How to Get Noticed Online Without Looking Like A Spammer Part I

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Social media spammers are considered rude.

Have you heard there is an etiquette to blogging?  Blogging involves a protocol, an etiquette, as real as which side of the plate to put the salad fork on when you’re setting the table for a dinner party–an etiquette even Emily Post, who is famous for giving advice involving manners, would be proud of.

There are these unwritten rules, you see, and you can’t break them, or you risk being labelled, not uncouth, but spammy.

While I have not Googled spam, spammy, or spammer, the implication is all too clear.  Any self-serving bloggers, any bloggers who dare to promote themselves in an overtly spammy way, get the dreaded label.

I even know of a blogger who got his WordPress privileges suspended for–you guessed it–being so self-promoting he was considered spammy.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that to succeed in blogging, you must promote your writing.  How to do it without being considered a spammer is the subject of this post.

  • On the weekends, pin your post graphics onto your Pinterest boards every thirty minutes.  If you do it more than that, the people who follow you will get annoyed.  Set the reminder on your phone if you have to.  Saturday and Sunday are the best days since that’s when the pinning world is on Pinterest.
  • As I explained in How to Use Your Blog Readers to Get More Blog Readers, post your links on Twitter on times on the clock divisible by the number 3–3:00, 6:00, 9:00, etc.  If you use Hootsuite (Can We Really Trust Hootsuite?), you don’t have to be at a computer or even awake to do this.  Be sure to use different words with each Twitter post of the same link, so it doesn’t look like your overly promoting yourself.  No spammy labels for you!

In addition to Hootsuite tweeting your links, other users can retweet your links for you.  To increase the chances of your Tweets getting retweeted, attach a photo and ask users to RT.  Statistics show the odds of your blog post links getting retweeted increase dramatically with a photo attached or a request for a retweet.

  • Have a forum signature.  Do NOT post your link inside of a comment.  Sorry, it’s considered spammy.  However, if, when you are done commenting, you sign your name, your blog, and your site URL, you will have promoted your blog without looking like a spammer.
  • Make a Facebook page for your blog.  This will enable you to post your post links without looking like you are being overly self-promoting to your Facebook friends.

Go to to create the page.  Click on brand or product. You will see a drop down menu.  Select website.  Type in the name of your blog and agree to Facebook’s terms.  Click Get Started.  Fill in the requested information.  Upload a picture when prompted to.  I’m told readers don’t take social media users seriously if they don’t bother to post a photo of themselves.

The bottom line is you should promote your blog posts on social media without anyone getting wise to the fact that you are promoting your blog posts on social media.  If you use the tips in this post, you will be considered polite, not–the dreaded label–spammy.

  1. Elle Knowles

    Janice, I sometimes, but not often, add a link to a comment only if my link may add to the article I am commenting on. Is this ok? ~Elle

    • Janice Wald

      Yes. It’s okay, but I still feel sheepish about doing it. When I do it, which is the exception, not the rule, I usually add a disclaimer–I realize I’m not supposed to add links in comment sections, but…–

  2. Keisha

    These are great tips.

    Do some people frown on having duplicate pins on a board or do you pin your posts to different boards?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Keisha,
      I pin the pictures (pins) from my posts to different boards. If I end up with duplicate pins on the same boards, it is by accident. I’m sure I have duplicates I need to take off right now.
      I got you my Pinterest link if you’d like to see my boards.
      I have 73 boards; most have pictures from my blogs. Have fun browsing!

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  4. Haralee

    So what are you posting on Pinterest, pictures from your blog or your entire blog?

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Bethie! What a nice thing to say. It’s why I do it. To help new bloggers. I’m going to put your kind words on my Testimonial page–anonymously of course. Thank you!

  5. BritishMumUSA

    Spot on the money mate. I like using my CommentLuv to promote my blog and others too. Love Linkup parties too, but with those you have to be willing to read, and comment back.

    I have found the best way to promote my blog is to read and give awesome comments on others blogs. I try never to over do it, and becoming a pest… 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Question as far as blog promotion. When you “give awesome comments”, what happens? Do the bloggers go to your site? Follow you? I have received a lot of traffic from my Inspire Me Monday Linky party, so it is definitely worth the time. However, as far as growing my blog, it has not increased my readership to my knowledge. I think I have only gotten one new follower from it in the two months I’ve been hosting.
      Do you ever guest post? Would you be interested in writing a post on blog promotion for my readers? You sound very knowledgeable.
      I read what you and Lysa wrote about my ability to explain things to people on Twitter. I was so touched, I thought I’d put it on my Testimonials page, but I haven’t had a chance to try and find it.
      You have been so kind to me. Complimentary, helpful, and supportive of my writing. Do you have a linky party? Put me on your mailing list. I’d love to go!
      Thanks again for everything.

  6. BritishMumUSA

    Ok so I start up by consistently reading blogs that I really enjoy. Then I always read the SitsGIrls Link, The Monday Blog Link, The My Life is a Circus Link, and Turn it Up Tuesday Link parties. There are more, but those are smaller. By the time I get to Tuesday I am seeing a lot of blog posts already read on Saturday. SitsGirls seems to be the beginning of the week for a lot of bloggers linking up.

    Then I read posts that interest me and I write quality comments.

    That started about 10 big bloggers coming on over to my blog and commenting. Once I saw them coming on over I started to promote their posts on my Facebook and twitter walls.

    They started to reciprocate with cross promoting…. Then I added to those 10, and have about 45 bloggers that I go back and forth with on a regular basis with chatting, promoting and commenting.

    It for me is all about having a tribe of supporting women/bloggers there are a couple of dads in there that support me in my writing and I support them.

    I don’t worry about followers???? I know who is visiting my blog and who is commenting, again for me it is all about the community feeling 🙂

    I do not have a Linky Party, but I will link up to yours…. I will check it out. I don’t do a email either, unless you want to sign up on my home page for my RSS feed 🙂 That will send you via email my posts as I post them.

    Anyway let me know if any of this was useful.

    Have an awesome day!!!

    PS not sure If I am good enough to write about promoting ones blog….


    • Janice Wald

      1. You are a blogger. I’m sure you write well enough to guest post.
      2. That said, these are brilliant ideas. Thank you.
      I will write it up as a blog post (I already have an idea for a picture). I’ll list you as a source and link back to your site.
      3. There’s a part of promotion that you described that I’m not doing. It explains a lot. So, here is my question about what you wrote: How do you know who the “big” bloggers are to promote them?
      I am inspired to go to Twitter right now, but… how would I know who the “big” bloggers are?
      I can see your idea being pivotal to blog growth. Please let me know the answer, so I can explain that part in the blog post. Thank you thank you!

      • BritishMumUSA

        I feel the bigger bloggers like Mommyfried. She has several ebooks. Her following on facebook is over 5000. It takes a little research to see. I can get back to you later on that one.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Ray,
          (Can I call you Ray? I feel like we’re becoming friends.)
          I am going to check out Mommyfried. If you know of any others, that would be great. Thanks for getting back to me.

        • Janice Wald

          I went into Twitter to follow Mommyfried, but she only has 30 followers and is only following 24. Could this be her? Do I have the right Mommyfried?

          • BritishMumUSA

            Sorry no it is my fauly it is @mommifried

      • BritishMumUSA

        Also do you go and post comments on blogs that comment on your blog. That is a big yes too do thing.

        • Janice Wald

          For the purpose of my own knowledge and my blog post on promotion, do you mind if I ask why? People comment on your blogs. How does going into their blogs and commenting on their blogs help you grow your blog? Sorry if this sounds like an ignorant question, but I need to explain the rationale in my blog post.
          I go into SIXTY posts a week and comment thoughtfully who come to the Linky party. I rarely, if ever, experience blog growth as a result. Thanks for answering my question.

          • BritishMumUSA

            How I have had bloggers come back and read my posts is by going and thoughtfully reading and commenting on their posts. They then come and read my posts. The 40 or so bloggers that consistently read and comment on my blog I return the favor. Anyone that comments on my blog i go and visit and comment on their blog. When I find a new blog I comment on different posts. If they do come to my blog and comment then I keep visiting them. Its a two way street.

          • Janice Wald

            Okay. I am trying. I wish there were more hours in the day, that’s all.

  7. Carolann

    Good tips here for sure. I love using Comment Luv I think it really helps to promote the blog. I’ve never ever left links in comments. I agree about that for sure!

    • Janice Wald

      Glad you joined the discussion. I wonder what others think? Maybe I should have included a poll, LOL. Did you read the other comments? In the post I said no, then I said it should be the exception not the rule. You’re right, though. It is frowned upon.

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  9. lindasblogs

    Your spam cracked me up so I pinned it, but it’s not registering in your Pinterest logo. But it’s pinned!

  10. Janice Wald

    Aren’t you want to –do you have a number on your Pinterest button when people pin your graphics?


    Wow!!! Nice one dear, i really love the spirit in your, keep up the good work, more grease to you.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for the kind words. My pleasure. I definitely have a passion for the writing. It seems you do too, from what I read over at your site.

  12. thisdarkbluemind

    Hello Janice

    I followed your link from the community page. This was the most helpful post I have seen on how to promote yourself without becoming annoying. I feel a bit cringey whenever I try to promote myself at the moment, feels like being a kid again proffering up your latest play-do creation to a distant relative.

    I will be following in future for more tips!

    • Janice Wald

      I saw your comment come in on Friday. I was, and, am, beyond touched, beyond flattered. I’ve only been blogging a short time! To receive this kind of a compliment meant so much.
      I am going to put your kind words on my Testimonials page, anonymously, of course.
      As far as the content of the post, I agree with you. I feel the same way asking my own mother to read my writing! Kind of sleazy, kind of spammy.
      The post is still doing well. Clearly, many agree with our feelings.
      Thanks for letting me know where you found me. I always wonder. Nice to know my time is well spent at Google Plus.
      As an aside, my SPAM cans did pretty well too with the Pinterest crowd LOL.
      Thanks again for writing, WELCOME to my blog, and it’s compliments like yours that inspire me.

      • thisdarkbluemind

        Hello Janice
        Thanks for responding to my comment. Of course you can use it in the testimonials. Its probably better to use it anonymously as I am just a baby blogger haha might be better received as anonymous.

        I look forward to your future posts!

      • Janice Wald

        I read recently Testimonial pages should have the writers’ names. I guess that makes sense. What if the blogger made them up? Would it be okay if I used your name with the comment? I will link back to your site when I do.

        • Monique

          I’m about to add a testimonials page and I definitely want people’s names with their comment. Not necessarily their last name, but first name, last initial and probably what their line of work is so that people can see this is a real person with a real life, not someone I made up.

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  24. Monique

    Let us all hope we are never accused of being “spammy.” What a great word! 😀

  25. Melinda

    Hey Janice, yay! I’m doing something right with my PurpleSlob FB page!
    You are so encouraging. I really like how appreciative you are for others’ positive comments.
    Your BBFF,

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