How to Create Infographics that Send Hordes of New Visitors to Your Blog [in 2021+]

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*This article, “How to Create Infographics That Send Hordes of New Visitors to Your Blog,” first appeared on Basic Blog Tips on April 4, 2015.

All the reasons in the world why you should create Infographics to accompany your text
this will be: you know what is infographic and all the reasons in the world why you should create Infographics to accompany your text.

You know all the reasons in the world why you should create Infographics to accompany your text. You know that visually inspiring and content-rich Infographics are highly shareable, which can expose you to new sources of traffic for your business.

You’ve heard that most people on earth are visual learners who can only absorb information by looking at a picture.

You certainly know first-hand how busy your readers are. They need you to have an Infographic. You are well aware that it condenses all your information into one visually appealing graphic.

Time is indeed money, as they say.How to Design an Infographic

You know that Infographics are worthwhile for your blog. But the problem is knowing how to make one. Have you heard that the most successful bloggers pay professional Infographic designers top dollar to design the beautiful, visually inspiring graphics that accompany their text?

It’s true. They do. Does that mean you have to as well? Absolutely not.

So, how can you create awe-inspiring, professional-looking graphics that will keep your visitors returning to your site again and again? Fortunately, it’s easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Many platforms will create impressive, professional-looking graphics that will keep your visitors returning to your site. The best part—all of them have a free option. Your budget, should you have one, can stay well intact.

3 Options that Will Transform Your Site from Boring to Beautiful

1. Piktochart

At Piktochart, you can create infographics, presentations, or banners.

If you want to create an infographic, Piktochart offers free templates to choose from.

  • Click Read More.
  • Click Start Designing.
  • Scroll down and you will see the free template choices.
  • Click the template you choose to modify to create your own custom infographic.
  • Click Create.
  • Just hover over what you want to edit, and a black box appears. That is your editing tool.
  • As you edit, lines will show up, which will not print, to show you that your elements are aligned.

Secrets to Blogging Promotion Infographics

This is an example of an infographic made with Piktochart.

For those of you familiar with MailChimp, the editing works on the same principle. Just click the boxes you want to edit, and a word processor comes up.

This is just a basic example of how I modified an Infographic into a pictorial representation of an experts’ interview I conducted.

You have added abilities at Piktograph of uploading your own photo and changing font size and backgrounds and more. You can add icons and shapes as well.

2. Canva

For people without artistry, creativity, or a budget, Canva is for you.

  • Go to and create an account. Canva lets you log in with your username and password to various forms of social media just as Piktochart does.
  • Choose your project, you’ll see the option for Infographics.

Look at the screenshot. Your “canvas” is to the right. Your choices are to the left.

How To Use Canva Canvas

Canva allows you to upload your own photos, put in a background and text, and modify premade templates and more. Canva is my “go to” site for graphics, and I have never spent a cent there.

This is an example of an Infographic I made with Canva. It was easy to modify. Although I didn’t choose to upload my own photos for the Infographic, you would have that option.Tips To Format Your Blog That You Will Love [Infographics]

By the way, the Pinterest crowd loves to share Infographics. This was frequently shared on pinners’ boards, and, in doing so, gave more exposure to my site.


If you are artistic, or remember your days in school, artists paint on an easel. Enter If the name sounds like “easy,” that’s okay too, since it is so simple. Like Piktochart and Canva, it is free.

  • Go to and make an account. Like with the other sites, you can use your other social media accounts to sign in.
  • Pick a Vheme. It stands for Visual Theme. offers fifteen free templates for you to easily customize.
  • Modify as desired. Like with Piktochart and Canva, you can edit, change font colors and styles, add symbols and text, and upload photos.

This is an example of an Infographic I made using Notice the title, is Easy.

Easelly Tutorial Infographics

Are you ready to say goodbye to your lackluster site?
By including infographics, your readers will save time by reading this compact version of your information, and the 65% of the population that’s comprised of visual learners can understand the information they wouldn’t have ordinarily been able to comprehend.

Imagine your site is filled with awe-inspiring, professional-looking graphics that are spreading across the web like wildfire, sending hordes of new visitors to your site each day. They are so persuasive that they help solidify you as an authority in your field. Best of all, you are having fun making them. This isn’t out of your reach—you can get started on this vision today.

What are you waiting for? Go to one of the sites I have recommended, and get started.

Readers, before you go, please share, so others know how easy it is to make infographics and the value to their blogs.

Do you currently use these? Which are you happiest with? Are there any other sites you’d recommend for making infographics? I look forward to your views.

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  1. Jeanette Hall

    Signed up with Piktochart to give it a try! Thanks for the information,

  2. Janice Wald

    My pleasure Jeanette. Piktochart is fun. Fun, easy, and free. Among the three, you have versatility.

  3. Rina

    Hi Janice, very useful post. Do you suggest targeting only portrait orientation (well-loved in pinterest), or landscape (for Facebook /Twitter). Seems all the example here are portrait.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rina,
      Thanks for the visit and the compliment on my article.Yes. Portrait definitely. The most successful pins on Pinterest are long and thin, portrait orientation. I have had success with square, but the research says long and thin, 900 pixels.
      Thanks for the visit. Great to see you, and thanks for your comments.

  4. Kathleen

    Really good Janice. I have got to look into making infographics, good tutorials.

    It is great being on the Pit Stop Crew with you. This is an example of the help you give to bloggers.

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  8. Barakha

    As truly said, “A picture is worth more than 1000 words.” In the present situations, a picture is the best way to share and organize your blog content. You can handle chart, Information, and text collectively to build an Infographic. Infographics are pretty successful on social sites & users like it as it conveys the information in a simple to understand the topic quickly.

    Thank you very much for sharing this article. I was looking for Infographic tools and reached this post. These tools encouraged the person like me to create my first infographic. You well described in regards to Infographic and reveal why it is important for websites and especially I think best for business blogs. I have observed how infographics increase social shares and targeted traffic to blog posts. But until today I have not created an infographic. After reading this page I also think that I should work on infographics. I was just looking for some tool to promote my blog pages on online platforms. Moreover, various bloggers might use your Infographic in their articles, and you will get backlinks. These are much-required tools for any blogger, thank you for your ideas about infographics.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barakha,
      Your detailed comments made me overjoyed. Thanks to me, you made your first infographic? Which tool did you pick? May I also ask how you found this article? I always wonder. Was it on Google? Thanks again for writing about the value of infographics and for letting me know you found my post helpful.

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