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This photo evoked a contrast that my post conveys--joy and sadness existing side by side.

This photo evokes a contrast that my post conveys–joy and sadness existing side by side.

Yesterday was a horrific day, horrific.  I don’t mean it lightly.  I don’t use that word lightly.  Over 100 primary school children were murdered in Peshawar, Pakistan in an apparent revenge plot against their parents.  In addition, the Russian ruble fell to about half of what it was worth, and people saw their life savings vanish.

This post is designed to remind readers that there is also joy in the world in addition to horror, in addition to evil.  While music doesn’t even remotely make up for unmitigated terror, music brings a joy that exists in the world along with terror.

When I wrote, How to Find Gratitude ( and 3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Burnout (, many people communicated to me that the holidays are a depressing time for them.  It is easy to wallow in self-pity.  The holiday season is supposed to be a time of merriment but many people feel despair.  This post is designed for them.  They know they should try to preoccupy their thoughts but can’t quite know how.  I suggest that solution is music.  By focusing on music, memorizing the words, understanding the lyrics, thoughts will shift from the self-absorbed to the creative.

My blogging friend has shared she’s looking forward to a better 2015.  She has a music blog called  I’d like to dedicate this post to her.

In addition to the horror that was the evening news yesterday, the band Green Day was inducted

Like the other photo, this  shows a contrast between different elements--the diamond and the sheet music.  My post attempts to show how contrasts can exist simultaneously.

Like the other photo, this shows a contrast between different elements–the diamond and the sheet music. My post attempts to show how contrasts can exist simultaneously.

into the Hall of Fame.  Readers shouldn’t stick their heads in the sand; we should be informed, but we can focus on the good along with the terrible.

There was an episode of the old TV show Ally McBeal where Ally went to a therapist (played by Tracy Ullman) for depression.  Refusing to listen to Ally discuss her problems, the therapist insisted Ally’s spirits would be uplifted (and she gave her a money-back guarantee) if she played a song in her head instead of depressing thoughts.  Ally played the song Tell Him; sure enough the music filled her head, and the depressing thoughts were replaced.  If depressing thoughts fill your head, immediately substitute them with music.

Can I follow my own advice?  Let’s see.  Despite only being around for twenty-five or so years, Green Day was inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday.

1 Reason Green Day Deserves Admission to the Hall of Fame

Their songs attempt to improve our culture.

  • When George W. Bush had the United States wage war against Iraq, Green Day was singing about how the president was always on Holiday.  According to, Bush’s war was predicted to lead to World War III which was predicted to lead to the end of the world.  “Hear the sound of the falling rain, coming down like an Armageddon flame.”  This state of international affairs was the “dawning of the rest of our lives”.

  • Another song that makes Green Day a standout band worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame is 21 Guns.  A 21 Gun salute is given when a warship empties its guns (  Therefore, this song is about peace.  “Do you know what’s worth fighting for, when it’s not worth dying for?”

“Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I.”  In other words, the people in the song will work together.  They will join hands, in peace.

Green Day’s merit, for me, is that they try to influence listeners to have a better tomorrow.  You, too, can have a better tomorrow if you work at replacing sorrow.  If you don’t, you not only face being morose, but you’ll be sad during a time others consider the happiest season of the year.

There’s a song called “Joy to the World”.  Let music bring joy to your world, today.

Readers, what works for you?  How do you lift your spirits at the holidays or any day?  I look forward to your views.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you so much for this validation! Please feel free to share! Thank you! Janice

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  1. Tami Principe

    Music is so important in our lives. It brings peace where there is chaos. It soothes the soul. Nice blog.

  2. Joan Harrington

    Hi Janice,

    Music is so very important as I agree with Tami, it definately brings more peace and it soothes the soul, I find that listening to music brings a kind of soothing peace to me 🙂 Great post! Nice share!

  3. Barbara

    I agree. Music lifts our spirits. I even went so far as to only put music with positive lyrics in my iTunes library. No, I don’t even want to sing a sad song. (one exception, I love the whole Carole King Tapestry album)

  4. joanncrohn

    I love Green Day. We went to go see their musical a few years ago where most of these songs were featured. Its amazing how so much of their music is rather insightful when they’re regarded by most people as just a pop/ punk band.

    • Janice Wald

      I wanted to write about music which I hadn’t done before, and then the horror in Pakistan occurred and the economic problems in Russia. I thought combining them would send a message, so I researched the meaning of the songs. I always felt Green Day’s music was anti-war but I had a debate with someone who vehemently disagreed with me, so I Googled meanings. It was someone I went to see American Idiot with. It turns out you and I are both right–definitely insightful, hopefully not prophetic…
      Thank you for reading what I wrote (my very first music post!) and writing me.

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