How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn: 5 Sneaky Hacks to Uncover Your Hidden Gold

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how to find saved posts on LinkedIn

Do you need to discover how to find saved posts on LinkedIn?

Ever felt like you’re sitting on a goldmine of valuable content within LinkedIn, but just can’t seem to remember where you stashed it?

Trust me, I’ve been there. But fear not, because today I’m about to spill the beans on how to find saved posts on LinkedIn with five sneaky hacks that will make you feel like a social media sleuth extraordinaire!

How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn

1. The Forgotten “Save” Button

Ah, the save button – a tiny, inconspicuous gem hiding in plain sight. You might have seen it while scrolling through your feed, but let’s be real, who actually remembers to click it? Well, buckle up, because here’s where the magic happens. Next time you stumble upon a post worth revisiting, give that little bookmark icon a gentle tap, and voila! You’ve just saved yourself a digital treasure trove of valuable insights.

How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn Using the Save Button

how to find saved posts on LinkedIn

Go to your LinkedIn profile.

Scroll down to Resources.

Click My Items.

Click Saved Posts and Articles.

These are the steps I follow to find a saved post on LinkedIn.

The Titan YouTube Channel offers a helpful tutorial on how to save posts on LinkedIn as well as how to find saved posts on LinkedIn.

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2. The Power of Hashtags

Now, here’s a little trick that even Sherlock Holmes would approve of – hashtags. Yep, those pesky little pound signs actually hold the key to unlocking your saved posts vault. Simply head over to the search bar, type in #saved, followed by a space, and prepare to be amazed. Suddenly, all those gems you thought were lost in the LinkedIn abyss will materialize before your very eyes. Who knew organizing could be this easy?

3. Mastering the Art of Tags

Picture this: You stumble upon an article that’s pure gold, but instead of saving it for later, you decide to tag it with a witty comment and move on. Sound familiar? Well, here’s the kicker – those tagged posts aren’t lost in the void forever. Simply click on your profile picture, navigate to “Posts & Activity,” and behold – your tagged treasures await. It’s like having your very own digital filing cabinet, minus the clutter.

4. Secret Stash in Messaging

Alright, confession time – I may or may not have discovered this one by accident. You see, while exchanging messages with a colleague on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon a little gem hiding in plain sight – the “Saved” tab within the messaging interface. Turns out, every post you save also finds its way into this covert hideout, making it the perfect one-stop shop for all your saved content needs. Sneaky, right?

5. Unearth Your Archive

Last but certainly not least, we have the mother lode of saved posts – your very own LinkedIn archive. Nestled within the depths of your settings, this treasure trove houses a comprehensive record of every post you’ve ever saved, liked, or shared. Simply head over to your settings, click on “Data Privacy,” and prepare to embark on a journey down memory lane. Who knew your digital footprint could be this enlightening?

My Personal Journey: From Lost to Found

how to find saved posts on linkedin

Now, let me regale you with a tale of my own LinkedIn misadventures. Not too long ago, I found myself drowning in a sea of saved posts, desperately trying to recall where I had stashed that one article I needed for blog post research.

Frustration turned to determination as I embarked on a quest to unravel the mysteries of LinkedIn’s save feature. Armed with nothing but a cup of coffee and a can-do attitude, I delved deep into the platform’s nooks and crannies, uncovering hidden gems at every turn. And you know what? It felt like striking gold each time I unearthed a long-lost post, reaffirming my belief that with a little ingenuity, anything is possible in the world of social media sleuthing.

How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn

Where can you see your saved posts on LinkedIn?

Go to your LinkedIn profile. Scroll down to Resources. Click My Items. Click Saved Posts and Articles.

Will people know if I save their post on LinkedIn?

No, other LinkedIn users won’t be notified if you save their posts. Saving a post is private and only visible to you. It’s a way for you to bookmark content you find interesting without alerting the original poster.

Conclusion: How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn

So there you have it, folks – five sneaky hacks to help you find saved posts on LinkedIn like a pro. Whether you’re hunting down valuable insights or simply trying to declutter your digital life, these tricks are sure to make your LinkedIn experience a whole lot smoother. So go ahead, unleash your inner social media sleuth and uncover the hidden gold within your saved posts – the digital world is your oyster!

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