online. Nothing attracts the public on IG better than sincere and simple dialogue with the audience. After all, you are becoming a celebrity only thanks to people who watch your content, so be grateful and show how much you appreciate the attention you get. You can also enlist services such as Famoid to help you expand to a wider audience.

What people want to see is authentic, original content, and if you’re going to continue your growth on the platform, that is what you have to produce. 


Instagram Stories have become a hit right since their launch in 2016, and nowadays, this is a proven method for promoting and maintaining your blog. This swift type of content is a huge instrument for attracting new followers too.

Here are some tips for using this feature right:

  • Separate your content into topic-related groups and make at least one of these categories specific to the Stories format.
  • Regulate the “talking head” kind of this content – overdoing it will annoy people, and they will lose interest in your posts.
  • Don’t make bald advertising stories. Try to create something more subtle and entertaining for your audience than just “look at this thing, I think it’s amazing.”
  • Play with your viewers through stickers like AMA, quiz, or other features that are included there.
  • Don’t post too many stories per day, but do upload them consistently. Stories are providing visibility to your profile, but it is easy to overdose them. Hence users will lose interest in your posts.
  • Create a custom filter. This thing can be incredibly viral and get your recognition on IG expanded as hell.


Yep, through other social networks, you still can expand your audience and drive traffic to your Instagram account.

There is nothing much to say about it, but one viral advice to remember is:

Don’t duplicate your content. It would be best if you created something different and exclusive for each platform that you occupy. Only this way you will give your potential followers enough motivation to subscribe on Instagram as well. 

As you learn how to grow an Instagram meme page, you’ll save ROI (Return on Time Invested) if you use your memes across social channels.

This is pretty much the key to the whole strategy. Yes, it requires more effort to produce authentic content, but it can bring you good results in the short term. 


The ultimate reason for social media’s popularity is the amount of fun that people get from there. Humor is a good booster for your follower count, especially if it strongly resonates with your viewers. Besides, it is a fine chunk of content production that can fill in the gaps in your plan. Your ultimate power tool here is memes. 

What are memes?

This thing is hard to be defined although most users will recognize it immediately as they see it. Basically, memes can be described as viral pictures that pass from user to user on the internet. Usually, it is a template with a certain space for inputting related text, and visuals represent the reaction or mood. You can create memes of your own in order to promote your brand and make sure that it will be associated with a positive emotion.

Why do you need to know how to grow an Instagram meme page?

A question on Quora asked the Quoran to show a screenshot that would get over 63, upvotes.

What image did she show? She showed a screenshot of a meme.

How to grow an Instagram meme page

Image Source

The image generated 2,400 upvotes. As you can see, memes are wildly popular. They have potential to go viral.

What is an Instagram meme page?

An Instagram meme page is an Instagram account solely devoted to posting memes, humorous content.


Now that you know what an Instagram meme page is, you need to know how to make them and how to grow your account with them.

How to make Instagram memes:

You need a tool. There are many free Instagram post generators to help you make Instagram memes.

how to create an instagram meme page

This meme was made with Poster My Wall, a free graphic design tool. Here you will find instructions for using Poster My Wall and more details about the Poster My Wall app.

How to grow an Instagram meme page:

Now that you know how to make memes, you need a content niche. Without a content niche, your potential followers won’t know what your account is about. They will become confused and leave.

In your bio, tell people what you make memes about. Here you will find instructions for writing the best bio for Instagram to get followers.

Good news: You can make memes for any content niche.


Writing Niche

Image Source

This is an example of a meme for writers.

Political Niche

Image Source

This meme of Bernie Sanders went viral on Instagram. Wouldn’t this be a great Instagram account to have if you were starting a political blog? Your blog and social media accounts would grow each other.

Parenting Niche

how to grow an Instagram meme page

Image Source

Wouldn’t this be perfect for a single mom blog?

You can even put your memes on custom Instagram stickers.

The best part: Once you discover how to grow an Instagram meme page on Instagram, you can use your memes on other social channels like Twitter and post them in your Facebook status where they are sure to make people smile and inspire them to check out your other social media accounts like your Instagram account.

Let’s recap

How to grow an Instagram meme page:

  • Find a content niche.
  • Find a tool you can use to make your memes.
  • Optimize your bio. Tell people what content your memes center around.
  • Use hashtags so people can find your memes.
  • Experiment. See what content resonates with your Instagram followers and create similar content.


Being part of influencer marketing is good for your profit, but to gain more followers, you must be very picky in your choice of collaborations. Aim for reliable and interesting brands. You cannot earn all the money in the world. But the reputation that you get from promoting fine stuff is priceless.

If you build a public image of a person who seeks quality and purpose in your collaborations, people will trust your opinions and look forward to your future deals. Besides, having a high level of connection with your followers will increase your value for brands, and as a result, you will get a better profit. Quality in the first place!


May 2021

Karan Singh of the SEO Sing show recommends using Memes due to the popularity of humor. He claims he uses Instagram memes regularly. You can check out his account here.

Did you know you can generate your own memes?

Use these meme generators:

  • Imgflip
  • Canva



Free tools are available to help you blend inspirational quotes with free images. Poster My Wall, Fotor, and Canva are popular choices. You can also post your quotes with just text and without images. When you post them on Instagram, use hashtags like #InspirationalQuotes so people can find your content.


By reading this post, you discovered how to start a meme page and other effective strategies for growing your Instagram account.

The strategy for getting more followers on Instagram has changed as the platform itself has evolved. The number of users is increasing every day, but they become more demanding as well. So the most important thing for you to do is to create worthy authentic content and aim for quality more than for quantity. Without strong and friendly relations with your audience, you will get nowhere. 

Readers, please share so Instagrammers seeking to grow their following learn these free strategies.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you have any ideas on how to grow an Instagram meme page or how to grow your Instagram account for free?

This post was contributed and made possible with the support of our readers.

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