How to Get More Instagram Followers (2024 Cheat Sheet) 21+ Easy Ways

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Last Updated: January 2024

How to get more Instagram followers cheat sheet, 19 hacks

This is your How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet.

UPDATE: July 2022

Before we jump into these how to get more Instagram followers cheat methods, you might be interested in this Mostly Blogging guide to getting 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

This guide goes over the following Insta cheats:

  • Instagram Cheat Codes
  • Follow Loops
  • Calls to Action
  • Pay to Play
  • Buddy System
  • Premium Tools
  • Reciprocal Groups
  • Service for Service
  • Photo Carousels
  • Cross Promotion
  • Multi-Image Templates
  • Hashtag Clouds

Why do you need Insta cheats?

Why is a How to Get Instagram Followers Cheat Guide essential?

One billion people are on Instagram. You’d think there would be enough users to go around.

However, since Instagram only allows you to follow 7500 people, the competition is fierce.

At other social media sites, you might opt to follow someone back so they don’t unfollow you.

With a 7500 cap on Instagram followers, if you only follow people who follow you, you’ll never have more than 7500 followers.

This limit on how many Instagram unfollowers you can have and the massive number of unfollows that results are two of the disadvantages of using Instagram.

This is why you need these how to get more Instagram followers cheat methods.

Also, Instagram’s algorithms changed. Instagram no longer shows posts in order of posting. Now, Instagram shows posts that receive the most interaction. The odds are stacked harder against you.

Therefore, you might consider Insta cheats to get more followers on Instagram.


How to get more Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet

As you can see from this January 6, 2020 screenshot, I have more than 7500. I have 15,100, more than twice the maximum number.

Updated Information: In June 2021, I had 23,400 Instagram followers.

UPDATE September 2021

how to get more instagram followers cheat sheet

Only three months later, I now have an Instagram following of 24,100.

How did I generate this large of an Instagram following?

I implement the tips explained in this How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet.

The 15 tips for growing your Instagram account had traditional methods for growing Instagram. This How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet has more unorthodox methods.

How long did growing my account take? Many of these strategies show how to get followers on Instagram fast cheat tips.

Did you ever think you might cheat to get followers on Instagram? Read the guide, and then answer the question in the comments section.

Make sure you stay until the end for bonus tips on how to get more Instagram followers.

Let’s dive in and learn some new Instagram tricks about how to get more Instagram followers.

How to Get More Views on Instagram

Before you can follow the strategies in this How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet, you need to try to get more views on Instagram.

These strategies will work, but boosting your views help for this reason: People can’t follow your account if they don’t see your content.

There are certain tricks that stir the Instagram algorithms into showing your content to more people so you get more views on Instagram:

  • Post content about a current news event.
  • Post content about a holiday.
  • Post video content like Reels.
  • Don’t post any stories for 24 hours and then post again.

Watching videos keeps you longer on the platform giving Instagram an incentive to give you more views. Reels is new, and social media platforms give priority visibility to users who use their new features.

I find all these strategies result in more Instagram views.

Boosting views is an effective Instagram hack to get followers since the people who see your account might follow.

How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet

UPDATE 9/2021

Bonus Tip Cheat #22 Tag Influencers

Create content that interests influencers. When posting, tag influencers. They are likely to share your content with their massive number of followers.

UPDATED October 2023

Bonus Tip Cheat #22 Tag Influencers and Track Your Count of Followers on Instagram

Create content that interests influencers. When posting, tag influencers. They are likely to share your content with their massive number of followers. You can increase your visibility even more by strategically tagging influencers related to your niche. Additionally, it’s crucial to monitor and count followers on Instagram as you implement these strategiesHere is more information about tagged social media and instructions for tagging.

Updated Information July 2021:

Bonus Tip Cheat #21 Post Instagram Reels

People complain Instagram’s organic reach is dead. However, in an effort to be more like TikTok and YouTube, Instagram announced its plans to focus more on videos. Social media sites help users that use the site’s new features. Therefore, Instagram will reward your account with more visibility if you post Reels. 


Bonus Tip Cheat #22 Use Instagram Cheat Codes

If you want How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Codes, you’ve arrived at the right section.

After publishing this post, I discovered people use Instagram followers cheat codes. In fact, I will share an Insta cheat code with you. 

One important note, though…

I have not vetted this code. I don’t know if it still works. 

press x+y+rb+z at the same time for 1k instant IG followers

Source of the Instagram Cheat Code Comments Section

Cheat 1 Participate in Instagram Follow Loops

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram

These are reciprocal. You’ll find yourself with hundreds of new followers immediately.

Don’t believe me?


How to get Instagram followers cheat sheet

Since you are required to follow everyone who participates, Follow Loops are free of charge.

In case you had any doubts, Follow Loops consist of real people, not bots.

Cheat 2 Pay for ghost spots in Follow Loops.

If you are close to the 7500 capacity and can’t follow people back, I highly recommend paying for Follow Loops.

How much do they cost?

I’ve seen them for as little as $4.00 a loop.

Cheat 3 Ask people to share and follow.

Calls to Action work on social media sites just like they do on blogs.

At the end of your Instagram caption, ask Instagrammers to “Share with 3 people who…” For example, I write, “Share with 3 marketers who want to make more money in 2020.”

You can also ask people to share your Instagram Stories.

Don’t be proud. You can also ask people to follow your account. It’s easy.


For more How to Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat Sheet tips, follow my Instagram account.

Cheat 4 #FollowforFollow.

In the Instagram search bar, type #Follow4Follow.

At the time of this writing, there are more than 286 million people looking to participate in #Follow4Follow. This means if you follow them, they’ll follow back.

Cheat 5 #LikeforLike

At the time of this writing, there are over 300 million people who tagged their photos #LikeforLike.

With so many new people seeing your content, the added exposure should help grow your account. They’ll see you and may follow.

DM Groups have #Like4Like and reciprocal comment groups.

Cheat 6 Share each other’s Stories.

How to get more Instagram followers cheat

As you can see, the She Means Blogging Account shared my Story.

When she shared my Story, her followers saw my Story and my Instagram account received new exposure.

Cheat 7 Pay to promote.

People wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. Kat Coroy, for example, pays to promote her Instagram course.

Paying to promote boosts visibility. Clearly, this strategy is effective. Kat has more than 62,000 followers.

The more people that see you, the greater the chance you’ll get more follows.

Cheat 8 Promote each other’s accounts.

How to get more Instagram followers cheat

Instagram just included templates in Instagram Stories in October of 2019.

Since they are new, many people aren’t using them.

If you want to attract new followers, you need to stand out. You do that by doing different things, like using these new templates.

You can change the color as well.

These 3 accounts aren’t listed in any particular order. These are three Instagram accounts I like and recommend.

Neil Patel has the most followers of the three Instagrammers with 85,500 followers.

When I share this as my Instagram Story, all three will be notified. If they choose to share this to their Story, as many will, I will get tremendous exposure.

Did any of them choose to share? Did my Instagram account get a massive boost in exposure?

Yes! It’s true! Look:

How to get more Instagram followers Cheat sheet

Favour, from the I Brand Your Biz account, shared my Instagram Story with her 42,000 followers.

Are you ready for the second part of the How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet?

Cheat 9 Repost other Instagrammer’s Instagram posts.

This hack recommends you share the posts they publish to their Instagram feed.

Several free apps will help you repost people’s Instagram posts. The first is aptly named, Repost. The second tool is Regrammer.

This is easy. Just paste the link to the post you want to share into the app.

Cheat 10 Use the Instazood Automation Tool.

Are you surprised this How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet recommends well, cheating?

In his post about Instagram automation, Moss Clement recommends using bots. He recommends the Instazood service which uses bots to find real people to follow you and for you to engage with.

Although I admit I’ve never used bots, I heard Neil Patel recommend them on his podcast interview.

If you follow this cheat, tread cautiously. Using bots goes against Instagram’s Terms of Service.

Cheat 11 Join Telegram Groups.

Telegram is a free app that Instagrammers use to communicate with each other.

I belong to five Instagram groups on Telegram although I’m not active in them.

Even though this post is about how to boost your Instagram following, the groups I’m in boost your likes and comments.

However, the more people that see your content, the higher the chance they’ll follow you.

People can’t follow you if they don’t know about you. These reciprocal groups give you the exposure you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Cheat 12: Trade Services

In an interview on his Marketing School podcast, Neil Patel said he traded services.

He worked out a reciprocal relationship with companies with a huge number of Instagram followers.

He explained he coached them to be more effective marketers, and they advertised his Instagram account in lieu of financial compensation.

Cheat 13 Join Discord Groups

Are you familiar with Discord?

Although I’ve used Discord groups to boost my Steemit success, I haven’t used Discord to boost my Instagram following.

Discord has social media groups for all sites: Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch for example.

Although Discord is known for being a site where gamers can network, Discord evolved into a site for networking in general.

To succeed on social media sites like Instagram, you definitely need to network.

Cheat 14 Create a Photo Carousel

Do you see the two white squares in the upper right?

They indicate this is a photo carousel.

A photo carousel is a carousel of photos: One photo follows another, yet they are all in the same Instagram post.

how to get more Instagram followers cheat sheet

Image Credit

How to make a Photo Carousel:

Click the + sign. Click the first photo you want to use in your carousel. Click “Multiple.”

Click Next. You will be able to apply a filter.

You can apply the filter to all or individual photos. Tap the photo or video to put the filter on just one item.

If you forgot anything, scroll to the right. You’ll see a plus sign. Click it to return to your photo library to add more elements.

When you’re done, click Next.

Add your caption.

Tag people if desired. Tag first.

Under Advanced Settings, you can turn off commenting.

Click Share to share your carousel.

Cheat 15 Use other social media sites.

On Twitter, the Blogging Babes RT account consistently works to get you more followers on all social media sites including Instagram.

Also, there are many Instagram engagement groups on Facebook with tens of thousands of followers.

They have reciprocal threads. Since people are required to follow back within 24-hours, you’ll get followers fast!

I am a member of many Facebook groups to boost Instagram success.

The last time I participated, following people back took a long time, but I definitely grew my following quickly.

Try the Instagram Engagement Group. The group is currently active with over 7,000 followers.

Cheat 16 Layout a Story with four photos.

Go to Instagram Story/Layout

In the bottom left, choose the four photos you want in your layout.

Click Next.

Add text, Stickers, a hashtag, a location, and a link if you have over 10,000 followers. These are all options to add to Instagram Stories and there are many more.

If you’re going to stand out on Instagram, you need to be different. Stories are relatively new. Few people are posting photos to Stories. Even fewer are posting four photos at a time.

Cheat 17 Have aesthetically pleasing Instagram content.

Avoid having your Instagram Stories and posts look cluttered.


Put the hashtag under the text to hide it.

This will help you avoid cluttering your Story but will be just as effective as if you showed the hashtag.

These cheats have a recurring theme. You’ll be more likely to get people’s attention and generate followers if your account looks different than other people’s Instagram content.

People go to Instagram to see beauty. They may be more likely to follow you if your Story doesn’t look cluttered.


Also, people advise putting the hashtags in the first comment box.

This will help your caption look less cluttered.

Cheat #18 Use Instagram’s Story templates.

how to get more Instagram followers cheat

These are native to the Instagram app.

how to get more Instagram followers cheat

What’s exciting about this quote maker from this Instagram quote maker is you don’t have to leave the Instagram app.

You don’t have to leave the app to use any of these free Instagram Story templates.

Cheat 19: Use your Unfollow tools.

The Bandwagon Effect will kick in when people see you have so many followers but so few are following you.

Cheat 20: Use hashtag clouds.

Hashtag Clouds are groups of related hashtags. Some people recommend putting 30 in your caption and 3 in your first comment.

UPDATE: July 2022

In this video, you will find more information about hashtags.

Note: Vary your caption group to avoid an Instagram Shadowban. More information about the Instagram Shadowban can be found in this post about how to get out of Facebook Jail.

How to Get More Instagram Likes Cheat Sheet

Are you interested in a Likes on Instagram Cheat?

Don’t be.

Instagram has begun getting rid of its likes in countries all over the world. I hear Canadians haven’t had likes on Instagram posts in over a year.

In the United States, instead of listing likes in your notifications as Instagram previously did, Instagram now puts your notification of likes into one paragraph.

There are reasons I discourage you from using Instagram cheats for likes.

Instagram feels people are harmed emotionally when they don’t get likes.

Also, people click “like” without reading and consumers have no way of knowing if people genuinely liked content.

Therefore, Instagram likes on posts may disappear in your country if they haven’t already as they have in so many other countries around the world.

Likes on Instagram Cheat

If you are interested in a likes for followers cheat despite these warnings, there is a simple way to get likes on Instagram posts. Ask for them.

This is called a “Call to Action” (CTA). Ask people to like your post at the end of your caption.

For instance, I post inspirational quotes on Instagram.

how to get more Instagram followers cheat sheet.

At the end of the caption accompanying my Instagram image, I write, “Double click if you agree with the quote.”

When Instagrammers double click, I get a like on the post.

Bonus Tips

How to get more Instagram followers December 2020 Update 1:

As explained above, you need to reduce the number you are following to make your account look popular. That’s one way how to get more Instagram followers.

Due to Instagram’s ban on use of third-party apps, do the following to reduce your “Following” count: Go into your profile and click “Following.” Click “Least Interacted With” and unfollow those people.

How to get more Instagram followers December 2020 Update 2:

Outsource to an Instagram follower manager. She knows how to get more Instagram followers for you. For a small fee, she saves you time and effort.

How to get more Instagram followers: Update September 2020

Did you know there are free plugins you can install on your WordPress blog? By showing your Instagram gallery on your blog, you entice your WordPress visitors to follow you on Instagram.

All you need is a WordPress Instagram Widget. Click here for three free WP Instagram Widgets.

How to Get Instagram Followers Cheat Overview

how to get more instagram followers cheat

This How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet has over 2,000 words. To make the information clearer, you can view the information in this guide in a Word Cloud to see at a glance the information that stands out the most.

That’s what you should focus on when you follow a How to Get Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet.

Updated information:

A camera is an appropriate image since Instagram was a photo-sharing site. In July of 2021, Instagram announced it is both a photo and video sharing site.

Instagram Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok. In an effort to compete with TikTok, Instagram plans on focusing more on video sharing.

Subsequent to publication, I discovered this Instagram meme that really shows the despair of losing Instagram followers. Hopefully, this How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet will help reverse the downward spiral and result in you gaining followers when you implement these strategies.

Instagram Hack to Get Followers Anecdote

As you embark on your journey to boost Instagram followers, let me share a personal anecdote that encapsulates the essence of this cheat sheet. Last year, I decided to revamp my Instagram strategy. Embracing tips like optimizing my profile, using strategic hashtags, and crafting engaging captions led to a remarkable surge in followers.

One particular post, paired with a captivating caption, sparked conversations and drew attention. This experience reinforced the effectiveness of these strategies and their potential to genuinely connect with your audience.

How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat FAQ

How do I get followers on Instagram fast?

Use Follow Loops. People are required to follow you back, and there are often 100 new followers per loop.

How can I get more followers on Instagram for free?

Follow people in your niche, comment on posts in your niche, try to make your posts like the Top Posts in your niche, tag your content #Follow4FollowBack or #FollorForFollowBack, join reciprocal Instagram follow groups

How do you get Instagram followers fast 2020?

Join #FollowTrain loops. Join #FollowLoops. Find them by typing those hashtags into the Instagram search bar.

Wrapping Up: How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provided 19 actionable strategies to grow your Instagram account.

Takeaways: These hacks have common themes.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers:

  • Reciprocate
  • Stand out by doing what other Instagrammers aren’t doing.
  • Spend money if you want to boost your followers faster.

In closing, How to Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat Sheet is in actuality about taking your Instagram to the next level.

Use this post as a cheat sheet so you can get more Instagram followers.

If making your Instagram so unique that it stands out from the billion on the site is cheating, I say, “so be it.”

Readers, please share so other Instagram users have access to the How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet.

I look forward to your opinions in the comment section. Do you have any tips to add to a How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet? I asked you at the beginning to consider whether you would cheat to get Instagram followers. What is your answer now?

  1. Amit Garg

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    I have seen accounts grow in double digits in less than 10 days and other take much longer time with similar strategies – but reality is – consistency is the king of success on Instagram growth.
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    I’ve been leary of the unfollow tools for many have been shadowbaned or lost their accounts, have you heard of that with those tools?
    I’d love to know how many hours you put in to the Instagram account. Someone else told me they spent 2 hours per day on theirs.
    I’ve done boosts but not gained many followers from them, just more likes on a boost that was boosted. And many were not in the niche so it didn’t help. Hmm, have to work on that one more because it is either time or money to grow anything.
    Stories do help – I find that it’s a great way to have conversatons with others too. I’ve booked appointments through them!
    Thanks Janice for the tips and love to hear more about it. I do love your quote tip. That’s very cool and a time saver!

    • Janice Wald

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